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Something is beeping downstairs. About once a minute. We haven't been able to place what it is. I expect to go stark raving mad later today.

There have been more requests for kid pictures. I have at least one on the camera. But... we can't find the cable that connects it to the computer. Alanna's in that stage where she wants to get into EVERYTHING and can reach way too much for our sanity - and she's been getting into stuff up on her parents' desks.

Alanna can occasionally drive me nuts - she is, after all, a toddler in the curious stage. But overall, my goodness she is a DELIGHTFUL child and I adore her.

Maggie continues to be a mix of wonderful and frustrating. Willful creature, and my GOD I wish she'd EAT things I cook. But still a great girl, and she's really developing into a very good reader. She's done enough of the reading to us and having it recorded to earn lunch with her teacher this Friday, and she's awfully excited about that.

Oh that beeping!

Okay, it's late enough that I can stop the Bus Missing Vigil now.
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It's been brought to my attention that it's been a while since I posted any pictures of the kids.

In my defense, I should say that these days, when I bring out the camera, Alanna's sole ambition seems to be to get within a few inches of the lens.

Still, I got pictures of the two girls today. I'll try for Jamie another time.
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Whoops, I meant to get to this earlier. Here's pictures from [livejournal.com profile] selenite's birthday dinner earlier this week.
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