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Because the grandparents are likely to want to see them - the Easter Egg hunt videos.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJr8aeTrCBg Part 1

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wSeA2r-Rn8 Part 2
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Tonight there's a 90% chance of rain. Tomorrow rain likely, may be heavy in the morning.

The yard is going to be muddy and soggy.

So - needs must, we had our Easter Egg hunt this afternoon.

Alanna took part, but didn't really get it yet - no big surprise there. She ran around with her bucket some, and Maggie helped her, and hey, she found the chocolate bunny lollipop, and that was what she wanted. She opened it up and was saying "choc!" She knew what this was about.

Sadly, she dropped it down a water pipe before she'd eaten much of it.

Maggie and Jamie had a great time. [livejournal.com profile] fordprfct took video of it. We'll see if he can get the editing software installed and get it uploaded so we can share it.
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I got a call from Jamie's school this afternoon that he'd been wiggling on his chair during snack time and then had fallen over backwards into some shelving, and split open the back of his head. The nurse's judgment was it needed stitches, and I should come get him.

Oy. Got him at 3, picked up Maggie, took the three kids down to the ER in SW Fort Worth. (I'd called our doctor's office, they said take him to the ER.) He'd mostly stopped bleeding, and as usual with my boys' high pain thresholds, wasn't evincing any pain. Didn't want it touched or looked at though. So looooooong wait, particularly rough on Alanna who was cooped up in the strolled. Poor kiddos. Karl got there after work just after the doctor had checked Jamie out and declared it was about a centimeter long, fairly deep, and he wanted to put in two staples.

Staples, interesting. As Karl said, it used to be staples got you sent TO the ER. He took Alanna off for a change and a walkabout, and they did his staples. He was very good about staying STILL with his face in my hands as they did them. He'll have to go back in a week to 10 days to have them out.

He really really wanted to come home the whole time. On the way home he was singing an impromptu song about coming home. And I am SO glad we're home. Karl took the girls off while we were still waiting to get finished with paperwork, and is stopping to pick up dinner food, amazingly Jamie and I actually beat him home.

I'll be collapsing now.
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Today's kid quote, from Jamie in the car as we took Maggie to piano lessons:

"Mama! It's raining!" me: "Yes, yes it is". Jamie: "Could you turn it off?"

No, sorry dear.
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I really need to post more often about what the kids are up to.

Maggie's reading quite well, enjoying school and piano lessons, and getting teeth growing into that gap.

Jamie's making good progress. Also, he can write his name. He started this on his own a couple of weeks ago. He does tend to get the J backwards, but other than that, it's right. I'm impressed.

Alanna says Hi and Bye with waves, spontaneously. She wants to drink from straws and adult cups, not sippy cups. She has the 2nd molar partway through, and the pair on the bottom working on it. She needs a haircut, I think.

And the older two have gotten into tree-climbing.
Pictures! )
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I had been promising kid pictures. Those who share my addictions will understand why early Tuesdays are the time I'm most likely to catch up on posting. (We're UP already, but I promised myself I'd get this done first.)

Pics here! )
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We've just spent a pleasant time on Teddybear Beach this evening.

You see, since high school I've had a fuzzy brown blanket with a big teddybear design on it. Usually these days it's folded in quarters and laid down on one side of the living room as Alanna's nap space. But Maggie and Jamie have been playing with it lately. They had it all opened up and spread out in the middle of the living room, and it was Teddybear Beach. They invited us adults to join them on the beach, and we did. They had everything imagined out. The rest of the carpet was the water, the light and fan was the sun, and we could see the patterns in the clouds of the ceiling. Hear the seagulls? And the two kid-sized green beanbags that were given to Maggie as a birthday present several years ago were their boats, that they could climb into and paddle around as they scootched them along the carpet. Alanna was just wandering around, climbing in and out of "boats" and flinging herself at adults for hugs.

We had a lovely time on Teddybear Beach. There was dangling legs into the water, scrunching toes into the sand, and several marauding hand-crabs, bent on tickling innocent feet and ribs. Jamie got Brave and first was stomping crabs, then retrieved a pretend rifle from a boat and was shooting them. Since we've been working on getting Jamie braver and less fearful, this got lots of congratulations.

