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Having seen a reminder on my flist today that this is the last day of early voting for the primary here in Texas, I braved going out despite the flu and a killer headache and went to vote. [livejournal.com profile] selenite, who'd dragged himself back to work, took his lunch hour to come sit with the kids in the car so I could do it. Darling man. I took Maggie in with me, as part of her continuing education on important civic matters. She was quite interested, and we discussed things a lot. There was a significant line - I think Texas is getting a good turnout this time. The man behind us in line was praising me for bringing Maggie along and teaching her.

Tired out now.

Anybody else in Texas that hasn't early voted, I suggest you get out and do it NOW - early voting is open until 7 pm tonight.
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Didn't we just BUY more kids' ibuprofen and tylenol? How can it be gone?

And why can't I just buy the stuff in gallon jugs with a pump dispenser? Stupid little bottles. I have two kids in that age range, and will shortly have the third - by weight she oughta be there already.
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On the day after my post about Jamie and the antibiotic screw up at Walgreens, I called my doctor's office and had them call the prescription in to CVS. I called CVS, they had it just fine, gave me a time it'd be done - being apologetic for the delay, but hey, with a major flu season going on I expect that. I arranged to have [livejournal.com profile] selenite call them with our insurance information. When Jamie woke up later on, I put the kids in the van and went out to get it - had to wait quite a while in the drive through lane, but I had a book and wasn't worried about that. Getting it went just fine. So he's been on that since Thursday, and seems to be doing better. Having some of the expected antibiotic side effects, and also some nosebleeds, but he's NOT feverish. And it's downright odd at this point, to touch him and find him not feverish.

I, however, am sick. I was having awful aches and pains, that I was first blaming on weather changes - then it turned into feeling like specific bone spots were being hideously jabbed by big metal knitting needles now and then. Next morning I was starting to cough. At this point I'm pretty sure I have succumbed to the flu. I hope the Tamiflu protection on the others still can do some good. I'm in some ways glad it's the flu - trying to figure out WTF was going on with the pain was disturbing. (And the rest of the family just does not like having me suddenly crying out in pain in the middle of a sentence.)

I'm doing my best to rest and take it easy, lots of fluids and all that. Sadly, ibuprofen is about the only thing I can take.
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I am MAD.

Jamie started being worse this afternoon again, still definitely feverish even with ibuprofen, so as the ER had instructed, we called his regular doctor. They said bring him in now, we'll fit him in. Fortunately [livejournal.com profile] fordprfct could take care of Alanna and watch for Maggie's bus, so I hurried Jamie over there. Turned out he has a double ear infection - presumably on Sunday the redness and swelling weren't advanced enough for them to see. And the current antibiotic isn't doing anything on it. So he sent off a prescription to Walgreens' for a new, tougher antibiotic that he'll be on for 10 days.

He SHOULD be on it starting now, except Walgreens' once again has proved to be a haven of incompetence. I wasn't surprised they didn't have it at 5, when we were heading out to get Maggie to kids' club - too early, they get backed up this time of year, one must be patient, and all that. But tonight on the way home, they still didn't have it, at 11:30, and were claiming it was never sent in. (It always seems to be the nightshift where we have the most problems with these idiots.)

My doctor has the new computerized system where he has a tablet computer in his hands during the appointment, and sends the prescription off directly from there. I KNOW he sent it in.

And we have been going around and around with Walgreens lately. They keep doing this kind of shit. A while back, they were repeatedly insisting that my doctor had not called in the replacement prescription for my eyedrops that were thrown out accidentally - and my doctor's office kept insisting yes they HAD - turned out they HAD, but Walgreens hadn't filled it because my insurance wouldn't cover it because they'd just paid for one. Well, DUH, I'd told them it was for a prescription that had gotten thrown away and I needed a replacement, I was expecting to have to pay cash for it. And they'd never mentioned that. And we went through something similar recently when we'd changed insurances. Honestly, my insurance does NOT determine what prescription I can have, it only determines what it will pay for, and damnit, I have money to pay for the others! FILL IT!

I have NO idea why they don't have it this time, but I'm quite certain that tomorrow I will have to go round and round calling my doctor's office and dealing with this crap. And in the meantime Jamie has a nasty double ear infection that is going untreated.

And on the 28th he has the preop appointment before his surgery - and if this ear infection isn't cleared up by then, he won't be able to have the surgery. A day's delay in getting this antibiotic started could mean his surgery would be postponed for at least a month.

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Jamie is improving. Yesterday morning, he was still feverish, but no longer scary-hot. He actually got up, perked up a bit, actually ate. Around 3 pm he'd gone upstairs to get something, but instead laid down in bed and went to sleep for the rest of the day. Still, an improvement. This morning he isn't feverish, and has eaten breakfast. We'll see if this lasts.

I'm another matter. Feverish and headachy yesterday, kept feeling like my head was something that unscrewed at the neck, and somebody'd gone and stripped the screw. Got a nap last night once Karl got home.

