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In a month we have two family birthdays coming up close together - Maggie's 7th and Alanna's 2nd.

I know there are going to be family members asking me what they would want, so I figured okay, I'll put a post up.

Maggie has become a little bookworm. It's amazing. She wants to read in bed every night, and spends a lot of her time with her nose deep in a book. The apple has not fallen far from the tree.

She's been particularly interested lately in the American Girl books. She has the the basic set of the Kirsten books, and she has the first book of the Kit series. She really wants more. I know she wants the rest of the Kit books, she's been asking for those. There are some ancillary Kirsten books she doesn't know about. Looking through the other series, I'd probably also pick Josefina (we gave those to a classmate for her birthday, so it'd be interesting for her too), Addy, and maybe Kaya. Heck, any of the historical characters would be interesting for her. She's just soaking it up*.

Sure, she'd be interested in the dolls, too, but I think the books are a higher priority. And less expensive. It seems the books are best priced on Amazon, but the dolls significantly better on the American Girls website, if anybody really wants to get her a dolls-and-books set - yeah, she'd probably go wild about that. I did put together a wishlist on Amazon for her for some of the books - it's here

Alanna is really enjoying Sesame Street, and particularly likes Big Bird. I'd love to get her more Sesame Street to watch. They have one season recorded on Miles' video box, and the Old School DVDs. I *wish* we could get more of the "old school" stuff - the kids AND the adults like that better than the newer stuff. But other Sesame Street videos could be nice for her. Please not Elmo stuff, that gets on the adults' nerves. She likes the musical stuff, too, likes to start singing with them. I made an Amazon list of some of what looked like she'd most enjoy it: http://www.amazon.com/wishlist/3N6BEY0A3NXJ6

I hope this is helpful for the relatives.

(*She was recently asking me about Fiddler on the Roof, was that a true story? I explained about how it wasn't exactly true, in that the people were made up, but it was about a place and time and people that were a lot like that. Like the Kirsten books. Then she wanted to watch it again, and was shushing Jamie and telling him how this was about history and she was really interested!)
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Because the grandparents are likely to want to see them - the Easter Egg hunt videos.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJr8aeTrCBg Part 1

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wSeA2r-Rn8 Part 2
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Tonight there's a 90% chance of rain. Tomorrow rain likely, may be heavy in the morning.

The yard is going to be muddy and soggy.

So - needs must, we had our Easter Egg hunt this afternoon.

Alanna took part, but didn't really get it yet - no big surprise there. She ran around with her bucket some, and Maggie helped her, and hey, she found the chocolate bunny lollipop, and that was what she wanted. She opened it up and was saying "choc!" She knew what this was about.

Sadly, she dropped it down a water pipe before she'd eaten much of it.

Maggie and Jamie had a great time. [livejournal.com profile] fordprfct took video of it. We'll see if he can get the editing software installed and get it uploaded so we can share it.
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Alanna is making SO much progress!

She now says the name of everyone in her family. She'll tell you where they are, too - "Over THERE!" and she points.

She's starting to count - "one, two, three, four, five, six, eight, nine, ten!" Well, she has the one-syllable numbers.

She's also starting to know her alphabet. I was sorting laundry in the nursery and she came in, picked up the M magnet on the floor, held it up to me, and said "M!" Then she did it with "O!"

I'm very pleased and proud of her.
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I've been wanting to write about how things are going with Alanna.

Firstly, her speech is improving quite a bit. We keep getting new words I wasn't expecting. Miles was playing peek-a-boo with her with a towel after her bath. I came into the room and he wanted to show me - he'd hold it out to her and say "Alanna, what's that?" and she'd say "a towel!". This afternoon I went out to check on her playing in the yard with her brother and sister - she'd fallen and was crying. I picked her up and cuddled her, then she wiggled to be let down, and as I put her down she said "ride the bike!" and headed for the trike the kids have back there. A bit later I went out to speak to Jamie and she walked up holding a dandelion clenched in her fist, and said "flower!" She kept saying it, it was quite clear she knew what it was.