I love my creative imaginative kids.
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Softball doesn't get any softer. Jamie just invented his own game - he brought me the baby plush cube to throw, and he's using a plush whale as a bat. Karl got a bit of video of it. We were playing for quite a while, and now Karl's taken over as pitcher. It's so cute. When he misses, he sometimes says "Not again!"

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Pictures of the kids dressed up to go to Maundy Thursday and Good Friday services, and LOTS and lots of Easter pictures from today.
Pictures and commentary behind the cut )
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Pictures and a video of the kids in their dressy spring outfits from Mamaw Linda.
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On the day after my post about Jamie and the antibiotic screw up at Walgreens, I called my doctor's office and had them call the prescription in to CVS. I called CVS, they had it just fine, gave me a time it'd be done - being apologetic for the delay, but hey, with a major flu season going on I expect that. I arranged to have [livejournal.com profile] selenite call them with our insurance information. When Jamie woke up later on, I put the kids in the van and went out to get it - had to wait quite a while in the drive through lane, but I had a book and wasn't worried about that. Getting it went just fine. So he's been on that since Thursday, and seems to be doing better. Having some of the expected antibiotic side effects, and also some nosebleeds, but he's NOT feverish. And it's downright odd at this point, to touch him and find him not feverish.

I, however, am sick. I was having awful aches and pains, that I was first blaming on weather changes - then it turned into feeling like specific bone spots were being hideously jabbed by big metal knitting needles now and then. Next morning I was starting to cough. At this point I'm pretty sure I have succumbed to the flu. I hope the Tamiflu protection on the others still can do some good. I'm in some ways glad it's the flu - trying to figure out WTF was going on with the pain was disturbing. (And the rest of the family just does not like having me suddenly crying out in pain in the middle of a sentence.)

I'm doing my best to rest and take it easy, lots of fluids and all that. Sadly, ibuprofen is about the only thing I can take.
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I am MAD.

Jamie started being worse this afternoon again, still definitely feverish even with ibuprofen, so as the ER had instructed, we called his regular doctor. They said bring him in now, we'll fit him in. Fortunately [livejournal.com profile] fordprfct could take care of Alanna and watch for Maggie's bus, so I hurried Jamie over there. Turned out he has a double ear infection - presumably on Sunday the redness and swelling weren't advanced enough for them to see. And the current antibiotic isn't doing anything on it. So he sent off a prescription to Walgreens' for a new, tougher antibiotic that he'll be on for 10 days.

He SHOULD be on it starting now, except Walgreens' once again has proved to be a haven of incompetence. I wasn't surprised they didn't have it at 5, when we were heading out to get Maggie to kids' club - too early, they get backed up this time of year, one must be patient, and all that. But tonight on the way home, they still didn't have it, at 11:30, and were claiming it was never sent in. (It always seems to be the nightshift where we have the most problems with these idiots.)

My doctor has the new computerized system where he has a tablet computer in his hands during the appointment, and sends the prescription off directly from there. I KNOW he sent it in.

And we have been going around and around with Walgreens lately. They keep doing this kind of shit. A while back, they were repeatedly insisting that my doctor had not called in the replacement prescription for my eyedrops that were thrown out accidentally - and my doctor's office kept insisting yes they HAD - turned out they HAD, but Walgreens hadn't filled it because my insurance wouldn't cover it because they'd just paid for one. Well, DUH, I'd told them it was for a prescription that had gotten thrown away and I needed a replacement, I was expecting to have to pay cash for it. And they'd never mentioned that. And we went through something similar recently when we'd changed insurances. Honestly, my insurance does NOT determine what prescription I can have, it only determines what it will pay for, and damnit, I have money to pay for the others! FILL IT!

I have NO idea why they don't have it this time, but I'm quite certain that tomorrow I will have to go round and round calling my doctor's office and dealing with this crap. And in the meantime Jamie has a nasty double ear infection that is going untreated.

