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Alanna is 11 months old as of Monday.

I can't give her weight, because we can't get her to hold STILL well enough for the finicky scale to register us properly. And there's no way I'm getting her to hold still enough for a measurement of length. So no growth charts.

I thought I could at least put up a picture, but we're totally out of the right size batteries for the camera. Pity, she's in a CUTE outfit. Perhaps later.

Anyway. She's adorable and sweet. Her hair is longer, still quite curly, especially when she gets worked up and sweaty. She likes baths. She adores her sister. She is starting to have some really definite opinions - for example, she used to eat banana, but now she will NOT. She likes bread and biscuits, and cereal with apples and bananas, and loves to chew on croutons. The top two teeth are partway in, the bottom two are totally in, and the next pair on the top are swollen under the gum. She still nurses a lot - she'll sign for nurse, or sometimes bring me the mini baby boppy (the full size one is a bit much for her to carry, but she's figured out the little one can symbolize the big one) and say "nuh?"

She says Mama, and says No. ("Nao". Very cute) She says papa and dada and sorta says kitty. She's trying to say cracker and button. When I prompt her on the changing table, she will approximate the sign and the word for diaper. She walks very well, and can crouch down, pick something up, and stand back up with it. She likes to untie things, and generally will take one shoe off in the car. When she drinks water, she spills a LOT of it all down her front - on purpose, I think. She blows kisses and plays peekaboo and is very interested in the Itsy Bitsy Spider.

And we love her very very much.
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I had a marvelous weekend - I got to go to a Texas cave tour for the first time, and enjoyed it thoroughly. I will be posting more details of my weekend later, with pictures from the cave. But first, Alanna updates and pictures.

On Saturday, Alanna cut her first tooth - lower right incisor broke through the skin. She's a month older than Maggie was for her first. This delay is fine with me!

And on Sunday, Alanna got herself up into a sitting position by herself for the first time.

So here are pictures, and a video of her sitting and playing and babbling.
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And the video:
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Alanna is definitely becoming ticklish. There's ticklish spots on the sides of her ribs, and the bottom of her feet are ticklish. She giggles adorably.

Also, she's so close to sitting up. She can sit up on her own, for a little while. Longer than before. This is a hard milestone to nail down, but she's just about got it.

She's such a sweet and happy baby!
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Pictures of Alanna and Alanna and Jamie from last week and today.
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Here's a shot of Alanna from last week, on the 12th. She's continuing to improve on rolling over, and pushing up like that on her tummy, and being happier about the whole process. She's also teething madly.
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Jamie got home from school, and after taking off his backpack, jacket, and shoes - and tossing the shoes into the shoe bin with a Miss Piggyesque HIIII-YAH!, possibly we need to back off on letting him see the Muppet show - he went over to see his baby sister.
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Okay, I know it's blurry, but awww, they're holding hands!
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Alanna is four months old. As best as we can tell with the home scale and measuring tape, she's 20.5 lbs, and 26" long.

I'd thought she'd gotten a little lighter - all that squirming around and rolling exercise she's doing burns a lot of calories, after all.
Weight and length growth chart pics behind the cut )

As you can see, she's still off the charts, albeit not as far as last month.

Milestone update (for when in the future I'm looking this up) - she rolls over back-to-front very well, front-to-back not as well. She seems to be teething back in the molars, but no teeth yet, thank goodness. She's almost up to sitting up, sits in our laps with minimal support. She reaches out and grabs stuff easily. She is highly amused by Maggie's antics, and will giggle and squeal at it.
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Thought I'd toss up some updates on how the Adoragirl is doing.

She'll be 4 months old tomorrow. I'm going to try to find a way to get her weighed and her length measured. In estimates from earlier this week, I think she's actually lost a little weight. Which makes sense to me - she's been eating a bit less, and she's certainly doing more - sitting up more, wriggling around, turning over, and all that. Burns up a lot of calories!

We have given up trying to get her into the 6-9 month outfits, and in retrospect, I should have stopped earlier. Sunday I tried her in an 18-month size outfit her godparents had given her, and hey, that fit pretty well. Karl said that's why he doesn't like to dress her, too hard to get her into the small outfits. So okay, we've put away the smaller size, we have her in some 12 and 18 month old outfits, and I'm going to go buy more 18 month size outfits.

She's rolling over a lot more often. It's a source of frustration, and once again she's doing things backward. She's great at rolling over back-to-front, which they're supposed to learn at 5-6 months. She's downright insistent on it. But once she gets there, she's generally fairly stuck, and she doesn't LIKE to be on her tummy. Even though they're supposed to learn to turn over front-to-back at 2-3 months, she has trouble with it, and generally cries pitifully until she's rescued. I expect she'll get it all sorted out eventually.

She's getting closer and closer to sitting up on her own. She sits up in our laps pretty well, not leaning back against us nearly as much. She does a lot of trying to throw herself in various directions! Maggie likes to sit on the floor with Alanna sitting between her legs sorta "in her lap" and holding her up, and they watch Sesame Street together. It's sweet. Alanna and Maggie both benefit from the extra cuddle time, I think, and Maggie's learning so much about baby care. Alanna's not ready to sit totally by herself, but it won't be long.

She also loves to stand - either in our laps, or sometimes I've stood her on the floor and held onto her hands. She's not ready to take any steps yet, and can't balance on her own, but she can hold her weight up for a while, and clearly likes it.

You know how typically people will deal with fussy babies and find they can calm them down by taking them on a car drive? Again with Alanna doing things backwards. She's generally a very calm happy baby, but frequently has major objections to going places in the car seat. Not always, but often. She just seems to hate being in the car seat. If we slow down or are turning into a parking lot or something, she'll quiet down - I think she's anticipating stopping and getting out - but if we keep going she starts wailing again.


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