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I'm doing it again.

I need knitting for FenCon. (Yes, I know, I'm going with a baby. Nonetheless. I *may* have time for knitting, and I'll be miserable if I don't bring it.)

Cardigan sweater, too big to lug around. Alanna's Christmas stocking, too complex to cast on at a con. So, I'm going to start another sock. Besides, I have new pretty Harmony sock needles.

Now, I have enough of the brown cotton socka that [livejournal.com profile] bkseiver gave me for another short pair. But... there's this pretty multicolor purple stuff I have, that I used some of for Alanna-socks. It's PRETTY. I want to knit with it.

I was going to use the Thuja sock pattern for the brown. Well, the basic stitch pattern, theirs is a heavier weight yarn. The stitch pattern is row 1: K3 P1, row 2, knit. So a seed stitch rib of sorts.

But, eh, a little dull, and on a K3P1 pattern, although it makes a nice sock, you can't easily balance it over the top of the foot.

The Schurch book has what they call garter rib - row 1: k2 p2, row 2: knit. On a k2p2 base, easy to center over the top of the foot. But I dislike the look of garter.

So I'll combine the stitch patterns. Row 1: k3, p1. Row 2: k2, p1, k1. So it'll be a K2, seed stitch 2 rib.

The only downside is that if I picked an established pattern, I could just find it in ravelry, click "cast on", and it goes into my project list. Otherwise I guess I gotta write it up.

Well, there ought to be more wide foot socks in Ravelry anyway, not everybody rewrites them as easily as I do.
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Ravelry blog sez
We are now inviting 500-600 users a day!

So if you were debating it, go ahead and sign up, they'll get to you sooner than we'd have thought!
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Oh, this is COOL.

Ravelry has a listing for
patterns > designers > Laura Gallagher

and has the Fluted Banister socks I did for the Six Socks Knitalong there. Nice write up of it!

I really need to see if I can get that hat submitted to Knitty, once I can get a decent photo shoot done of it, and get it up on Ravelry too. Or maybe just take my own poor pics and give up and publish it myself.

Dear Flist - I know there are other fiber nuts out there - who else is on ravelry? I found [livejournal.com profile] castiron, who else can I find and friend?


Sep. 14th, 2007 04:26 pm
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Oh oh oh I am so EXCITED!

'Scuse me, I'm going to go disappear into this as much and as long as the kids will allow...
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Okay, I'm totally jealous - Franklin got HIS Ravelry invite!

Well, hopefully it won't be much longer.

Also, I love his alternate Debbie Bliss title - Fancy-Ass Knits for Spoiled Rotten Babies
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So I was postponing work on the sock until post-kid-bedtime video watching with [livejournal.com profile] selenite. The Ted pattern is awful. The Christmas stocking I'm debating buying different yarn for.

So I went and got out the bag with the Celtic Braids cardigan in it. It had been on hold for the button band, when the first set of buttons was too small and I sent them back and changed for the larger size. Then, well, I got pregnant, and that's not a great time to be trying to fit a button band on a cardigan. But hey, now I could work on it, just in time for this fall!

Got it out, looked it over, started looking at the pattern. Had a horrible moment - okay, I know I made the short version, not the long version with vents (because the kit was given to me, and the amount of yarn was enough for the short version). But which size was I working on, 4 or 5?

I started hunting through my old LJ entries. I finally found this one. Okay, says which size needles I used - which is good, since I was remembering wrong. Doesn't say what SIZE! Aha - I'm not sure the crochet cast on was ideal for what is basically a K3P1 base, it may roll a bit, but I was damned if I'd do long-tail cast on for 292 stitches. - the cast on number, that will tell me size.

See, this is why I need Ravelry. I'll just keep all my project details there, and I can find them when I need them. Going back through all the LJ entries tagged knitting can take a LONG time.

I checked again - there are 547 people ahead of me... getting close.


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