She's still nursing, but is in the process of getting slowly weaned. It's not that I object to nursing a toddler or anything. It's mostly that it's taken its toll on me - she has lots of sharp teeth, but it's more that I suspect it's keeping me in a hormonal state closer to pregnancy and letting various things like the plantar fascitis keep getting worse. So we nurse a couple of times a day - usually a good cuddle-nurse in the mornings - and she's getting a lot of sippy cups of milk. She's adjusting to it very well, actually.

And she continues to be an adorable little sweetheart.


Feb. 9th, 2009 11:31 am
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I thought I'd post about what Alanna's like these days. She's just about to be 20 months old. Her canine teeth are coming through, and giving her some trouble. She's inquisitive and loves to explore. She's learning to talk. The other day she was trying to get a sock off, and in frustration, held up her foot to her Daddy, who was standing next to me at the changing table, and said "help me Daddy!". Another time she stood up under Daddy's computer desk and bonked her head on the underside. As we soothed her, she put her hand on her head and looked at me, and said "I buh my head!"

I know I haven't put up any pictures of her for a while. I tried taking pictures of her yesterday. She was wearing a cute handmedown dress from Maggie, a green dress with red apples on it. She'd be cute and adorable and grinning, and I would go to get the camera, and she thought I was leaving her so she started crying. I came back and finally got her soothed down and smiling again, but then when I pulled out the camera she came running towards it and wanted to grab it and get up really close. When I wouldn't let her take it, she started crying again. Lather, rinse, repeat.

I did get one picture that might be okay of her - but now I can't get my camera to talk to my computer. *headdesk*

She apparently is starting to have night terrors like her older brother occasionally does. She woke me up fussing around 2 am Sunday morning. She wasn't awake, just fussing in her sleep, and I couldn't soothe her for a bit. Nursing helped. But then she woke up and wanted to PLAY! I lost some sleep, but she was so sweet. She'd apparently just figured out OH, you can kiss with your mouth *closed*, and thought this was such fun, and wanted to do it again and AGAIN! Awww.

She's a very affectionate and loving baby. Shy with strangers, though. With the family, she loves to cuddle, play, tickle. She'll get into rolling tickle-cuddles with her siblings. She's emphatic with everything - when she doesn't get things she wants she's likely to dramatically wail and fling her self to the floor, or go bonk her head into the chair back.

This morning she decided she wanted to wear tights with her onesie. She pulled a pair out of the laundry basket and brought them downstairs with her, and when I changed her diaper she held them up and said "help me!" emphatically, and held out her feet for them. Cute.

She's been watching a little Muppet Show this morning. She likes to dance to the theme music at the beginning and the end. She comes over to me, holds out her hands, and says "hands? hands?" and when I hold her hands she dances and bounces up and down.

She *does* want to get into EVERYTHING. Sometimes even in the same room, you turn your back for a moment and she's into things. Leaving the *room*, that's a recipe for disaster. So I'm not getting much done here.

I am trying to use what little time away from her I can get to do Valentines' things done with the older kids. Maggie's doing up a fancy Valentine's box for her school party. I need to get Valentines addressed for both kids in the next couple of days.
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Something is beeping downstairs. About once a minute. We haven't been able to place what it is. I expect to go stark raving mad later today.

There have been more requests for kid pictures. I have at least one on the camera. But... we can't find the cable that connects it to the computer. Alanna's in that stage where she wants to get into EVERYTHING and can reach way too much for our sanity - and she's been getting into stuff up on her parents' desks.

Alanna can occasionally drive me nuts - she is, after all, a toddler in the curious stage. But overall, my goodness she is a DELIGHTFUL child and I adore her.

Maggie continues to be a mix of wonderful and frustrating. Willful creature, and my GOD I wish she'd EAT things I cook. But still a great girl, and she's really developing into a very good reader. She's done enough of the reading to us and having it recorded to earn lunch with her teacher this Friday, and she's awfully excited about that.

Oh that beeping!

Okay, it's late enough that I can stop the Bus Missing Vigil now.
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I really need to post more often about what the kids are up to.