And on the 28th he has the preop appointment before his surgery - and if this ear infection isn't cleared up by then, he won't be able to have the surgery. A day's delay in getting this antibiotic started could mean his surgery would be postponed for at least a month.

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Jamie is improving. Yesterday morning, he was still feverish, but no longer scary-hot. He actually got up, perked up a bit, actually ate. Around 3 pm he'd gone upstairs to get something, but instead laid down in bed and went to sleep for the rest of the day. Still, an improvement. This morning he isn't feverish, and has eaten breakfast. We'll see if this lasts.

I'm another matter. Feverish and headachy yesterday, kept feeling like my head was something that unscrewed at the neck, and somebody'd gone and stripped the screw. Got a nap last night once Karl got home.

This morning, Karl'd felt my forehead before going to work, and he thought I wasn't feverish. He'd checked Jamie's temp with the new fancy ear thermometer, and had gotten a temp that was actually a bit LOW, and doubted it. So when I got downstairs, I checked it too - same thing. I postponed checking mine until most of an hour past my shower. I got 103.5. Eeek. I checked a bit later, got 102.8. A while later, 99.5. Weird. I mentioned over IM to [livejournal.com profile] fordprfct that maybe I have a fever that's cycling. He recommended I clean the thermometer - I did, and then I got 100.7. Gah. I managed to actually FIND our old digital oral thermometer, and took my temperature - 95.8. What? Waited a moment, tried again, 95.4. (No, I haven't just been drinking anything)

Conclusion: I have no idea what my temperature is.
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Jamie threw up tonight in bed, while Karl was out picking up groceries. I got him through it, his bed stripped, him stripped, washed him, dressed him. It was difficult - I was really wondering "okay, where IS the line between shivering and fever seizure?" Got his sheets into the wash. Later after Karl was home, he got clean sheets onto his bed, came down, got Jamie up off the couch to get a dose of ibuprofen and a drink of water, and carried him upstairs - whereupon from the sound of it Jamie threw up on him.

Poor Karl. Poor Jamie. The kid can't keep down an ibuprofen dose and a drink of water. Honestly, I think he oughta be in a hospital bed with an I.V. in. But given that Karl spent NINE hours in the ER with him earlier, and didn't get anything more than an antibiotic prescription, I don't know anything helpful we can do on that front. It seems to us like this is the flu, take 2.
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[livejournal.com profile] selenite seriously deserves major points as a fantastic Daddy, as he's spent HOURS and hours in the ER waiting room today with Jamie. I am really hoping we can get him a good long nap this afternoon.

To sum things up - doctor thought bacterial infection taking advantage of weakened immune system post-flu. Strep throat test - came back negative. So they drew blood and did a chest x-ray. These came back with nothing informative, apparently. Throat is a bit red, one lymph node swollen, definite significant fever. So, as [livejournal.com profile] selenite told me on the phone, it's pretty much "We don't know, take this, see if it helps", with a prescription for zithromax. He's dealing with paperwork and such now, after which he'll break his caffeine avoidance and desperately search for a Coke to wire himself so he can drive them home safely. Poor dear.

My temp is up to 100.4, last checked.

And you know, another poor [livejournal.com profile] selenite moment - this is the second time in the last year he's had to take Jamie in and gotten back a "we don't know WHAT it is" result. [livejournal.com profile] fordprfct and I took Jamie and Maggie in around Christmas, and got detailed information on the nasty ear infections and Maggie's sinus infection. Poor Karl keeps getting the days when it's a definite case of WTF?
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Jamie was crying in his sleep a lot. He'd had ibuprofen at 9:30 and tylenol at 2:30, and at 3:30 he still had a fever of 104.4. [livejournal.com profile] selenite is taking him in to the pediatric hospital now. I called [livejournal.com profile] bkseiver and confirmed with her that yeah, it's time to take him in.

The other kids seem fine for now.

I'm posting basically as a way to nervously twitch online. He just HAD the flu, and had a 5-day course of tamiflu, and had - we thought - been better, at least wasn't feverish and such, and had been back at school. What is going on with this?
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Jamie has a fever again.

