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Yesterday was just an all-around good day.

In the afternoon, we got to make [livejournal.com profile] soldiergrrrl very very happy. We gave her and her family most of our old SCA gear. They're building a Stronghold and could use it. It started out as an offer of the pavilion, and when she got here we just kept offering her more. Best moment, as [livejournal.com profile] selenite's mom is helping move various stuff from the Pile O'Poles, etc - "what's that?" "Oh, that's one of the pieces - would you like a king-sized camp bed?" Oh, the look on her face. So good to know that all that gear is going to a good home and will be USED again. Yeah, there are a few things I felt sentimental about and were a little hard to part from - but sitting in the garage for five years? They deserve better than that. The really highly personal things we kept, of course.

In WoW, I've been levelling up my priest, because we need more healers for raids. She hit 80 yesterday. And since I have a top-level tailor/enchanter, and Miles has a good jewelcrafter, we kitted her out pretty well.

In the evening, Karl's mom watched the kids and let us go out for a nice romantic dinner. We went to Tokyo Steakhouse and enjoyed it very much. Mmmm. Yummy food, nice atmosphere (despite the boor being Stupid American stereotype across the table), chef's expertise to enjoy.

When we came home, we ran heroic Nexus to start training and gearing up my priest. It went reasonably well.

Overall it was just a good happy day.
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There's various things I keep meaning to post about but never seem to have time. One is how my tastes in food are changing.

Firstly, salmon. My father's loved it as long as I could remember. It used to be something I'd tolerate a bite or two of now and then. Now - I've discovered I LOVE it. Grilled salmon, done with some nice herb or pepper crusting? Oh. Oh so good. Or with that orange sauce - remoulade? MMMMMM. Every time I have salmon I think about Dad.

The other is that I'm starting to have a lot more Mexican food. Not all of it. I'm really discovering that it's not peppers in general that have stopped me - it's that I acutely dislike the scent/taste of jalapenos. So if I can avoid them, I do okay. And I dunno why, but I have developed quite a taste for guacamole. I'm surprised by this - but enjoying it.


May. 8th, 2008 09:45 pm
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Apparently I like remoulade.

Now and then, I go out to Central Market and make myself a lovely big salad from their salad bar, and bring it home. Sometimes I also get some of the cold grilled salmon, which is just SO tasty. I used to be so-so on salmon, but have grown more and more fond of it as I've gotten older, and have had just some LOVELY salmon dishes this spring.

Last time, the lady put two little plastic cups of some sort of orange sauce in with the salmon. I didn't have the slightest idea what it was, but decided okay, I'll try it. Oh. My. Goodness. YUM! It was marvelous.

So this time, when getting salmon, I got more of it - I will have some for breakfast, yum - and asked about the sauce. She was out of the little cups, but was happy to go fill some for me from their sauces bar, and I followed her since I wasn't clearly hearing what she said in the bustle. Remoulade. Oh. Well, it's GOOD.

So I looked it up when I got home. Interesting. Originally a French condiment, it mentioned French, Danish, and Louisiana versions. It seems the French version is white, the Danish "creamy yellow", and the Louisiana remoulade "bright red to ruddy-orange". This stuff is definitely orange, more than yellow, but I don't know about "ruddy-orange". Perhaps I have a Texan variant on the Louisiana remoulade.

In any case, it was YUMMY.
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I just had lunch out of a dream.

Sunday I was feeling sick, and [livejournal.com profile] fordprfct was watching Jamie and Alanna for me so I could get a bit of a nap. A couple of hours later I woke up, and then remembered a dream I'd had. I'd dreamed that I had awoken, and was going downstairs, planning to ask for something to eat, maybe we just microwave me a breakfast pizza, something simple and quick, but before I could ask he was asking me how I was, did the rest help? Yes, yes it had, and then he was telling me "the taco salad is just about ready!" Oh. Okay, yeah, sure, that sounds good, wow, thank you!

So I told [livejournal.com profile] fordprfct about this dream, and we agreed that actually, it was a pretty good idea. Didn't have to be super spicy, and hey, I liked the tacos my family made when I was a kid. Seems like everything out there these days has to be ExtremeSpicy, and with tons of jalapenos. I don't like jalapenos. But nothing said ours had to have that. So groceries yesterday, today taco salad.