Maggie's reading quite well, enjoying school and piano lessons, and getting teeth growing into that gap.

Jamie's making good progress. Also, he can write his name. He started this on his own a couple of weeks ago. He does tend to get the J backwards, but other than that, it's right. I'm impressed.

Alanna says Hi and Bye with waves, spontaneously. She wants to drink from straws and adult cups, not sippy cups. She has the 2nd molar partway through, and the pair on the bottom working on it. She needs a haircut, I think.

And the older two have gotten into tree-climbing.
Pictures! )
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I went to bed last night at 11. Alanna had gone down to sleep somewhere between 9 and 10, I believe. She woke just after 1 am. And stayed awake. It was a lovely cheerful awake! But oh, I was tired. She nursed, she played. At just after 5 am I woke up [livejournal.com profile] selenite and pleaded for help - he took her over and sent me to another room to sleep, and got Maggie on the bus. Bless him.

One of the heart-stoppingly sweet things she was doing was that several times she reached up, got a hand behind my neck, and pulled me down to her, gave me a big kiss, and said "ah wah wu!" I'm taking that as I love you.

This morning after breakfast - I made blueberry muffins for the younger two - she found a towel and wrapped it around herself, came up to me and said "Ba? Ba?" I said "Bath?" and made the sign, and she signed and said BA! So we went upstairs for baths.

She's doing very well at drinking from straws these days. She always wants my drink. She has a sound that's sorta a daaaa! on a rising pitch that is her approximation of drink, and she'll reach her hand towards it - and when I start giving it to her, she says "yeah yeah YEAH!"

And her favorite song these days is Head Shoulders Knees and Toes. She'll even try starting it while she's nursing.
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It's been brought to my attention that it's been a while since I posted any pictures of the kids.

In my defense, I should say that these days, when I bring out the camera, Alanna's sole ambition seems to be to get within a few inches of the lens.

Still, I got pictures of the two girls today. I'll try for Jamie another time.
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Aug. 19th, 2008 02:07 pm
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I just want to make a note of this for the future - since LJ sorta serves as the kids' baby books.

At this point I'm sure when Alanna is saying "mama" that she does mean me by it. She's been saying it for a while, but you know, I usually discount a lot on proud parent overestimating. Nah, at 14 months I'm sure she's saying it to mean me and to get my attention specifically.

Also the other day she said something that REALLY sounded like "I love you" - again, I'd been thinking maybe she was saying it, now I'm sure.
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Alanna can correctly answer by pointing at the body parts for toes, nose, eyes, and ears. And when I asked her "where's your mouth?" she crawled over to me and kissed me - then pointed at her mouth, to make sure I got that she knew, I guess. Awww, so sweet! She'll also put her hands on her head when I ask her where that is. So she can identify six body parts.
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Alanna is 14 months old now. I've been meaning to get weight and other details, finally doing it today. She weighs 29.8 lbs. It's pretty hard to figure out her height, but I think it's about 30".

She's a very sweet affectionate child, with willful streaks and occasional bad days from teething molars. She loves to give and receive hugs and kisses. Her favorite word is "Up!", which she'll often repeatedly whisper at you with great intensity to get picked up. She loves to bounce. She climbs up and down from chairs, couch, bed. She loves to go explore things. If you give her something, she'll say "Taa!" in a tone of voice that sounds like she's thanking you. She loves The Itsy Bitsy Spider and will do an approximation of the motions.

She can be very shy around strangers. Today in the store I saw examples of that - if somebody she didn't know tried to make eye contact or talk to her, she would yank her head down, chin firmly into chest, and utterly not look up or make a sound.

She has good hand-eye coordination and can feed herself a lot of things. She doesn't use the spoon to eat yet, although I've seen her pretend with a spoon and cup, so she has the general idea. She's still trying to eat crayons, so no drawing yet.

This picture is of her playing peekaboo with me with the blanket.
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I had been promising kid pictures. Those who share my addictions will understand why early Tuesdays are the time I'm most likely to catch up on posting. (We're UP already, but I promised myself I'd get this done first.)

