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Only parents with several children close in age will understand how exhausting a day of errands with three kids is. Only a few things take all day, what with the diaper changes and nursings and other stops. (One diaper change today involved going through three new diapers and a new onesie, with the baby in the front passenger seat and me twisted sideways in the driver's seat. No wonder she was crying, with that going on in her system. Trust me, you don't want to try that.)

In quick summary - the bills have been paid and mailed off (Saginaw REALLY needs another post office, or at least a drive-up box somewhere - I couldn't park within a block and ended up driving to the regional one one Mark IV Parkway), Maggie's dance clothes were found, Jamie's glasses have been fixed, I have bought a new kit for my Medela Lactina, and new and much improved storage bags, confirmed once again that there just isn't a standard nursing bra that can fit me, returned home, and Maggie was bathed, dressed, and taken to dance class on time.

I am highly ANNOYED with Bath and Body works. [livejournal.com profile] fordprfct took us in there once when we were up doing errands in that Southlake area with all the cute shops around the park. He was getting more shower gel, and convinced me to try some. He uses a nice masculine juniper scent stuff, nice but not my style, but I found a raspberry that smelled really good, and was convinced to try it. And I liked it. And I ran out. And hey, Jamie's optician is all the way up there in Southlake, so I was very close. After going to all the trouble to get a parking spot only a block or so away, get three kids out of the car, get Alanna into the carrier, and walk across to the store in the sun and heat, they don't have the raspberry shower gel. Out of stock, and well that's an 'old' scent, so now they're only going to have it during the annual sale, except they're out of stock for this one. Well, they just lost a customer. I do not understand the whole drive to New! Different! stuff - if I find something that works I like to stick with it.

I would like to go collapse now - except in a bit I have to go back out and get Maggie back from dance class. We'll see if it's raining then or not. It's been alternating between pouring rain and hot hot sun.

Catching up

Feb. 8th, 2007 08:25 am
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Monday I had a productive day. Tuesday - I paid for it. Tired, exhausted tired, getting dizzy when I stood up wiped out. Wednesday I was pretty tired too.

Monday there was various laundry and dishes and cleaning up done. Then a run out with the kids and [livejournal.com profile] fordprfct for lunch, a bookstore run, and a yarn store expedition. [livejournal.com profile] fordprfct picked yarn for a baby blanket and I picked yarn for a baby dress. Then home for swatching.

Tuesday afternoon there was more yarn store expeditions - we finally figured out what size needle he needed, and went out to buy them. Also found buttons for the baby sweater I did in the golden yellow. Little blue ladybug buttons. Cute. Finished up watching movies at the house in Euless, then Karl drove me home and I collapsed.

Wednesday my plan was to stay collapsed until it was time to take the kids to Kids' Club at church. Jamie came home from school - in a different outfit, with a note from his teacher that apparently during crafts he dumped an entire bottle of glue on himself. She was apologetic, but said he'd thought it was loads of fun. That's a little boy for you. The kids went outside to play.

Now, we're in the process of getting Jamie those new glasses. The opthamologist made a small change to his prescription, but also pointed out the old frames were too tight for his face. Which explains why he keeps pulling them off, after finally having gotten good about not doing that. Sadly, one of the earpieces where it screws in to the front, has apparently stripped the screws, and keeps coming off when he does so.

Jamie came back from outside yesterday sans glasses. I sent Maggie out to hunt for them - she brought them back, but missing the earpiece. Later I went out and hunted through the yard, and could not find them. We were waiting for the optician to get new frames ordered to try on Jamie, since he'd outgrown the toddler line - I called to see if they were in - they were.

So, unhappily I got the kids loaded up and drove out to Southlake. They confirmed which size frames he needed, and promised to order his lenses immediately. And, amazingly, were able to fix the current pair enough for us to get by. Whew.

Later we went to church for kids' club. They do like that very much. Calvary Cafe was stuff I couldn't eat, so I sat in the library and messed about with my knitting project.

I was so very happy to get home and collapse. I was going to post last night, but we had a power dip and the computer shut down. I took this as a hint and went to bed.
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We have figured something out on Maggie. Try to introduce her to someone new, she gets all freaked out and insists on being shy.

Then totally ignore her and shift the attention to the new people, talking to them and having fun, and shortly she's right in the middle of things, trying to get the new people's attention and being cute at high intensity.

We must remember this.

