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In a month we have two family birthdays coming up close together - Maggie's 7th and Alanna's 2nd.

I know there are going to be family members asking me what they would want, so I figured okay, I'll put a post up.

Maggie has become a little bookworm. It's amazing. She wants to read in bed every night, and spends a lot of her time with her nose deep in a book. The apple has not fallen far from the tree.

She's been particularly interested lately in the American Girl books. She has the the basic set of the Kirsten books, and she has the first book of the Kit series. She really wants more. I know she wants the rest of the Kit books, she's been asking for those. There are some ancillary Kirsten books she doesn't know about. Looking through the other series, I'd probably also pick Josefina (we gave those to a classmate for her birthday, so it'd be interesting for her too), Addy, and maybe Kaya. Heck, any of the historical characters would be interesting for her. She's just soaking it up*.

Sure, she'd be interested in the dolls, too, but I think the books are a higher priority. And less expensive. It seems the books are best priced on Amazon, but the dolls significantly better on the American Girls website, if anybody really wants to get her a dolls-and-books set - yeah, she'd probably go wild about that. I did put together a wishlist on Amazon for her for some of the books - it's here

Alanna is really enjoying Sesame Street, and particularly likes Big Bird. I'd love to get her more Sesame Street to watch. They have one season recorded on Miles' video box, and the Old School DVDs. I *wish* we could get more of the "old school" stuff - the kids AND the adults like that better than the newer stuff. But other Sesame Street videos could be nice for her. Please not Elmo stuff, that gets on the adults' nerves. She likes the musical stuff, too, likes to start singing with them. I made an Amazon list of some of what looked like she'd most enjoy it: http://www.amazon.com/wishlist/3N6BEY0A3NXJ6

I hope this is helpful for the relatives.

(*She was recently asking me about Fiddler on the Roof, was that a true story? I explained about how it wasn't exactly true, in that the people were made up, but it was about a place and time and people that were a lot like that. Like the Kirsten books. Then she wanted to watch it again, and was shushing Jamie and telling him how this was about history and she was really interested!)

Game Day

Mar. 12th, 2009 06:59 am
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The Gallagher-McDaniel household will be hosting a game day, Saturday 3/21/09, starting at 11 am and going until we fall down.

There will be food, of some sort. There will be games. There will be general hilarity and kids and cats running around. (Well, cat. The other will be hiding upstairs, from GASP visitors!) There will undoubtedly be singing at our Birthday Bear at some point, who decided that a houseful of people playing games was what he wanted most.

Board games, card games, we have quite a collection and would like to put it to good use. Have a game you'd like us to try? Okay!

Comment on one of our posts if you're coming, and let us know if you need directions or anything like that.
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Birthday party pictures and commentary, from Sunday
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Today - joint birthday party for Maggie and Alanna, over in Euless at the apartment. Games, pool party, two cakes, presents. Lots of fun. Maggie's getting more comfortable in the water, and Alanna is going to be a natural.

Pics on the camera, I'll see about getting them up tomorrow and writing more, right now I am exhausted. Was fun. Tired now.
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Alanna is one year old today!

She's 26.8 lbs and 31 inches long.

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She got to see her Mamaw Linda today, and get pretty new outfits. She got to go to the church camp evening gathering tonight and be sung to and share cake with people, and then go out to dinner with the whole family. She's been made much of.

Some thoughts about her at a year old. She walks and runs confidently and well, and can bend over, pick something up, and stand back up without (usually) falling. She has a couple of times gotten down off my bed without falling. She is starting to talk, says things like Mama and Kitty and simple words like that. She can sign to nurse, and bring the boppy over, and say "nuh!" She can sign for more, and for cup when she's thirsty. She can sign for diaper, and even occasionally signs it when she needs to be changed.

She's a very loving child, cuddly, you pick her up and she snuggles in and puts her head down on you, and will often reach out and pat you on the back. She likes to give kisses and blow kisses. She thinks "foofing" is funny and will foof on our necks or arms. She LOVES "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" and will ask for it repeatedly, sorta signing the start of the song and saying "Pider? Pider?" We'll sing it to her - not just the adults, Maggie and Jamie will, too - and she's started signing the song along with us for about the first half of it.

She has six teeth now. She eats solids pretty well, and is still nursing. Tonight she had cake, and bread, and a bite of meat, and a bit of potato, and some caramel apples, and a lot of steamed broccoli.

She has the most ADORABLE giggle. She likes attention, and likes to SHOW us things. She has just recently developed a really cute little angry pouting face when things don't go her way.

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Maggie is six years old today!

We're having her party next weekend, jointly with her baby sister's. But yesterday she went off and spent an overnight with her godparents, and had a lovely time. They gave her a beautiful butterfly necklace and bracelet, she adores them. We met at church this morning and went out for brunch afterwards.

She baked while she was over there, a bunch of cupcakes and a little cake, and apparently she really did lots of it herself. So we took pictures of that cake tonight.