I'm still feeling sick, so he did most of the work for us, and we had a nice lunch. It was a little spicy, but nothing extreme, and I enjoyed it. I'm looking for ways to find bits of spicy I can like - especially now that we've identified that I actually dislike the taste of jalapenos, not the spice level.

The lunch was luxurious. White corn tortilla chip rounds, spiced hamburger, cheese, lettuce, tomato, more cheese, and sour cream. Yum. That was marvelous. We have to do that again.

Also in the plans: a chili recipe that doesn't have jalapenos, designed to be moderately spicy at a level I can enjoy.
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I mentioned back on the 10th that I was starting Alanna on more solids. Well, it's gone amazingly well. So far she's enjoyed everything I've offered her. A little bit of upset as her digestive system starts adapting to it, but she's handling it awfully well. And just in time - I think she must be hitting a growth spurt. Right now she's making it clear she wants two meals of solids a day, PLUS nursing a lot during the day - she'll insist on nursing to sleep after a meal, and gets quite frantic crying for it if it's not given to her immediately - AND nursing a lot during the night. Way more than usual. Well, she'd been letting me get way more sleep than a mother of a baby can normally expect, I'll just have to get through this growth spurt with her.

So far the foods she's been introduced to, and has liked, are bread, cheerios, diced pears, bananas, mixed berry yogurt, cherry yogurt, cheddar cheese cubes, strawberry yogurt, and diced peaches. She thinks these are all great. She's doing a really good job. No teeth yet, but I'm sure they'll be along soon - certainly the lower gum in front is swollen, and she gets regular doses of the gum goo and ibuprofen when she seems to need it.

I have a couple more flavors of yogurt to introduce her to soon. I'm also thinking of trying her on cooked pumpkin.
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She ate the entire cup of diced pears. She seemed to enjoy it a lot, was eager for it. Clearly I need to be feeding her more solids more often. She had a bit of a "what took you so long?" look.

Alanna got fussy after eating - I'd laid her down with a bottle with some water (she'd been wanting to drink from a sippy cup but can't get the sucking right yet, and the bottle in the high chair she didn't understand that she needed to tip it up), and she rolled on it which hurt, then she wouldnt' stop crying, and I realized she needed to nurse to sleep, so we did. So yay, she still does need me.
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I'm starting Alanna on some more solids. Right now she's in the high chair with a bib. She has a piece of soft bread, a bunch of cheerios scattered on the tray, and I've given her a couple of bites of diced pear. Seems to be going over well.

She's been chomping down on me a lot, and showing a lot of interest in solids, I think it's time. I'm not really ready for it, but I think she is. I want to find good ways to get healthy, single-ingredient or few-ingredient foods in front of her - as much as possible just baby-friendly people-foods, not "babyfood".
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Before I get around to chronicling the fun that was ApolloCon, I realize I never got around to posting about last Wednesday, and our experiments in hot oil.

No, no, not like that. We were over for our usual Wednesday night movie night at [livejournal.com profile] fordprfct and [livejournal.com profile] kattelyn's house, and had decided to try to make funnel cake. I had funnel cake mix and powdered sugar, and they had a deep frying pan and a funnel-tipped plastic pitcher. And we all like funnel cake, so we decided to give it a try.

They also had a candy thermometer, so [livejournal.com profile] fordprfct decided to use that to judge the heat of the oil. It kept saying it wasn't hot enough, not enough, not enough - and we were letting it heat up as we watched more of the Dr. Who we're trying to catch up on. Eventually [livejournal.com profile] kattelyn and I started saying that it smelled too hot and was getting too smoky, and we got it turned down. [livejournal.com profile] fordprfct even moved it off the burner for a while - spilling a bit of oil onto the glass stovetop, where it caught on fire. That was briefly exciting.

We finally thought maybe it was cool enough, and tried making one. Um. No. We quickly got a black burned mass, very quickly indeed. I commented that it looked like some kinda dead squid/octopus alien embryo special effect we'd expect to see on Dr. Who rather than in the kitchen. And the thermometer was still insisting it wasn't warm enough. The thermometer lies.

We kept letting it cool and trying just a tiny bit at a time, and eventually got well, funnel cakes. [livejournal.com profile] kattelyn did one that was way better than mine, but I intend to keep getting better at it too. It was yummy, and the funnel pitcher they have was perfect. I intend to get more mix sometime, and I expect I'll definitely be making it over in their kitchen when they're willing to put up with it.


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