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(Okay, my friends who also play World of Warcraft will understand this, for everyone else, Hi! Hope you're having a lovely day! Skip to the next entry, now, it's okay.)

Somewhere along the way we seem to have morphed into serious raiders. Starting out the week on Tuesday - 'cause once you've played enough, of COURSE the week starts on Tuesday - there's the 25 AND 10 man Vault of Archavon, if we have Wintergrasp - got really weird this week due to the patch but we still managed it - and usually the 25 and 10 man Obsidian Sanctum, although I only got into the 25 man this week. Then Wednesdays I have off for kid stuff. Thursday night was Veg's late night 25-man Naxx, then tonight, Sunday, and Monday is Shurten's 10-man Naxx - usually I'm on CNGH's 25-man but that's on hiatus this week so Shurten's doing more days. Veg's might do a 2nd night's run late on Monday, so we'll see if I'm out of Shurten's in time. Um. And this sounds like a sane schedule to me.

Tonight was GREAT. Our 10-man Naxx started an hour late as we hunted for a 2nd healer-spec[1], but we finally got one. We cleared 3 wings in 3 hours: plague, construct, and arachnid - finally got to see Thaddius downed. Man, he seemed downright easy on 10-man. And we got BOTH the "Arachnophobia" and the "Momma Said Knock You Out" achievements. Miles' druid made out like a BANDIT since rogue/deathknight/mage/druid stuff kept dropping, we had no rogue or DK, he was the only druid and I the only mage, and I either had the stuff or had better. Did pick up a spellpower and haste trinket.

And Miles got Logitech G15s for both of us! Yay. I feel all techie.

[1] Yes, I'm spending time on levelling my healer, man we need more of them.

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Date: 2009-01-24 02:28 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] joyeuse13.livejournal.com
Hey, what next entry? :) I've just been thinking that I haven't seen you online for a while.

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Date: 2009-01-24 05:29 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] celticdragonfly.livejournal.com
Well, yeah... because I've morphed into a more-than-casual raider. And I figure there's not much point in writing "still having a great time, love my family, having fun online". And if I geekily cheer about my achievements much - "OMG Ellemir got Loremaster and made her Deathchill cloak and it's gorgeous, and I hit the 50 mounts achievement and got my albino drake and it's gorgeous and I have named it Spike, and my priest is coming along nicely and has her mount now..." - well, I found out before that if I post about gaming people make fun of me.

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Date: 2009-01-24 05:31 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] joyeuse13.livejournal.com
I know people who put their gaming or otherwise interest-specific posts on filters or behind cuts; that might help. :)

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Date: 2009-01-24 03:28 pm (UTC)
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From: [identity profile] technoshaman.livejournal.com
Momma Said Knock You Out

Reminds me of the line from Men In Black:

Enn Wye Pee Dee! That means I will Nock Yo Punk-ass Down!

Logitech G15's

A keyboard. How qu... (googles) (wikipedias) (follows Linux link at the bottom) Oh my holy gods.

You realize you just cost me a C-note. Because this little joo-well has Linux support. And while I don't game atall in the classic sense, that keyboard is compatible with lcdproc, a Linux daemon that can stuff system status info onto an LCD display... and what sysadmin geek wouldn't want that?

You, my friend, are evil. In the best of ways. :)


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