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In a month we have two family birthdays coming up close together - Maggie's 7th and Alanna's 2nd.

I know there are going to be family members asking me what they would want, so I figured okay, I'll put a post up.

Maggie has become a little bookworm. It's amazing. She wants to read in bed every night, and spends a lot of her time with her nose deep in a book. The apple has not fallen far from the tree.

She's been particularly interested lately in the American Girl books. She has the the basic set of the Kirsten books, and she has the first book of the Kit series. She really wants more. I know she wants the rest of the Kit books, she's been asking for those. There are some ancillary Kirsten books she doesn't know about. Looking through the other series, I'd probably also pick Josefina (we gave those to a classmate for her birthday, so it'd be interesting for her too), Addy, and maybe Kaya. Heck, any of the historical characters would be interesting for her. She's just soaking it up*.

Sure, she'd be interested in the dolls, too, but I think the books are a higher priority. And less expensive. It seems the books are best priced on Amazon, but the dolls significantly better on the American Girls website, if anybody really wants to get her a dolls-and-books set - yeah, she'd probably go wild about that. I did put together a wishlist on Amazon for her for some of the books - it's here

Alanna is really enjoying Sesame Street, and particularly likes Big Bird. I'd love to get her more Sesame Street to watch. They have one season recorded on Miles' video box, and the Old School DVDs. I *wish* we could get more of the "old school" stuff - the kids AND the adults like that better than the newer stuff. But other Sesame Street videos could be nice for her. Please not Elmo stuff, that gets on the adults' nerves. She likes the musical stuff, too, likes to start singing with them. I made an Amazon list of some of what looked like she'd most enjoy it: http://www.amazon.com/wishlist/3N6BEY0A3NXJ6

I hope this is helpful for the relatives.

(*She was recently asking me about Fiddler on the Roof, was that a true story? I explained about how it wasn't exactly true, in that the people were made up, but it was about a place and time and people that were a lot like that. Like the Kirsten books. Then she wanted to watch it again, and was shushing Jamie and telling him how this was about history and she was really interested!)
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Because the grandparents are likely to want to see them - the Easter Egg hunt videos.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJr8aeTrCBg Part 1

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wSeA2r-Rn8 Part 2
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Tonight there's a 90% chance of rain. Tomorrow rain likely, may be heavy in the morning.

The yard is going to be muddy and soggy.

So - needs must, we had our Easter Egg hunt this afternoon.

Alanna took part, but didn't really get it yet - no big surprise there. She ran around with her bucket some, and Maggie helped her, and hey, she found the chocolate bunny lollipop, and that was what she wanted. She opened it up and was saying "choc!" She knew what this was about.

Sadly, she dropped it down a water pipe before she'd eaten much of it.

Maggie and Jamie had a great time. [livejournal.com profile] fordprfct took video of it. We'll see if he can get the editing software installed and get it uploaded so we can share it.
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Last Saturday Maggie was invited to a birthday party at the local Pump It Up party place. I took her there. Now, Maggie went to a party there sometime last year, and her daddy [livejournal.com profile] selenite took her to that one. She'd invited him to come play with her, in the big obstacle-course-then-climb-then-slide inflatable. [livejournal.com profile] selenite came to grief in the flexibility areas and hurt a rib, which affected him over the holidays pretty badly.

So I went with her this time, and was really expecting to just sit there and catch up online as [livejournal.com profile] fordprfct loaned me his fancy phone that's almost a mini laptop. But Maggie asked me to come in and play. And hey, I want to be the kind of mom that will occasionally come play with her kids in that sort of thing - and it was tickling memories of climbing all over the rope structure at Sesame Place as a teenager - and well, I know I'm lots more flexible than [livejournal.com profile] selenite, so it'd be fine, right? I peeled my shoes off as required - knowing that walking on the thin carpet over concrete without my shoes was going to add to the plantar fascitis pain but figuring what the heck - and climbed in.

Going through the flexibility parts in the obstacle course, no problem. Sure, I was getting more exercise than usual, that felt good. Climbing over things with Maggie, pulling her over one, laughing with her.

Then we turned the corner, got through some more, and got to the climbing up part before the big slide.

They have it set so that you have to climb straight up a wall. There's little blocks of padded material sticking out for footholds - sized for about the feet of a six year old. And alternating with those, there's strap handholds.