And... apparently now so do I. And I'm not feeling so great. Kinda weird. Gah.

Darn it, Jamie had the flu and had a course of Tamiflu. Could he be having a relapse? Having one of the drug-resistant strains? Is it something else?

Scares me. Especially since we can't treat Alanna if she gets sick, and can't treat me because I'm nursing her. And a family in the area, involved with Maggie's dance school, just had a child *die* from the flu.
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Jamie's improving, although he is still home from school. I expect he should be back at school Monday. I hope so.

Ironically, they could have gotten him in for eye surgery last Wednesday, if he hadn't come down with the flu. Oh well, we'll wait a bit longer.

I adore the way Alanna likes to play peek-a-boo with us on the changing table, using her outfit. She'll do it on the floor with a baby blanket. I would love to get good pictures, but when I bring out the camera, she gets interested in it and doesn't keep playing peek-a-boo.

I found out there's a Saginaw's quilters group meeting weekly. No machines, they're doing hand-quilting. Oooooh. Just the sort of people I want to meet and humbly apprentice myself to. And LOCAL. And... they meet on Thursdays, 9 am until 1:30 or so. Which means I won't be able to go until... Alanna's in kindergarten, five years from now. Sigh.
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Here's a pic of Jamie and Maggie dressed up in their fancy Christmas outfits today )
Update on Alanna. She continues cute and adorable. She got through most of the service today in the nursery, then I got paged out near the end.

I'm beginning to think she may not crawl at all. We'll see. At the moment she's gotten awfully good at rolling around on the floor, and then readjusting to roll in a different direction - she's certainly accomplishing the goal of moving herself around the room. She's not quite ready to get herself into a sitting position, although she's quite stable if you put her there. She's sitting in high chairs some now, and in grocery carts, with the cover her siblings gave her for Christmas. She's great at grabbing stuff, and now gets notably upset if you take things away from her. She also gets upset if I go away, and sometimes if other people she knows go away. But mostly she's still a happy child, and even wakes up smiling.
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Happy Birthday, Jamie!

Here are the pictures:
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Oookay. Jamie is turning the green rock thing from the nativity set upside down, and it's hollow, and he's putting the sheep and the camel and the donkey in it with one of the people, and playing boat. Possibly he's reenacting Noah's ark.

Ah, except apparently Noah's Ark crashes into something at high speed. Repeatedly.
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Karl's upstairs putting the kids to bed. They're having a game of hide and seek first. Karl is setting it up this time so that Maggie hides while he's with Jamie in the hallway, and then he brings Jamie in and tells him to find Maggie. I'm hearing "Maggie? Where ARE you! THERE you are!" from upstairs. Very encouraging.
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Proof of their zombification!

Oh, and *during* dinnertime conversation - [livejournal.com profile] selenite: "Eat the snake, Jamie!"
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Pre-dinner conversation in our household:

Me: "You realize [livejournal.com profile] fordprfct has just taught the 3 year old and the 5 year old to play zombies? "

[livejournal.com profile] fordprfct in the background: "Braaaaains! Om nom nom. Say braaaains!"


[livejournal.com profile] selenite: "[livejournal.com profile] cadhla would be so jealous."

A few minutes ago Maggie had declaimed emphatically that she was not to eat! Which cued us right into singing "If you weren't meant for me to eat (yum, yum!) / you wouldn't be made out of meat (dumb, dumb!)"
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Here's Maggie, Jamie, and Alanna all together in the living room. The big kids were playing with their little sister, who seems to enjoy it.
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Pictures of Alanna and Alanna and Jamie from last week and today.
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Here's a shot of Alanna from last week, on the 12th. She's continuing to improve on rolling over, and pushing up like that on her tummy, and being happier about the whole process. She's also teething madly.
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Jamie got home from school, and after taking off his backpack, jacket, and shoes - and tossing the shoes into the shoe bin with a Miss Piggyesque HIIII-YAH!, possibly we need to back off on letting him see the Muppet show - he went over to see his baby sister.
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Okay, I know it's blurry, but awww, they're holding hands!
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Here's a couple pics with Jamie in them for a change:
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My three darlings together. Maggie had been playing with Alanna, sitting her up and playing with her. When I got the camera out, Jamie came over to be in the picture.
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Maggie playing with Alanna. Alanna looks dubious, but really she did seem to be enjoying the attention. Maggie was being gentle and careful.
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I was musing this morning on my kids' nicknames and songs.

