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I got a call from Jamie's school this afternoon that he'd been wiggling on his chair during snack time and then had fallen over backwards into some shelving, and split open the back of his head. The nurse's judgment was it needed stitches, and I should come get him.

Oy. Got him at 3, picked up Maggie, took the three kids down to the ER in SW Fort Worth. (I'd called our doctor's office, they said take him to the ER.) He'd mostly stopped bleeding, and as usual with my boys' high pain thresholds, wasn't evincing any pain. Didn't want it touched or looked at though. So looooooong wait, particularly rough on Alanna who was cooped up in the strolled. Poor kiddos. Karl got there after work just after the doctor had checked Jamie out and declared it was about a centimeter long, fairly deep, and he wanted to put in two staples.

Staples, interesting. As Karl said, it used to be staples got you sent TO the ER. He took Alanna off for a change and a walkabout, and they did his staples. He was very good about staying STILL with his face in my hands as they did them. He'll have to go back in a week to 10 days to have them out.

He really really wanted to come home the whole time. On the way home he was singing an impromptu song about coming home. And I am SO glad we're home. Karl took the girls off while we were still waiting to get finished with paperwork, and is stopping to pick up dinner food, amazingly Jamie and I actually beat him home.

I'll be collapsing now.


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