I gave it a valiant try. At first, climbing right up, the footholds are small but mostly no problem. And then I got up to the top part, and the handholds really needed to go up over the curve at the top - and they didn't. Maggie was up there no problem, I'd climbed what I guess was maybe 10 feet? I suck at estimating distances, but I think it had to be between 8 and 12 feet. And at the top I just could not get that last bit up and over. Maggie was trying to pull me up, and I was trying to convince her no, dear, you cannot possibly pull Mama up. Eventually had to fall back down. Tried again and again, even once with another Mom up at the top trying to help me up. I just could not do it, and each time eventually lost my grip and slid back down the wall to the bottom.

And annoyingly, I was then STUCK. I couldn't go all the way back the way we'd come, as there'd already been a smaller slide we'd come down that I couldn't get back up. Ended up speaking with one of the teenage staff girls - who just came swarming up the side, I remember being that young - asking if they could unlace the back join section to let me slip out. She said getting stuck was way more common than I might think, and wanted to get the kids off and deflate the thing - oh, it'd just take a few minutes, she said. I totally did not want to stop the kids' play and create a bad incident for their party, so I refused, and managed to go over the side where she'd come up and slide down - coming down on my feet on the carpet over concrete hurt, but I didn't think it was that bad.

So yeah, the parts that took flexibility, no problem. The part that took brute strength hadn't been enough of an issue for [livejournal.com profile] selenite to even mention, but totally beat me.

That night sure, I was exhausted and my feet hurt, but I thought I just had a day of soreness to pay for it. Fast forward a couple of days, to yesterday morning, and I'm having massive stabs of pain in my right ankle, it's intermittently unreliable and man stairs are really really difficult. I was thinking what the heck did I do to my ankle? I think it must have been Saturday at the party, even though it seems odd that it would take until Tuesday to really be a problem. I was discussing it last night with my mother-in-law Maggie, who's visiting with us. She says it happens like that, and thinks that the slides down into the inflated flooring might have disguised how much I hurt it in the falls.

So I took ibuprofen last night, will take some more this morning, am trying to stay off it, and spent some time with it iced last night. Ow.
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Maggie finally is back in school, not out sick anymore. And she has a pile of make up work.

One thing that came home is this Flat Stanley project. They read a book about a boy who was flattened by his bulletin board while he was asleep, and his family folded him up and mailed him to visit a friend.

So she has this flat paper doll person she's to send off. The letter with it says
"I chose to mail a flat version of myself to you. Please take "me" on an adventure with you and please write and tell me where I went. If you could please send pictures, postcards, or anything else that would help my friends and I learn more. You may send it back with a scrapbook, diary, maps or any kind of souvenirs. I will then take what you have sent back to my class and share this with my friends."
Hm. Her Nana and Granddad usually travel often, but aren't right now. So I'm not sure who to ask for this. Is there anyone she knows who would like to help her with this? Everything has to be back to school by March 2nd.
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Something is beeping downstairs. About once a minute. We haven't been able to place what it is. I expect to go stark raving mad later today.

There have been more requests for kid pictures. I have at least one on the camera. But... we can't find the cable that connects it to the computer. Alanna's in that stage where she wants to get into EVERYTHING and can reach way too much for our sanity - and she's been getting into stuff up on her parents' desks.

Alanna can occasionally drive me nuts - she is, after all, a toddler in the curious stage. But overall, my goodness she is a DELIGHTFUL child and I adore her.

Maggie continues to be a mix of wonderful and frustrating. Willful creature, and my GOD I wish she'd EAT things I cook. But still a great girl, and she's really developing into a very good reader. She's done enough of the reading to us and having it recorded to earn lunch with her teacher this Friday, and she's awfully excited about that.

Oh that beeping!

Okay, it's late enough that I can stop the Bus Missing Vigil now.
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I really need to post more often about what the kids are up to.

Maggie's reading quite well, enjoying school and piano lessons, and getting teeth growing into that gap.

Jamie's making good progress. Also, he can write his name. He started this on his own a couple of weeks ago. He does tend to get the J backwards, but other than that, it's right. I'm impressed.

Alanna says Hi and Bye with waves, spontaneously. She wants to drink from straws and adult cups, not sippy cups. She has the 2nd molar partway through, and the pair on the bottom working on it. She needs a haircut, I think.

And the older two have gotten into tree-climbing.
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It's been brought to my attention that it's been a while since I posted any pictures of the kids.

