Feb. 9th, 2009


Feb. 9th, 2009 11:31 am
celticdragonfly: (Alanna 14 months)
I thought I'd post about what Alanna's like these days. She's just about to be 20 months old. Her canine teeth are coming through, and giving her some trouble. She's inquisitive and loves to explore. She's learning to talk. The other day she was trying to get a sock off, and in frustration, held up her foot to her Daddy, who was standing next to me at the changing table, and said "help me Daddy!". Another time she stood up under Daddy's computer desk and bonked her head on the underside. As we soothed her, she put her hand on her head and looked at me, and said "I buh my head!"

I know I haven't put up any pictures of her for a while. I tried taking pictures of her yesterday. She was wearing a cute handmedown dress from Maggie, a green dress with red apples on it. She'd be cute and adorable and grinning, and I would go to get the camera, and she thought I was leaving her so she started crying. I came back and finally got her soothed down and smiling again, but then when I pulled out the camera she came running towards it and wanted to grab it and get up really close. When I wouldn't let her take it, she started crying again. Lather, rinse, repeat.

I did get one picture that might be okay of her - but now I can't get my camera to talk to my computer. *headdesk*

She apparently is starting to have night terrors like her older brother occasionally does. She woke me up fussing around 2 am Sunday morning. She wasn't awake, just fussing in her sleep, and I couldn't soothe her for a bit. Nursing helped. But then she woke up and wanted to PLAY! I lost some sleep, but she was so sweet. She'd apparently just figured out OH, you can kiss with your mouth *closed*, and thought this was such fun, and wanted to do it again and AGAIN! Awww.

She's a very affectionate and loving baby. Shy with strangers, though. With the family, she loves to cuddle, play, tickle. She'll get into rolling tickle-cuddles with her siblings. She's emphatic with everything - when she doesn't get things she wants she's likely to dramatically wail and fling her self to the floor, or go bonk her head into the chair back.

This morning she decided she wanted to wear tights with her onesie. She pulled a pair out of the laundry basket and brought them downstairs with her, and when I changed her diaper she held them up and said "help me!" emphatically, and held out her feet for them. Cute.

She's been watching a little Muppet Show this morning. She likes to dance to the theme music at the beginning and the end. She comes over to me, holds out her hands, and says "hands? hands?" and when I hold her hands she dances and bounces up and down.

She *does* want to get into EVERYTHING. Sometimes even in the same room, you turn your back for a moment and she's into things. Leaving the *room*, that's a recipe for disaster. So I'm not getting much done here.

I am trying to use what little time away from her I can get to do Valentines' things done with the older kids. Maggie's doing up a fancy Valentine's box for her school party. I need to get Valentines addressed for both kids in the next couple of days.


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