Also, I just got off a longish good phone call with my parents to find that Jamie had broken his glasses. Bother. So after lunch there will be a trip out to Southlake. What worries me is that he has an evaluation with the school district tomorrow morning, and I do NOT want that to be without his glasses.
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Okay, Jamie's new glasses were finally ready today. So we went up to Southlake to pick them up.

Later during my errands, looking at them, I'm afraid they're too tight - too narrow for his face. It looks like the temples are pressing in on the sides of his head. GAH. And of course by then they were already closed, they close at noon on Saturdays. So I'm expecting early next week I'm going to need to go back to Southlake and have them checked.

I took the kids to pick up catfood next - Maggie loves that, as she gets to see animals. They were doing an adoption day, so she got to see dogs, cats / kittens, birds, a sleeping hamster, and lotsa fish. The Southlake Petsmart actually has a horse section - probably about 1/6th of the store. Whee.

Then we went to Lowes to get the paint for Jamie's loft bed. Every time I go to Lowes I think I'll be okay - and then I end up miserable again. We really pinned it down when we were getting lumber for his bed - being down at the end where they're cutting all the wood made me miserable, my chest was too heavy and I was practically in a panic attack. The sawdust is awful, and I suspect the paints and other chemicals are just as bad. I had remembered the name of my paint color as "vibrant blue" and couldn't FIND it anywhere - and they looked it up and said it didn't exist. After much angst I found a color sample that had been hidden by some in the wrong slot, that had "vivid blue" and I decided it must have been that one, and got the paint and a few extra brushes. Karl's been finishing the last of the primer painting today. I hope we can get it all FINISHED soon.

I've been thinking, now that I have a whole gallon of that color paint - I do NOT want to do any more building projects, but I could probably handle a couple more painting projects. Maybe find someplace that does unfinished furniture - there's some kids' stuff at Michael's, but I'd like to find better - and do maybe a table and pair of chairs in a kid size, or a small bookcase, or dresser, or something like that, paint it in a matching color to the bed, and get more of the star Wallies and do up a little bedroom set for him. We'll see, I'll go google unfinished furniture in the area.

Then we went to the library, and then we went to chickfila for lunch. The one on Hulen was too crowded and noisy - the Lake Worth one was quiet, so that was okay. Now we're home. Whew.
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So we did get up to the optician's in Southlake with Jamie before they closed at noon. We tried a few pairs of glasses on him. My, that's a different experience now - the first time, I was having to hold him and pin down his arms while the lady tried to put glasses on him and hold the mirror so I might see. This time he gave no objections and left the glasses on. Wow.

We settled on a sturdy plastic pair this time. The guy says certainly they won't be Jamie-proof either, but we'll see if that does any better. He figured Jamie would manage to break the twist-metal ones. These don't have separate nose pads, so that's one less thing for him to bend or break. They're brown, with little subtle yellow duck outlines. I liked him in blue, but better to go with something they had on hand, and the brown looked good on him too. They'll have to make new lenses for them, and once again they'll be special ordering those, first thing Monday. So he should have glasses again on Tuesday or Wednesday hopefully.

Then I shall have to update this icon
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I spent last night out in Euless, so this morning I drove up the extra bit to Southlake and took Jamie's glasses in just after they opened.

The good news is, yes, they'll still cover fixing them. The bad news is, the guy had been doing some calling around, and he can't get that frame any more. (Sounds to me as if he was anticipating that we'd get to this stage fairly soon, and was preparing ahead. This is good)

So, we're going to have to pick out a new set of frames for him. Which means I need to go back there *with* him. Hopefully this morning, as it's going to be a while before they're ready anyway. The impressive thing is this means we're going to get a whole new pair of glasses, new frames and lenses, for no charge.

And yes, for all the people who keep telling me I should have a better alternative, I did talk to the guy about it. He says we can try him in plastic, but he sounded pretty dubious about it. He says if Jamie breaks these, he'll break those. We talked about sport goggles. He said he didn't think he had any small enough for Jamie, but we can try them on him. He said the problem with those is that they're usually too uncomfortable for long-term wear. And yeah, if they're uncomfortable Jamie's not going to keep them on.

So we'll see what we get.
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DAMN! Jamie just broke his glasses. And this time it is indeed BREAK - not only are they bent, and one of the lenses out, the top curve of the metal over one lense actually broke off.

crap crap crap

They say they'd fix anything except losing it. I left them a voicemail asking them to call me. I'm thinking this is going to take a new frame. If I have to BUY a new frame, I want to get them from an optician closer to home.