In my defense, I should say that these days, when I bring out the camera, Alanna's sole ambition seems to be to get within a few inches of the lens.

Still, I got pictures of the two girls today. I'll try for Jamie another time.
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Maggie had a Valentine's party today.

This was her idea, from last week. She found the leftover Valentines from last year, and decided to make them into invitations for all the family. She wanted to throw a Valentine's party, in her room. Today. The schedule was for 4 pm, she said, but that got pushed back a bit to wait until her Daddy came home. She'd told her godmother about it, and she called me today to ask was this really true? I said yes.

Why not? She can celebrate Valentine's day in August if she likes. And I love her very much. So I went out today and picked up some paper plates and cups and napkins in pink and Disney princess hearts, and a roll of crepe paper and some balloons, and a cupcake cake and some punch. And we threw a party in her room. The six of us plus her godmother. We had a good time. Nice for Maggie to get to be a hostess. Alanna really enjoyed things.
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So it has been decided that since Maggie is doing a lot more household work and helping with her baby sister, she's now getting a small allowance every week. Since we're concerned that she'd either lose it or that Jamie would take it, not knowing what it really was, we're not actually handing her cash. Instead, [livejournal.com profile] selenite has set up a spreadsheet on his computer with her account, and will add money to it every Saturday.

She's VERY excited about this. We're trying to teach her about savings. Right now, at the end of each month she'll get 10% interest on what she saves.

We've talked about saving up for something she wants. Mostly, she wants to save up for her own computer. She's so excited at the idea. I told her that will take a LONG time to save up for. Fortunately, [livejournal.com profile] fordprfct can build computers from components, so it won't be as long a wait as if she had to save for a prebuilt one. I don't know if she'll be up to the wait or not. I expect there will eventually be some parental matching, if she does a good job saving.
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Recently Maggie has taken up photography. She sweet-talks me into loaning her my digital camera, and goes off to take pictures. (There was a plan to put a new data card into the old camera and just give it to her - we really need to find it and put this together and do this. Family, help me and remind me?)

So here is a selection of her pictures. For the most part, without commentary, since they're her shots. Anything that was an obvious blurry failure I took out, as with the times she decided to take a picture of the TV screen while watching a video.

Some of these are silly. Some are kinda good. Her baby sister is definitely her favorite subject for photography.

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I had been promising kid pictures. Those who share my addictions will understand why early Tuesdays are the time I'm most likely to catch up on posting. (We're UP already, but I promised myself I'd get this done first.)

Pics here! )
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We've just spent a pleasant time on Teddybear Beach this evening.

You see, since high school I've had a fuzzy brown blanket with a big teddybear design on it. Usually these days it's folded in quarters and laid down on one side of the living room as Alanna's nap space. But Maggie and Jamie have been playing with it lately. They had it all opened up and spread out in the middle of the living room, and it was Teddybear Beach. They invited us adults to join them on the beach, and we did. They had everything imagined out. The rest of the carpet was the water, the light and fan was the sun, and we could see the patterns in the clouds of the ceiling. Hear the seagulls? And the two kid-sized green beanbags that were given to Maggie as a birthday present several years ago were their boats, that they could climb into and paddle around as they scootched them along the carpet. Alanna was just wandering around, climbing in and out of "boats" and flinging herself at adults for hugs.

We had a lovely time on Teddybear Beach. There was dangling legs into the water, scrunching toes into the sand, and several marauding hand-crabs, bent on tickling innocent feet and ribs. Jamie got Brave and first was stomping crabs, then retrieved a pretend rifle from a boat and was shooting them. Since we've been working on getting Jamie braver and less fearful, this got lots of congratulations.

I love my creative imaginative kids.
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Birthday party pictures and commentary, from Sunday
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Today - joint birthday party for Maggie and Alanna, over in Euless at the apartment. Games, pool party, two cakes, presents. Lots of fun. Maggie's getting more comfortable in the water, and Alanna is going to be a natural.

Pics on the camera, I'll see about getting them up tomorrow and writing more, right now I am exhausted. Was fun. Tired now.
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Maggie is six years old today!

We're having her party next weekend, jointly with her baby sister's. But yesterday she went off and spent an overnight with her godparents, and had a lovely time. They gave her a beautiful butterfly necklace and bracelet, she adores them. We met at church this morning and went out for brunch afterwards.