Pics here! )
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Birthday party pictures and commentary, from Sunday
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Today - joint birthday party for Maggie and Alanna, over in Euless at the apartment. Games, pool party, two cakes, presents. Lots of fun. Maggie's getting more comfortable in the water, and Alanna is going to be a natural.

Pics on the camera, I'll see about getting them up tomorrow and writing more, right now I am exhausted. Was fun. Tired now.
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Alanna is one year old today!

She's 26.8 lbs and 31 inches long.

Click for the picture )
She got to see her Mamaw Linda today, and get pretty new outfits. She got to go to the church camp evening gathering tonight and be sung to and share cake with people, and then go out to dinner with the whole family. She's been made much of.

Some thoughts about her at a year old. She walks and runs confidently and well, and can bend over, pick something up, and stand back up without (usually) falling. She has a couple of times gotten down off my bed without falling. She is starting to talk, says things like Mama and Kitty and simple words like that. She can sign to nurse, and bring the boppy over, and say "nuh!" She can sign for more, and for cup when she's thirsty. She can sign for diaper, and even occasionally signs it when she needs to be changed.

She's a very loving child, cuddly, you pick her up and she snuggles in and puts her head down on you, and will often reach out and pat you on the back. She likes to give kisses and blow kisses. She thinks "foofing" is funny and will foof on our necks or arms. She LOVES "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" and will ask for it repeatedly, sorta signing the start of the song and saying "Pider? Pider?" We'll sing it to her - not just the adults, Maggie and Jamie will, too - and she's started signing the song along with us for about the first half of it.

She has six teeth now. She eats solids pretty well, and is still nursing. Tonight she had cake, and bread, and a bite of meat, and a bit of potato, and some caramel apples, and a lot of steamed broccoli.

She has the most ADORABLE giggle. She likes attention, and likes to SHOW us things. She has just recently developed a really cute little angry pouting face when things don't go her way.

Growth charts )


Jun. 6th, 2008 08:23 pm
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Alanna got tooth #5 today, upper left 2nd incisor.

This just inspired the following dialogue here:

[livejournal.com profile] selenite: "You can tuck her up to your ear. She's newtooth enabled!"

[livejournal.com profile] fordprfct: "The trouble is, the nearest largest thing I have to throw at you is HER, and she doesn't deserve that!"

[livejournal.com profile] selenite: "Well, neither did you, but who else could I use it on?"


May. 16th, 2008 02:24 pm
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Alanna just asked for a diaper change!

I've been saying "diaper" and making the sign for it, when she's on the changing table, and she's been responding with an approximation of the word and the sign - and then she'd started to say/sign it first, always on the changing table. As if she was saying "aha, we're doing this thing called diaper!"

Just now she was in the high chair eating, and fussing some, and said her approximation of diaper and signed it - and yes, she was messy and needed changing. Yay!
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Okay, we have batteries, so here's a couple of pictures.

2008-05-14a 2008-05-14a
Our 11 month old girl, having gotten her cute outfit ALL wet, looking up at the camera.
2008-05-14b 2008-05-14b
She loves to run up to the camera - this time came all up to the gate!

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Alanna is 11 months old as of Monday.

I can't give her weight, because we can't get her to hold STILL well enough for the finicky scale to register us properly. And there's no way I'm getting her to hold still enough for a measurement of length. So no growth charts.

I thought I could at least put up a picture, but we're totally out of the right size batteries for the camera. Pity, she's in a CUTE outfit. Perhaps later.

Anyway. She's adorable and sweet. Her hair is longer, still quite curly, especially when she gets worked up and sweaty. She likes baths. She adores her sister. She is starting to have some really definite opinions - for example, she used to eat banana, but now she will NOT. She likes bread and biscuits, and cereal with apples and bananas, and loves to chew on croutons. The top two teeth are partway in, the bottom two are totally in, and the next pair on the top are swollen under the gum. She still nurses a lot - she'll sign for nurse, or sometimes bring me the mini baby boppy (the full size one is a bit much for her to carry, but she's figured out the little one can symbolize the big one) and say "nuh?"