I do not want to drive to Southlake and back this afternoon. I want to make his eyes better, and have glasses on him as much as possible - but damnit, my sanity needs to be taken into account too. I'll be in that general area tomorrow morning - I think I'll bring them in then. And it might be "drop off the lenses and come back 3 days later" in which case screw it, might as well do it Saturday and avoid so much extra driving.

I was on the phone, he was still in the high chair and bored... you'd think I'd know better. But darn it, I wanted to take a phone call from a friend I don't get to see.
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Jamie just broke his glasses again.

Bent up, both lenses out.

I'm going to have to drive him to Southlake again tomorrow morning, early.


I'm wishing to use all sorts of very bad words I wouldn't want him to learn.

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I just had to go off and get Jamie's glasses fixed again. He was in the high chair eating lunch, and I got a phone call from [livejournal.com profile] patgund, and I guess he got bored. Totally bent out of shape, one lens missing, unwearable. So, another 50 mile round trip to Southlake. Next pair MUST be from a closer optician.

And while prepping for this trip, I came out of the bathroom to see Maggie in the kitchen. "I'm sweeping!" she chirped. I started to say "oh, okay", but I'd just stepped on the kitchen floor - and fallen badly. She'd once again dipped her toy broom into the cats' water to pretend to mop. She has been repeatedly told she's not allowed to do that, because it makes the floor slippery and dangerous. I didn't break anything, but I hurt in many places. Suffice it to say Maggie no longer has access to the broom.

Now they've both been put down for naps, I'm going to try to finally get myself some proper lunch, and hope it gets better from here.
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I took Jamie to his 6-week followup with the ophthalmologist today. Maggie's still sick, and IMO needs to stay at home, but [livejournal.com profile] fordprfct was kind enough to come keep an eye on her and watch Firefly with her while I took Jamie in.

He did okay in the waiting room, but then when he saw the doctor and the internal rooms I guess he recognized them and remembered the eye dilation from last time. He reacted VERY negatively and did NOT want to go any further. I had to carry him in. After a bit he relaxed and was willing to look at the sparkly lights and toys. The doctor checked his eyes and was pleased, he said Jamie's responding to the glasses just as he'd hoped, and he sees no sign of strabismus with the glasses on. We're to keep him in this prescription and come back in six months - sooner if we think he's having problems or we see his eyes crossing with the glasses on.

Since we were all the way up there, we went the extra bit of distance to the optician's and had them restraighten Jamie's glasses again. They also replaced the deteriorating nose pads. Hopefully he'll keep learning to be gentler on them.

Busy day

Jun. 28th, 2006 01:52 am
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Busy stressful frazzled day.

Speech for Jamie this morning - and still short on sleep post-con, I overslept. Leaving me frantically trying to get everything ready in time. I didn't get it all done, but I got enough to get by.

Speech went well, really - Jamie is starting to use again some of the words he'd lost, and since that had been scaring me with the spectre of regressive autism, I'm really glad. We're still needing to get a lot more new words. His yearly evaluation is next week. There was lots of paperwork to fill out. And we're looking at probably needing to refer him to school district programs to start at age 3. There are a myriad of reasons why I am stressed and frazzled because of this. I may try to write up something on that soon. (Although I want to finish that ApolloCon report first, I expect) It has me feeling tense, though.

Jamie's glasses have been re-repaired. This is good. They weren't AS broken this time. It was still possible to have them on his face when we walked in.

The van has been inspected. The Candidate Passes. Now [livejournal.com profile] selenite can take care of that ticket Friday.

In both of these I am very grateful for the help and support [livejournal.com profile] fordprfct gave me today.

And on the fun side, I got to have dinner with friends, and then play Chrononauts. It was more fun than I had thought it would be. It is disturbing that [livejournal.com profile] selenite keeps resurrecting Hitler, though.
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I haven't actually caught her in the act. But I do believe Maggie can now get the gate open. At least the one at the top of the stairs. There have been several instances of me finding Maggie having gone through the gate when I coulda SWORN that I had just closed it - and I've been making sure to latch it properly. This could be distressing, and possibly dangerous.

Also, Jamie's bent the hinge on one side of his glasses today. They are still wearable. But I have a bad feeling I will end up with another drive out to Southlake this week.
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I'm back. Jamie has repaired glasses. We went and got lunch while she was working on them.

Maggie was my sweet helper and walked in carrying the case (with the popped out lens) in one hand and the broken glasses in the other, while I was getting Jamie out of the van. The lady there was all "what did he DO to them?" but said yes, she'd fix them right away, fix if possible, replace if necessary. So off we went. Came back an hour later and they were ready.

