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Finished Object Dance!

Alanna's Christmas stocking is done, yay!
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Work on Alanna's Christmas stocking proceeds apace. It's going reasonably well. I am not great at colorwork. [livejournal.com profile] bkseiver could pick it up and critique it in detail. But ... I think I'm improving. I think I'm learning things from this that will let me continue to improve in future colorwork. So I ought to be brave and continue to do more colorwork after this.

Also? I seriously WANT one of those doohickeys that sit on your left forefinger to hold apart more than one strand of yarn at once. I Want It Now. I don't know if any local yarn stores carry it, and they're all closed today anyway. Bother.
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Today I cast on for Alanna's Christmas stocking. I am using the KnitPicks Swish Superwash wool, in Fired Brick, Squirrel Heather, and Jade. And I am using the size 10 needles. (well, 8 and 10, mostly 10)

I have been pretty intimidated about this, because eek, colorwork. I don't DO colorwork. I've sorta tried it twice - once way back in an SCA class to make an Islamic style knitted bag, which I never finished, and once with Maggie's Christmas stocking, which had a few two-color bits. They didn't come out so well.

Now, it's probably too early to tell. I'm only 17 rows into the thing, and the first 12 were solid red. But - so far, this is not as bad as I'd anticipated. Slower than solid color knitting, yes. But not as bad as I'd thought.

Well, I suppose I did become a better knitter in the last 5 years since I've done this.

There was an option to have the band I'm currently in be solid color, and then later duplicate stitch a name in. I was going to do it - but then I thought about it, and Maggie's and Jamie's knit stockings don't have their names on them. So I think I will leave it without. They're all distinctively different. And this way I can at least imagine that they'll pass them on down to their firstborns.
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Swish superwash swatched on size 10 dpns - 4.5 spi. Ought to be 4 spi.

DAMNIT, why do I keep having to go to bigger and bigger needles for everything? I swear I am NOT knitting tighter than I used to.

Okay, I went back and checked - using these same exact needles for the coarse rough yarn got 4 spi right on.

I don't know what to do. Assume the Swish just won't work, and I've wasted the money? Use the coarse rough stuff? That won't be pleasant knitting. Buy Wool of the Andes in bulky, and see if I can get it up to 4 spi, when it says it goes for 3-3.75? Try Swish on bigger needles? (I'm afraid that will make too loose a fabric) Say to hell with it, knit with Swish on the size 10 needles and accept a smaller stocking?

Some days I just feel like a knitting failure.
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Further swatching notes for Alanna's stocking. The size 10 DPNs, Lion Brand flexible plastic, arrived in the mail. Yay! Big pale blue. Practically drumsticks. Gauge is 16 stitches per 4 inches on the larger size needles, and I swatched it, and it's right on.

So yes, size 10 and 8 instead of 8 and 6.

But first I need to finish this second sock I've started today.


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