She baked while she was over there, a bunch of cupcakes and a little cake, and apparently she really did lots of it herself. So we took pictures of that cake tonight.

She's 44.8 lbs now. (Her brother, 18 months younger, is 55 lbs!) She is a bright, charming, exuberant, sweet little girl. She likes to sing. She loves her brother and sister. She likes to try playing Rock Band, and will "help" us play World of Warcraft. She is reading reasonably well for her age, and interested in books, but does get frustrated when I have her read a lot. She loves to play in the water, and wants to learn more swimming. She and her brother got awfully sunburned Friday, playing out back in the little kid pool.

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Maggie had her six-months dental cleaning and checkup today, so I picked her up a bit early from school. I'd told her about it yesterday, and her reaction was "Yay!" Okay, this tells me I've done a good job of making sure she doesn't have the kind of dental experiences I had young!

She again went to the back on her own, with me staying out in the waiting area with Jamie and Alanna. The hygienist came out later to tell me that all was well, except that in the first of her 6-year molars, which is most of the way in, there was a hole - not a cavity, just a hole in how it was formed, but that's the sort of spot where bacteria would collect, so they wanted to check if insurance would cover them doing sealant on it, if I approved. I was all for this idea, and insurance said yes, so it was done. Dr. Ballard told me afterwards Maggie was very good, a joy to work with. So I passed that on to her, and told her I'm very proud of her.
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So I have been busy and not getting around to posting much, and I should.

Maggie's been taking Irish dance since last fall. April 19th she attended her first feis. I hadn't thought she'd be ready to compete for a long time, but her teacher wanted her to, and pitched it as mostly a chance to get used to how a feis works and be used to them so that it doesn't intimidate her when she's older.

So we did. Went Friday evening and got her gillies and the socks - she's been dancing with ballet shoes to start, but she needs the gillies to compete. Her teacher had contacted the shoe vendor to make sure she had some small enough, but they're still a bit big, she can grow into them. And they'll stretch, so she will be wearing those for a long time. She was excited, and spending time with her teacher's daughter, who's a good bit older but likes Maggie and is the type of girl to take younger girls under her wing. They were practicing together, and having a lovely time. Jamie wanted to get up on the stage and dance, too - I am so looking forward to when he's caught up enough to start dance classes.

Saturday was crowded and a bit chaotic for me, but we got through. Maggie's age group danced very early. She was only entered in beginner reel. She wasn't really doing her choreography, she was following the other girl who was up there with her, sigh. But, she went through the process well, quietly and did what she should, was in good positions, was good "on the line" before and after, and it's her introduction to a feis. So that's good. She wants a fancy outfit and the curly wig SO so bad. I told her no - repeatedly - that's for when she's a more advanced dancer in the future.

I entered the vocals competition, and found out last Thursday from her teacher that I'd tied for 3rd. We'd left before results were posted, as Maggie and I were exhausted and hungry.

Maggie'd had a lot of people who love her there to watch her dance - myself, her brother and sister, Karl, Miles, and her godparents Mary and Bruce all came. But the others had left earlier.

Here are pictures of Maggie before the dancing - you're not allowed to take pictures or video during the competitions.
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Pictures of the kids dressed up to go to Maundy Thursday and Good Friday services, and LOTS and lots of Easter pictures from today.
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Pictures and a video of the kids in their dressy spring outfits from Mamaw Linda.
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I see lots of "I hate daylight savings" on my flist. Sorry to say it, but I LOVE it. Light in the evenings again! Makes me feel like I have my life back. Worth losing an hour.

We went off to a party last night and had a good time. Managed to get me and the girls off to church this morning despite getting to bed late and losing the hour. Maggie went off this afternoon with her godparents to a butterfly exhibit at the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens, and had a lovely time.

And oh yes... we have been assimilated by the collective, we have been hooked, we are doomed, so doomed. [livejournal.com profile] selenite and I are now playing World of Warcraft with [livejournal.com profile] fordprfct, and having a pretty good time. Yes, we're slow - it's a heck of a learning curve. He's been doing MMORPGs for 10 years, and I never have before - I've never even played a first-person shooter. So I have to keep asking for more information, and occasionally finding out that a word I thought was English is in fact jargon - I need a lot of jargon explanations. But I'm doing my best, and having fun.
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Here's a pic of Jamie and Maggie dressed up in their fancy Christmas outfits today )
Update on Alanna. She continues cute and adorable. She got through most of the service today in the nursery, then I got paged out near the end.