(Oh, [livejournal.com profile] patgund, I talked to her about different types of glasses. She confirmed yeah, this is probably best. I mentioned your suggestion of plastic - she said "no, metal bends, but plastic snaps.")

The guy who was there then, who fitted him last time, was quite impressed that this time Jamie sat still to have them put on and did not throw a fit. We talked some about him fighting them, which is improving some, but yeah, he's been rough on them. The guy said "Yeah, he's a boy." He also said "Things will get better. Might be next week - might be three months from now" in a resigned tone of voice, making it clear that yeah, they won't be surprised to see me again.

I have been reminded by [livejournal.com profile] fordprfct that yes, Jamie's old nickname WAS "Thumper the Tank Baby". For a reason.

I hope he learns how much they HELP him, stops wanting to destroy them, and gets used to them.
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Jamie managed to break his glasses while playing with Maggie upstairs.

One lens popped out, temples bent to heck and gone, no way can I fix this.

I guess I am going to need to shower, then go drive out to Southlake. DAMN. That's a bitch of a drive.

They will fix them, guaranteed. I just wonder how many TIMES they'll fix them.

He's only had them since last Tuesday.
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Jamie is starting to keep his glasses on a *little* better.

Trouble is - he's managed to beat them up badly. They do not look like glasses less than a week old. They look like glasses that have been worn in a war zone for more than a year.

Most of the rubber covering for the cable temples is missing, and he's chewed the paint off under that. And they've gotten BADLY bent, beyond my ability to gently bend back into place.

I'm going to have to take him back to the optician's and see what they can do. Which means another drive to Southlake. *weeps*

Maybe tomorrow. We'll see if I can face it.
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Dear World,

If I'm talking to anyone today, and seem frequently interrupted or slow to respond or distracted - it's because I'm trying to get Jamie's glasses back on him.

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I was looking at the picture in the previous post, and telling [livejournal.com profile] selenite that I fully expected to start getting comments about how much Jamie looks like his Daddy, even more now that he has glasses. Well, he may look like [livejournal.com profile] selenite, I thought, but he didn't follow his Daddy's pattern in his prescription - unlike nearsighted [livejournal.com profile] selenite, he's farsighted and has strabismus, like his mother.

Then I thought - right, this cute little brownhaired boy with his new round glasses? Spitting image of his father - but he has his mother's eyes.

Pardon me as I put my head in my hands and giggle at the fannish geeky appropriateness of it all...
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Jamie's glasses were ready today, so we drove out and got them fitted to him.
Picture of Jamie in his new glasses )
He hated that part. But then once we got into the car, he left them on undisturbed for a glorious forty minutes, that made me feel EVER so optimistic about how this was going to work. Maybe, just maybe, he would be one of those children who realizes how much better he can see the world and then leaves the glasses on!

Let's just say that this particular bubble of optimism has been well popped.

He does seem to see better. He was looking around a lot at the optician's. When we were walking into Walmart for a grocery run, I was suddenly getting my arm YANKED as he saw the plastic playset and the big air inflated water slide they had outside for display - he hasn't done that before. I did have to give up halfway through the grocery shopping and put the glasses in the case in my purse. (Fisher Price glasses, with this cute little hard plastic blue case that hinges open at one end.)

I am a bit concerned that they may not be sitting far enough UP on his nose. I'd been insistent that he not get really narrow lenses because I remembered how much I disliked glasses that left blank space at the bottom, as looking into my lap for work left me looking through air, not lenses. But for him, the problem seems to be at the top. And this is a big concern, because hey, for a two year old, a lot of life involves looking UP.

I'm not sure what to do about it. I'm a little wary of rushing back there to ask them to readjust. See - Kevin from ECI gave me the referral list of pediatric optometrists he could recommend, and I started calling right away. There were two relatively nearby - but one had closed for the week and I couldn't reach them, and the other said they could see him in a month. I wanted results sooner than that. So I ended up going with an optometrist in Grapevine, a goodly drive from here. And he sent me to get the glasses made to an optician in Southlake, even farther. It took about an hour to get there today, and an hour and a half to get back. So I'm not in a big hurry to rush back. Jamie will be seeing the doctor again in about 5 weeks for a followup check, so maybe I'll let it wait until then.