She says Mama, and says No. ("Nao". Very cute) She says papa and dada and sorta says kitty. She's trying to say cracker and button. When I prompt her on the changing table, she will approximate the sign and the word for diaper. She walks very well, and can crouch down, pick something up, and stand back up with it. She likes to untie things, and generally will take one shoe off in the car. When she drinks water, she spills a LOT of it all down her front - on purpose, I think. She blows kisses and plays peekaboo and is very interested in the Itsy Bitsy Spider.

And we love her very very much.
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Alanna has learned to say "No". And she has been bringing me the little baby boppy pillow, the miniature one, and holding it up and saying "nuh?" when she wants to nurse.

Tooth #3

Apr. 29th, 2008 06:50 pm
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Alanna's upper right incisor broke through today. And clearly the upper left one will be coming after it very soon.

Poor kid - teething is rough!
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Our little sweetie in one of her new outfits from Mamaw Linda, after coming home from Wednesday evening at church.

And here's a little video I took of her - and yes, I goofed up, and forgot that I was holding the camera sideways - and there's no way to fix that. Sorry. But I figure the grandparents will want to see it anyway.

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Alanna is 10 months old today! So I have updates on her, and some pictures.

First, a few pictures I took in the last few weeks but didn't get around to putting up earlier:
Pictures of her still at 9 months )
And here are pictures of her at 10 months.
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Alanna is an absolute sweetheart. She's a sunny, cheerful child, with a marvelous disposition. She's loving. She loves to give kisses, and has been learning to kiss her hand/blow kisses. She's toddling more, and gets very excited about it, and wants to clap about it and be clapped for. She will occasionally show us things, and will point at things. As well as simple words like mama she will point at a cat and try to say "cat" - it's somewhere between cat and kitty, but it's definitely a K sound. She signs for nurse, and waves hi and bye. She sorta has a drink sign. She loves playing with her sister and brother, and is a very giggly baby. She is ticklish.

Overall, she's just the amazing Adoragirl.
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Alanna was standing holding onto my knees, and turned herself, and let go, and took two steps, and then grabbed Karl's chair.

Right on time, they've all done their first steps shortly before 10 months. Not that she's fully walking yet, but she did it!
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Pictures of the kids dressed up to go to Maundy Thursday and Good Friday services, and LOTS and lots of Easter pictures from today.
Pictures and commentary behind the cut )
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Pictures and a video of the kids in their dressy spring outfits from Mamaw Linda.
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2008-03-12d1 2008-03-12d1
Alanna at 9 months old. She's cruising, occasionally letting go and standing for a few seconds, and crawling very well. She says Mama, and sometimes waves and says hi or bye. She can sign to nurse, and we're working on teaching her to sign "more" and then other signs after that.
Weight chart, 9 months old Weight chart, 9 months old
Can this be right?? 27 pounds is what we got on the scale.
Length chart, 9 months Length chart, 9 months
It's HARD to measure a wiggly 9 month old with a measuring tape. I was guessing 29 or 30", but I see she was 30" last month, and I doubt she's shrunk.

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Alanna pics du jour!

2008-03-09a 2008-03-09a
Blurry pic 1 of Alanna in one of her new pretty dresses from Mamaw Linda.
2008-03-09b 2008-03-09b
Blurry pic 2 - she was bouncing up and down. This is why I also took video!

Here's videos, one from today:

And one from Friday evening, with her cruising and 'dancing'.
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2008-02-21a 2008-02-21a
Today's random cute pic of Alanna, who looks good in mint green. Camera phone pic, so not the best, but still.

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Another installment of Alanna Theater:
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Alanna will be 8 months old tomorrow.

She has just started pulling herself up to a standing position all by herself. She loves this, she enjoys being vertical very much. She's getting better at crawling. If you wave to her and say "HI!" she will wave back and say something really close to "Hi". And tonight she spontaneously started waving to her Daddy [livejournal.com profile] selenite when he walked in after work.