I'm beginning to think she may not crawl at all. We'll see. At the moment she's gotten awfully good at rolling around on the floor, and then readjusting to roll in a different direction - she's certainly accomplishing the goal of moving herself around the room. She's not quite ready to get herself into a sitting position, although she's quite stable if you put her there. She's sitting in high chairs some now, and in grocery carts, with the cover her siblings gave her for Christmas. She's great at grabbing stuff, and now gets notably upset if you take things away from her. She also gets upset if I go away, and sometimes if other people she knows go away. But mostly she's still a happy child, and even wakes up smiling.
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Back story - I have a very small jaw, and required a lot of early extractions of baby teeth, and later extractions of my adult premolars, braces, and surgical removal of my wisdom teeth before they could erupt. I've been looking at Maggie's jaw, as she's lost her first two baby teeth and had the first two adult teeth start coming in, and realized oh dear, she has inherited Mama's jaw. So I discussed it with our dentist when she saw him a couple of months ago, and he agreed she ought to see an orthodontist to make plans for the future - and told me some of the wonderful new things they can do that are much better than when I was a child.

We took Maggie to meet the orthodontist today. She was very good about it, cooperated beautifully with the x-rays and the photographs. As usual, she effortlessly charmed them. They thought she was adorable, especially in her pink cowgirl boots.

Yes, she has a small jaw, like Mama's. Commiseration with the lady doing the initial consult that yes, that perfect babyteeth smile actually means there isn't room for adult teeth. Discussion of cool options they have nowadays, that actually encourage the jaw to widen up and grow more bone! She probably won't have to deal with the nasty extractions I did at all.

Meeting the actual orthodontist, more discussion of options. Boils down to she needs her 6 year molars in before they can do anything. But yes, very good that we're looking at things now. Come back in one year.

And here's a cute t-shirt for her, and a folder with a printout of her pictures. Slightly distressing to think that yes, orthodontists can afford to do that, and someday we will be contributing to that proportionately.
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Grandma Maggie gave Maggie Rose a great kid's card game called Hisss, that has been working out very well. It really doesn't have any more decisions to it than Candyland does - but it somehow is much less annoying to the adults than Candyland is. Maggie enjoys it very much, and Jamie's even getting some out of it. And you can just plop down on the living room floor to play it with them, you don't need to set up a board or clear off the table. Definite win.

Yesterday [livejournal.com profile] fordprfct and I went out to the Apple store in Southlake - now that I have an iPod shuffle, I wanted to go look at accessories and stuff. I'd never been in an Apple store before. Migods. I start to see why people get downright religious about Apple stuff. The place was like a temple of technology. And wow. The huge screens. The slim little clickety keyboards. Whoa. And they had something like 19 people working there that we saw.

Happy bouncy squeee - in addition to my Christmas present, I now have an early birthday present to go with it - this headset for the iPod shuffle to plug into. OMG I *love* this! I can just plug Turloch in, pop the headset on - under my braid, I found it fits just fine - and off I go. This is, IMO, good design. And it folds up SO cute.

Clearly I have been a Very Good Girl.
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Maggie and I made a "Christmas tree" for her homework. It's cutouts of all of the family's hands in green paper, glued upside down into a triangular tree. 12 hands makes for a good tree. I have been helping her decorate - star stickers and heart stickers from my paper arts treasure box, and a little gold filligree thingy glued on as a tree-stand, and I glued on smarties candies as little ball ornaments.
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So Maggie's been sick off and on since Sunday. Got a bit better Monday early, then worse Monday afternoon/evening, then Tuesday was iffy - we had to cancel social plans - then Wednesday seemed much better, so we actually visited with friends Wednesday evening. Then this morning she was worse again.

So we finally took her to the doctor. I generally try to just treat symptoms and figure it's probably a virus, but this time was getting weird. Just as well. I'm telling our doctor about what's been going on, and he's asking Maggie if she can pee in a cup for him, and saying "well, what we have here is a fever of unknown origin, and we need to test and find out - " and as he's saying this he's picking up the doohickey they use to peer into orifices, putting a cap on it, and starting to check her, and as soon as he looks into her left ear he interrupts himself with "oh, no, it's not a fever of unknown origin!" She has an ear infection. He says the eardrum is really bulgy, and he's surprised she hasn't been specifically complaining about pain from it.