I'm really hoping this will make a big difference for him. And I'm really hoping I can keep them on him enough for them to work. It's going to be a bit of a rough time for us as we fight him over that.
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Jamie's up from a late nap. His eyes are still VERY dilated. Poor kid. We'll just stay inside and keep the lights off as long as we can...
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So off we went to Jamie's eye appointment. Slightly delayed by traffic problems and getting a bit lost at the end, but I got us there. In we went. The aide saw him first, had me sit in the exam chair with him in my lap, and looked at his eyes some, and said yes, she saw his eyes crossing. Then they had the doctor come in and examine his eyes, and he said yes, he saw it too. We were discussing family vision, and he looked at me and said "I see you're farsighted" and could see that I was much worse in the left eye, which was cool. Then we took Jamie into another room, laid him down, and he got the eyedrops to dilate his eyes. He did NOT like that, at all, either the first numbing drops or the second dilating drops. I had to hold him down. Poor baby. Then we were sent back out to the waiting room for about a half hour to wait for them to take effect. He was not a happy kid. Then the doctor examined him again, shining lights into his eyes through lenses and such.

Dr. Beauchamp said he is farsighted, although for him, unlike me, it's symmetrical. He is crossing his eyes, but not really badly. He wrote a glasses prescription for him, and told me that for now they're not going to correct it ALL the way, only about 80%, to get him used to things. He said the squinting Jamie has been doing is due to the eyes crossing. (Oh good, it's not stimming!) He'll be seeing Jamie again in six weeks, and can look at other options in the future. He might need the stronger prescription, if he's okay at distance but still crossing his eyes for close stuff he might need bifocals. He mentioned eye surgery, but said with Jamie as he currently is, it really isn't even on the radar. We made the next appointment, and he gave us a referral to an optical place down 114 a bit into Southlake that he says has experience with little kids' glasses.

So we went there. Jamie was not happy with life at this point at all - I'm sure getting out of the van in the really bright sunlight had to be miserable. He did not want to even try glasses on. They say that for a lot of kids, once they realize how much better they can see, they have no problems keeping them on - I just hope that's the case for him, I expect at least to start it's going to be a BATTLE. He wanted NO part of trying glasses on. We were having to have me hold him with his arms pinned, Renee the optician putting the glasses on, and then me trying to see them in the hand mirror before he yanked them off. Maggie was quite willing to help model glasses to show him it was okay - she'd have been thrilled to be getting glasses - but it wasn't scaring him or anything, he just wanted NO part of it.

The lady kept showing me little oval-rectangularish glasses, that I just did not think would cover much - I remember getting those pushed at me last time I got glasses, apparently they're fashionable, but I don't like them. When I was wearing them, I'd look down at my lap, where I'd hold a book or knitting, and I'd be looking through air, not lenses. Useless. She was saying but oh, round lenses would make his face look round! I figure he's 2 years old, he doesn't care if his face looks round, and I don't care, I just care can he see well. So I got her to show me a rounder pair. Fisher Price glasses, heh. They have the super bendable spring lenses, and the round cable earpieces to help hold them on better. The lenses will be polycarbonate, and guaranteed for a year against breakage. I'm glad of that.

They could have made them up with lenses they have there, but they told me that since his prescription is SO strong, better to have them sent out and custom made, so they can be flatter and a better fit. No extra cost, just extra time. So they'll be ready in a few days, probably middle of next week. Oh well, just like Mama, no "glasses in an hour" for us. I am bemused by the combination of the doctor telling me oh, we're not going to correct him all the way yet, and the optician telling me it's a really strong prescription - yeah, clearly this kid NEEDS these glasses. Oh, and the frames are blue, to match his cute blue eyes.
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We're off to Jamie's eye appointment. Hope I can find the place and it goes well. Poor kid's probably getting dilated.

I was filling out the forms last night, after a brief phone consult with [livejournal.com profile] rlseiver. The family history part is pretty interesting. Glasses before age 6? Mother, aunt, grandfather. Strabismus? Mother, aunt, grandfather. Amblyopia? Mother, aunt, grandfather. Patching treatment? Mother, grandfather. Eye muscle surgery? Aunt.

Yeah, they're going to have a good idea where to start looking.

Hm, I forgot to double check with dad if we have any family history of cataracts or glaucoma. Well, none in the immediate family, anyway.

I'm feeling very cheerful about this - I'm hoping that this is part of what's been holding Jamie back, a nice clearly diagnosable easily treatable problem.
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The ECI guy thinks Jamie should have his eyes checked. He gave me a list of pediatric opthamologists. I now have an appointment for him for next Thursday. Hah. I am quite excited about this. I've been watching Jamie a lot with this in mind - and I think we may be on to something. I *hope* we're on to something. Needing glasses is a problem I can TACKLE head on and DO something about!


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