Oct. 2nd, 2005 07:25 pm
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Just got back from watching Serenity. Third time to see it, first time post-release. Oh man, it just gets better every time, and there's more cool stuff. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] ataniell93 for pointing something out about Kaylee that I hadn't noticed, and wouldn't have been able to interpret if I had.

I love seeing more and more and getting more fine details each time. I will be going to see it again.

Go see it. Take others. It's FANTASTIC.

Oh, and I want River's boots, only a mite larger.

I conjure that I'm likely to be talking like Mal most of the night.
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Jayne hat pictures! )
So I've been working on Jayne hats [1]. I agreed to do one for Ryan, another member of the Dallas Browncoats, and then agreed to do one for Ed Dravecky, our crew captain. Both guys have good sized heads - several inches bigger than typical hat patterns. I thought Ryan's was big until I got the measurements for Ed's. I finished Ed's at ConDFW and as he was sitting next to me at the art auction, I plopped it on his head. Ryan came and picked his up tonight, paid me for the yarn and as agreed, paid my labor fees in Good Chocolate. Ahhhhh....
more pictures )

[1] As seen in the series Firefly. And if you haven't seen it, see it, the DVDs are fantastic! Go to Serenity, the movie! It's out at midnight tonight. And the hat I made will BE there at one of the midnight showings! Go see the movie even if you haven't seen the show.
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I have no excuse whatsover to inflict this on others, but I am anyway. you were warned )
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So the other day [livejournal.com profile] selenite was wearing his Serenity t-shirt, and Maggie pointed at the image and asked "what's that?"

Her daddy said "It's a silhouette of a spaceship".

Maggie nodded and said "It's a Firefly!"

What a clever girl. What a Riveresque moment. I guess next we teach her "Midbulk transport, standard radion-accelerator core, classcode 03-K64"

(Dear non-Firefly fans on the flist, no, you won't get that. So go watch Firefly. Showings available here.)


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