So now she has a prescription, we have assurances from the doctor that it's not contagious, and she was cleared to go to dance class tonight and to go back to school in the morning. She took her medicine quite cheerfully, mostly because it's PINK.
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I am highly amused by this. Maggie is practicing typing on her Daddy's computer, in a Word window. Yesterday she was spelling out the names of everyone in her family - her, Jamie, Alanna, me, Daddy, Miles, Bruce, Mary. Full names where available. Today she was doing some of that, then the alphabet, now pretty random.

The one that amused me was this:
Go ahead, look at that in detail and sound it out. See what she was trying to do?
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Karl's upstairs putting the kids to bed. They're having a game of hide and seek first. Karl is setting it up this time so that Maggie hides while he's with Jamie in the hallway, and then he brings Jamie in and tells him to find Maggie. I'm hearing "Maggie? Where ARE you! THERE you are!" from upstairs. Very encouraging.
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Proof of their zombification!

Oh, and *during* dinnertime conversation - [livejournal.com profile] selenite: "Eat the snake, Jamie!"
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Pre-dinner conversation in our household:

Me: "You realize [livejournal.com profile] fordprfct has just taught the 3 year old and the 5 year old to play zombies? "

[livejournal.com profile] fordprfct in the background: "Braaaaains! Om nom nom. Say braaaains!"


[livejournal.com profile] selenite: "[livejournal.com profile] cadhla would be so jealous."

A few minutes ago Maggie had declaimed emphatically that she was not to eat! Which cued us right into singing "If you weren't meant for me to eat (yum, yum!) / you wouldn't be made out of meat (dumb, dumb!)"
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Alanna's new onesie has "HUGS" written on it in letters made of little flowers. Maggie has just been informing us of this. She read it all by herself. Her reading and writing keeps improving, and we're very proud of her.
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Busy day today. Maggie had her overdue dental checkup and cleaning yesterday - she was SO very good. Today was mine. I love my dentist, he will answer questions in detail with patience and no hurrying. We also had a chat about my shoes and plantar fascitis, he asked me about them. And I'm going to need to go in shortly to have a quadrant of my mouth worked on - replacing old fillings, going to need a replacement filling in the premolar and crowns on the molars. Eek. Which means we need to buy baby bottles and I've started pumping for storage because we'll need to feed Alanna from the bottle and have me pump and dump that day after the work is done. I'm taking no chances.

And now it's time to go frantically prep the kids for Halloween trick or treating, and get the pumpkin out in the yard and all that. Eek.

At some point I will get caught up on everything online. I have emails to read, comments to leave, etc. Man, I have too many tabs open.

Also, [livejournal.com profile] fordprfct has gotten me totally hooked on Heroes. We watched several episodes yesterday and today. I think I've seen up to ep 7 now.


Oct. 28th, 2007 02:25 pm
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Maggie has cut her first adult tooth. She pointed this out to us with great pride today.
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Here's Maggie, Jamie, and Alanna all together in the living room. The big kids were playing with their little sister, who seems to enjoy it.

Visit pics

Oct. 11th, 2007 01:32 pm
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Here's some pictures from one day during Grandma Maggie's recent visit, with Maggie and Alanna

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Maggie lost her first baby tooth today.
pic of my gaptoothed grinning girl )
Why yes, the Tooth Fairy has visited our household this evening.

Maggie was quite excited to show off her tooth this evening. Karl and I had been out together with Alanna during the afternoon, while Maggie and Jamie got to spend time with their grandma [livejournal.com profile] maggieallen. I expect she'll be excited to see what the Tooth Fairy brought when she wakes up, and excited to show off the gap to her classmates.
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I just vacuumed in the living room, so Karl went and sat in the library with Alanna in his arms. Maggie's wandered in there now.

Apparently she asked him about a book. I can hear him enthusiastically pitching Heinlein's Star Beast to her. Maybe I can get him to start reading SF to her.
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My three darlings together. Maggie had been playing with Alanna, sitting her up and playing with her. When I got the camera out, Jamie came over to be in the picture.
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Maggie playing with Alanna. Alanna looks dubious, but really she did seem to be enjoying the attention. Maggie was being gentle and careful.
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Maggie has a wiggly loose tooth, lower left front incisor. Her first one. My little girl is growing up.

I've been trying to find when she got her first tooth. EDIT: Found it. First tooth lower left front incisor, 12/25/2002, second tooth 12/27/2002.


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