Each child had a prenatal and baby nickname. Brendan was the Kidlet. Maggie was the Peanut, bestowed on her by [livejournal.com profile] selenesue on seeing an early ultrasound pic. Jamie was Thumper, after a discussion Karl and I had about his kicking. (Briefly superseded with 'Godot' when he was two weeks late and counting - "It's like Beckett with vomiting!) Alanna was the Little Larva - which we since realized was the only prenatal nickname that didn't work after birth. She has become the Adoragirl since then.

The youngest three all have had songs - started when I was trying to change a fussy Maggie baby in the back of the van in an underground parking garage after eating with her at an IHOP. Maggie's song is TTTO the chorus bit, 'Someone's in the kitchen with Dinah". Jamie's song, and the Jamie Diaper song, are TTTO Frere Jacque.

Alanna's first song I couldn't think where the tune came from, and had to call up [livejournal.com profile] bkseiver and ask. Apparently it's a kids' game type song, "Did you ever see a lassie". I'm not familiar with the game at all, but apparently my subconscious knew the tune. I realized a while back that Alanna's was the only song that didn't use the child's middle name as well as first name, so did another for her TTTO "You Are My Sunshine". When I mentioned to [livejournal.com profile] fordprfct that I was looking for a tune for both names, he came up with one to the Rubber Ducky song.
Kid name song lyrics, since I suck at keeping baby books and my LJ is sorta it )
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I got all excited and worked up about posting about the protest last night, and didn't get around to posting anything else from my day.

The best part was that Calvary Cafe and the Kids' Club program restarted last night. The kids were tremendously excited to be back. They were eagerly running off to kids' club. I got their paperwork filled out and went back to the big room that gets used for the cafe dinner, where [livejournal.com profile] fordprfct was keeping Alanna for me while I was getting the big kids settled. I got back to find Alanna in her godmama's arms - Mary and Bruce were there. It was lovely, since Alanna was in a nice awake, social, smiley mood, and got to spend a lot of the evening with her godparents. I felt so unencumbered, going up to get my dinner without having to be concerned about any kids!

And it was a great dinner. Chicken caesar totally fails to express what great things Phil can do with a chicken breast, romaine, cheese, and grapes. And garlic bread, and roast potato. OooOooOoh. I went ahead and got a plate for [livejournal.com profile] selenite just wrapped up in foil until he got there, and it's well I did, since they'd run out by the time he got there.

Mary went and picked up the kids at the end of Kids Club. They were so happy. Came running and shouting to see their Daddy. They were "helping" put all the chairs away, too - at least helping push the chair-hanging storage things across the room. And playing with their godparents, and Mary Ruth, and just generally running around having a good time. Maggie was totally wound up like a top. Jamie was trying to join into chase games and saying "I got you! I got you!"

I'd missed this, I'm glad to have it back in our lives.
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Here's a pic of my little TechnoCowboy:
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Yes, that is cat5 cable he's using as reins.

We haven't gotten a lot of pictures of him lately. Some of it is that we've been trying to get a picture of him using that as reins for several days - but bringing the camera out usually means he'll get right OFF the horse, or sometimes he'll get mad and tell us "GO AWAY!"
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Ow oh ow ow ow my feet HURT.

Been school supply shopping. Annoyed at the store. The whole school district has a bleeping list - you'd think their managers would order stuff according to the list. Tons of stuff we can't buy, run out of much of the stuff we must buy. Grrrrr.
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Jamie is in the kitchen, waving a bamboo skewer, shouting what I think is supposed to be "Expecto Patronum!"

He's talking much better in general. Earlier he knocked the remote off my desk with his elbow and looked up and said "I dropped it."