She's 44.8 lbs now. (Her brother, 18 months younger, is 55 lbs!) She is a bright, charming, exuberant, sweet little girl. She likes to sing. She loves her brother and sister. She likes to try playing Rock Band, and will "help" us play World of Warcraft. She is reading reasonably well for her age, and interested in books, but does get frustrated when I have her read a lot. She loves to play in the water, and wants to learn more swimming. She and her brother got awfully sunburned Friday, playing out back in the little kid pool.

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Aha, Karl obliged and got it into a format I could copy and paste just what I wanted from.
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Jan. 29th, 2008 09:54 am
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Today is my birthday. Although it's on a Tuesday this year, outside it is clearly, as Pooh would say, a Windsday, to commemorate my original birthday I suppose. I went outside and brought in the lightweight kid toys and took down the birdfeeder before it smashed a window.

There are a number of very nice things happening and fairly few difficult ones, and some surprises.

Most annoying thing so far - it appears Alanna may have given me a broken nose for my birthday. She whacked my glasses half off my head sideways last night, and this morning the bridge of my nose is incredibly tender. The glasses are okay if they're all the way up, but pushing them up hurts, as does any touch of my nose. Ow. Hope that improves.

My parents sent me yarn gift certificates - ah, they know me well. I'd been ooohing over the sock yarns at http://www.knitivity.com/downHomeSOCKS.html - now I get to get a pair of skeins! I'm going to order them today. Knitting friends, go look. He's retiring the Aunt Gail colorway after the 31st, so order now if you want one.

[livejournal.com profile] selenite gave me the Knitpicks Harmony Options *set*. Oooh. He spoils me wonderfully.

There were nice things in the mail. [livejournal.com profile] joyeuse13 sent me one of her art cards - she is just amazing with paper art. So nice. And a pretty silver bookmark that has promptly been opened and put into my current book, yay. THANK YOU!

There was a mystery package, from Aimee Abernathy. I'd gotten an email a few days earlier that I was getting a package from her. And I'd been wondering, WTF? I knew the name rang a bell, it sounded familiar, but I just couldn't PLACE it. It wasn't anybody from my flist, I didn't think, anybody I'd signed up with for one of those project exchanges or anything, what WAS IT? Package arrived today - well, last night, I suppose, but Karl checked the mail this morning when he took Jamie out to the bus - so I opened it. AHA! She's a lady on Ravelry who has lupus and was taking part in a fundraising walk for lupus research, and I'd donated. She had donated gifts from various fiber people for random prizes for her donators, and I'd won one. I'd heard about it way back when, but had forgotten. So I have a beaded bracelet and a skein of yarn. It's not yarn I would have ever gotten for myself - it's Noro, 50% wool, 20% silk, 30% angora, in a mix of blues and grays with a bit of mint green and pinkish-purple. I'm not sure what I'll do with it. Fuzzy stuff. So not a birthday present, but it had the nice surprise of showing up for me on my birthday.

Also not a birthday present, but nice timing, Karl ordered Girl Scout cookies and got them yesterday, so this morning there's a few boxes of Samoas on my table for me. Yes, yes, they call them Carmel De-Lites or something nowadays, but I know Samoas. I suppose I can bring them along to movie night tonight in lieu of a cake. (Down thing about being the stay at home mom - I can arrange lovely cakes for everyone else's birthday, but not so much for mine. [livejournal.com profile] fordprfct baked me a marvelous one a previous year, but he's working today. I am talking myself out of going down to Bluebonnet Bakery for myself, it would be tacky.)

I got myself an amethyst point while at the caverns gift shop on Sunday. I am intending to write up a post about our caving trip, and post pictures, really I am, I just haven't gotten to it yet. I also got a stone that I want to have turned into a pendant - does anybody on my flist, preferably nearby, do wire-wrapped jewelry? I have a memory that somebody does. If so, I want to talk commission.

And last I shall list what I first got for my birthday - and what I want to ask others for. [livejournal.com profile] fordprfct gave me Turloch, my purple iPod shuffle, for Christmas, and the most nifty headphones (and an adapter so we can play it in the car) shortly thereafter as an early birthday gift. I adore it and have been enjoying it thoroughly.

So here's where I get shameless and ask my flist for a birthday present. I am finally setting up a few playlists on my iTunes. The first one I did is my Happy playlist. Happy bouncy cheerful music. Stuff that makes ME cheerful. I currently have 51 songs on there. I'd like to have more.

So I'm asking for songs. People could send me mp3s. You could send me something in iTunes. (Email and apple ID are my LJ user name at gmail dot com) Or you could just comment and recommend a song that you think I should have, something I might not know about. I'd like to discover more music.

My tastes are fairly eclectic. I like filk, some rock, some pop, some country, various types of folk and international. I don't care for rap. I want ideally music that will make me bounce and bop.

I am trying to find a way to get what I currently have on the playlist into a format that I can post, so people see what's already on there - I can export it from iTunes, but that's a horrible jumble of EVERY field on there. I've sent it to [livejournal.com profile] selenite to see what he can do with it.
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Whoops, I meant to get to this earlier. Here's pictures from [livejournal.com profile] selenite's birthday dinner earlier this week.
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Happy Birthday, Jamie!

Here are the pictures:


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