And she's grown. Growth charts behind the cut )
We retook the weight, as the first time the jump just seemed SO huge, and then she wiggled too much, so after she fell asleep we retook it and got these numbers. We might try to re-weigh and re-measure her in the next couple of days. But as best as we can tell right now, she's 24 lbs, 3 oz, and 30 inches long.
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Jamie's improving, although he is still home from school. I expect he should be back at school Monday. I hope so.

Ironically, they could have gotten him in for eye surgery last Wednesday, if he hadn't come down with the flu. Oh well, we'll wait a bit longer.

I adore the way Alanna likes to play peek-a-boo with us on the changing table, using her outfit. She'll do it on the floor with a baby blanket. I would love to get good pictures, but when I bring out the camera, she gets interested in it and doesn't keep playing peek-a-boo.

I found out there's a Saginaw's quilters group meeting weekly. No machines, they're doing hand-quilting. Oooooh. Just the sort of people I want to meet and humbly apprentice myself to. And LOCAL. And... they meet on Thursdays, 9 am until 1:30 or so. Which means I won't be able to go until... Alanna's in kindergarten, five years from now. Sigh.
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I had a marvelous weekend - I got to go to a Texas cave tour for the first time, and enjoyed it thoroughly. I will be posting more details of my weekend later, with pictures from the cave. But first, Alanna updates and pictures.

On Saturday, Alanna cut her first tooth - lower right incisor broke through the skin. She's a month older than Maggie was for her first. This delay is fine with me!

And on Sunday, Alanna got herself up into a sitting position by herself for the first time.

So here are pictures, and a video of her sitting and playing and babbling.
pics! )
And the video:
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I mentioned back on the 10th that I was starting Alanna on more solids. Well, it's gone amazingly well. So far she's enjoyed everything I've offered her. A little bit of upset as her digestive system starts adapting to it, but she's handling it awfully well. And just in time - I think she must be hitting a growth spurt. Right now she's making it clear she wants two meals of solids a day, PLUS nursing a lot during the day - she'll insist on nursing to sleep after a meal, and gets quite frantic crying for it if it's not given to her immediately - AND nursing a lot during the night. Way more than usual. Well, she'd been letting me get way more sleep than a mother of a baby can normally expect, I'll just have to get through this growth spurt with her.

So far the foods she's been introduced to, and has liked, are bread, cheerios, diced pears, bananas, mixed berry yogurt, cherry yogurt, cheddar cheese cubes, strawberry yogurt, and diced peaches. She thinks these are all great. She's doing a really good job. No teeth yet, but I'm sure they'll be along soon - certainly the lower gum in front is swollen, and she gets regular doses of the gum goo and ibuprofen when she seems to need it.

I have a couple more flavors of yogurt to introduce her to soon. I'm also thinking of trying her on cooked pumpkin.
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Alanna is 7 months old today. She weighs 23 lbs and is 28.5 inches long. Yay!
Growth charts and pictures behind the cut )
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She ate the entire cup of diced pears. She seemed to enjoy it a lot, was eager for it. Clearly I need to be feeding her more solids more often. She had a bit of a "what took you so long?" look.

Alanna got fussy after eating - I'd laid her down with a bottle with some water (she'd been wanting to drink from a sippy cup but can't get the sucking right yet, and the bottle in the high chair she didn't understand that she needed to tip it up), and she rolled on it which hurt, then she wouldnt' stop crying, and I realized she needed to nurse to sleep, so we did. So yay, she still does need me.
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I'm starting Alanna on some more solids. Right now she's in the high chair with a bib. She has a piece of soft bread, a bunch of cheerios scattered on the tray, and I've given her a couple of bites of diced pear. Seems to be going over well.

She's been chomping down on me a lot, and showing a lot of interest in solids, I think it's time. I'm not really ready for it, but I think she is. I want to find good ways to get healthy, single-ingredient or few-ingredient foods in front of her - as much as possible just baby-friendly people-foods, not "babyfood".


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