Must get back to lots of housework now.
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Only parents with several children close in age will understand how exhausting a day of errands with three kids is. Only a few things take all day, what with the diaper changes and nursings and other stops. (One diaper change today involved going through three new diapers and a new onesie, with the baby in the front passenger seat and me twisted sideways in the driver's seat. No wonder she was crying, with that going on in her system. Trust me, you don't want to try that.)

In quick summary - the bills have been paid and mailed off (Saginaw REALLY needs another post office, or at least a drive-up box somewhere - I couldn't park within a block and ended up driving to the regional one one Mark IV Parkway), Maggie's dance clothes were found, Jamie's glasses have been fixed, I have bought a new kit for my Medela Lactina, and new and much improved storage bags, confirmed once again that there just isn't a standard nursing bra that can fit me, returned home, and Maggie was bathed, dressed, and taken to dance class on time.

I am highly ANNOYED with Bath and Body works. [livejournal.com profile] fordprfct took us in there once when we were up doing errands in that Southlake area with all the cute shops around the park. He was getting more shower gel, and convinced me to try some. He uses a nice masculine juniper scent stuff, nice but not my style, but I found a raspberry that smelled really good, and was convinced to try it. And I liked it. And I ran out. And hey, Jamie's optician is all the way up there in Southlake, so I was very close. After going to all the trouble to get a parking spot only a block or so away, get three kids out of the car, get Alanna into the carrier, and walk across to the store in the sun and heat, they don't have the raspberry shower gel. Out of stock, and well that's an 'old' scent, so now they're only going to have it during the annual sale, except they're out of stock for this one. Well, they just lost a customer. I do not understand the whole drive to New! Different! stuff - if I find something that works I like to stick with it.

I would like to go collapse now - except in a bit I have to go back out and get Maggie back from dance class. We'll see if it's raining then or not. It's been alternating between pouring rain and hot hot sun.
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I have various stuff to post, as I get to it today.

First - yesterday I had a moment of just absolute joy and beauty. Before [livejournal.com profile] fordprfct left last night, Maggie popped herself down in [livejournal.com profile] selenite's computer chair and asked to have her feet tickled. A moment later each guy had grabbed an ankle, and had her dangling upside down between them as they tickled the soles of her feet and she shrieked in glee. It was lovely. Jamie came up and said "MY TURN!" and first they let him help tickle her feet, and then they set her down and upended him. Wheee. Kids are such fun.

Also, two comics that are just marvelous today:

Today's XKCD makes me giggle


I know and agree with Angela's feeling - oh yeah. I'm a lucky woman.
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Heh. Maggie wanted to stand on the scale. She weighs 37.5. Jamie weighs 44.5. Admittedly, that's with his sandals on, but still.
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Jamie's been looking at the baby a lot and saying "BABY!" We've been teaching him to say "sister", and working on her name. Mostly he was getting it as "Yanna!" The other day Miles got him to say it as "Adanna", which was the closest yet.

Just now he came up, looked at her in the swing, and said "Baby. Alanna!"
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Pics from yesterday:
pics behind cut )

Mozart cube

May. 4th, 2007 11:55 am
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Maggie was given a Mozart cube by [livejournal.com profile] bkseiver and [livejournal.com profile] rlseiver for an early Christmas present years ago. Some time back it'd been put up on top of the entertainment center, in Toy TimeOut, I believe because one sibling had smacked the other in the head with it. It's been up there hidden for a long time.

Yesterday she pointed it out to the doula who's been over helping some days, as they came down the stairs and could see up there, and I gave permission to get it back out. This morning Karl replaced batteries on it. Both kids are throughly enjoying it.

They can push on the orchestra button side to get a piece of Mozart played by the full ensemble, or to change which piece is playing - and as a piece is playing, they can push on the flute, harp, piano, violin, and french horn sides to add and subtract them from the mix.

They're entranced, if anything more than when they played with it younger, because they understand what's going on more. And Maggie can tell me about most of the instruments. The harp is nice, and I'm developing a fondness for the french horn bits.

If I must listen to a kid toy that keeps making electronic sounds, this is a good one.


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