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Mar. 12th, 2009 06:59 am
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The Gallagher-McDaniel household will be hosting a game day, Saturday 3/21/09, starting at 11 am and going until we fall down.

There will be food, of some sort. There will be games. There will be general hilarity and kids and cats running around. (Well, cat. The other will be hiding upstairs, from GASP visitors!) There will undoubtedly be singing at our Birthday Bear at some point, who decided that a houseful of people playing games was what he wanted most.

Board games, card games, we have quite a collection and would like to put it to good use. Have a game you'd like us to try? Okay!

Comment on one of our posts if you're coming, and let us know if you need directions or anything like that.
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Softball doesn't get any softer. Jamie just invented his own game - he brought me the baby plush cube to throw, and he's using a plush whale as a bat. Karl got a bit of video of it. We were playing for quite a while, and now Karl's taken over as pitcher. It's so cute. When he misses, he sometimes says "Not again!"

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Grandma Maggie gave Maggie Rose a great kid's card game called Hisss, that has been working out very well. It really doesn't have any more decisions to it than Candyland does - but it somehow is much less annoying to the adults than Candyland is. Maggie enjoys it very much, and Jamie's even getting some out of it. And you can just plop down on the living room floor to play it with them, you don't need to set up a board or clear off the table. Definite win.

Yesterday [ profile] fordprfct and I went out to the Apple store in Southlake - now that I have an iPod shuffle, I wanted to go look at accessories and stuff. I'd never been in an Apple store before. Migods. I start to see why people get downright religious about Apple stuff. The place was like a temple of technology. And wow. The huge screens. The slim little clickety keyboards. Whoa. And they had something like 19 people working there that we saw.

Happy bouncy squeee - in addition to my Christmas present, I now have an early birthday present to go with it - this headset for the iPod shuffle to plug into. OMG I *love* this! I can just plug Turloch in, pop the headset on - under my braid, I found it fits just fine - and off I go. This is, IMO, good design. And it folds up SO cute.

Clearly I have been a Very Good Girl.
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Today is so far proving to be a very satisfactory decompression day.

Which I *needed*. Monday was driving all over doing errands. Tuesday was various disasters including Jamie flooding the bathroom. Wednesday was Jamie's ARD meeting, then an hour of dealing with Walmart and clothes shopping for kids, then taking the kids to Kids' Club in the evening. Thursday was too damn much driving all over town - across town, back again, halfway out, back again, all the way out, back and more to dance, back home again - I started at 8:30 in the morning, and had a couple breaks at home, but didn't get to stay here until about 9 pm. Whew.

This morning's motorcycle ride was great fun, and look!
a picture of the shiny pretty helmet )

A lot of today has been occupied by the game Portal totally eating my brain. I was watching [ profile] fordprfct play it some yesterday and being totally floored and not thinking I could do it, but today I could. I think it's because he'd instantly see the layout and then just start moving, so I never got to get oriented on it. Once I could look around at my own pace and get it, I was solving the puzzles just fine. Which makes me feel good, since it's all spatial problem stuff. Well, and timing. Some of the video-game moving stuff is hard, but I don't have much experience with that.

The bike we got through Freecycle is getting fixed up for Maggie, and we'll start teaching her to ride it. Mine needs to get fixed up, but that will have to wait.


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