This morning, Karl'd felt my forehead before going to work, and he thought I wasn't feverish. He'd checked Jamie's temp with the new fancy ear thermometer, and had gotten a temp that was actually a bit LOW, and doubted it. So when I got downstairs, I checked it too - same thing. I postponed checking mine until most of an hour past my shower. I got 103.5. Eeek. I checked a bit later, got 102.8. A while later, 99.5. Weird. I mentioned over IM to [livejournal.com profile] fordprfct that maybe I have a fever that's cycling. He recommended I clean the thermometer - I did, and then I got 100.7. Gah. I managed to actually FIND our old digital oral thermometer, and took my temperature - 95.8. What? Waited a moment, tried again, 95.4. (No, I haven't just been drinking anything)

Conclusion: I have no idea what my temperature is.
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Jamie threw up tonight in bed, while Karl was out picking up groceries. I got him through it, his bed stripped, him stripped, washed him, dressed him. It was difficult - I was really wondering "okay, where IS the line between shivering and fever seizure?" Got his sheets into the wash. Later after Karl was home, he got clean sheets onto his bed, came down, got Jamie up off the couch to get a dose of ibuprofen and a drink of water, and carried him upstairs - whereupon from the sound of it Jamie threw up on him.

Poor Karl. Poor Jamie. The kid can't keep down an ibuprofen dose and a drink of water. Honestly, I think he oughta be in a hospital bed with an I.V. in. But given that Karl spent NINE hours in the ER with him earlier, and didn't get anything more than an antibiotic prescription, I don't know anything helpful we can do on that front. It seems to us like this is the flu, take 2.
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Lesson from yesterday and today - do not attempt to do filet crochet while feverish. Just don't. I may have to start the whole thing over from scratch.

Now I am going back to work on my patchwork piecing. Squares sewn together in straight lines *seems* to be within my capabilities today.

I have twelve nine-patch blocks on this project done! That sounds good, until I reflect that I need, ideally, 50 of these. We'll see if I have enough of that fabric.
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[livejournal.com profile] selenite seriously deserves major points as a fantastic Daddy, as he's spent HOURS and hours in the ER waiting room today with Jamie. I am really hoping we can get him a good long nap this afternoon.

To sum things up - doctor thought bacterial infection taking advantage of weakened immune system post-flu. Strep throat test - came back negative. So they drew blood and did a chest x-ray. These came back with nothing informative, apparently. Throat is a bit red, one lymph node swollen, definite significant fever. So, as [livejournal.com profile] selenite told me on the phone, it's pretty much "We don't know, take this, see if it helps", with a prescription for zithromax. He's dealing with paperwork and such now, after which he'll break his caffeine avoidance and desperately search for a Coke to wire himself so he can drive them home safely. Poor dear.

My temp is up to 100.4, last checked.

And you know, another poor [livejournal.com profile] selenite moment - this is the second time in the last year he's had to take Jamie in and gotten back a "we don't know WHAT it is" result. [livejournal.com profile] fordprfct and I took Jamie and Maggie in around Christmas, and got detailed information on the nasty ear infections and Maggie's sinus infection. Poor Karl keeps getting the days when it's a definite case of WTF?
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Jamie was crying in his sleep a lot. He'd had ibuprofen at 9:30 and tylenol at 2:30, and at 3:30 he still had a fever of 104.4. [livejournal.com profile] selenite is taking him in to the pediatric hospital now. I called [livejournal.com profile] bkseiver and confirmed with her that yeah, it's time to take him in.

The other kids seem fine for now.

I'm posting basically as a way to nervously twitch online. He just HAD the flu, and had a 5-day course of tamiflu, and had - we thought - been better, at least wasn't feverish and such, and had been back at school. What is going on with this?
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Jamie has a fever again.

And... apparently now so do I. And I'm not feeling so great. Kinda weird. Gah.

Darn it, Jamie had the flu and had a course of Tamiflu. Could he be having a relapse? Having one of the drug-resistant strains? Is it something else?

Scares me. Especially since we can't treat Alanna if she gets sick, and can't treat me because I'm nursing her. And a family in the area, involved with Maggie's dance school, just had a child *die* from the flu.
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So Maggie's been sick off and on since Sunday. Got a bit better Monday early, then worse Monday afternoon/evening, then Tuesday was iffy - we had to cancel social plans - then Wednesday seemed much better, so we actually visited with friends Wednesday evening. Then this morning she was worse again.

So we finally took her to the doctor. I generally try to just treat symptoms and figure it's probably a virus, but this time was getting weird. Just as well. I'm telling our doctor about what's been going on, and he's asking Maggie if she can pee in a cup for him, and saying "well, what we have here is a fever of unknown origin, and we need to test and find out - " and as he's saying this he's picking up the doohickey they use to peer into orifices, putting a cap on it, and starting to check her, and as soon as he looks into her left ear he interrupts himself with "oh, no, it's not a fever of unknown origin!" She has an ear infection. He says the eardrum is really bulgy, and he's surprised she hasn't been specifically complaining about pain from it.

So now she has a prescription, we have assurances from the doctor that it's not contagious, and she was cleared to go to dance class tonight and to go back to school in the morning. She took her medicine quite cheerfully, mostly because it's PINK.
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So it's a boring lonely evening tonight. [livejournal.com profile] selenite is sick, and is feeling like a lump, and went to bed a couple of hours ago with nyquil. The kids are sick too. Maggie and Jamie aren't doing too bad, but they do have a lot of coughing. They don't seem to be running fevers anymore, though. They went to school Friday, and I may send them again tomorrow, still debating. Alanna came down sick last night, and that's been distressing - terrible barky coughs and wheezing. She was doing better this morning, but then not so great again this evening. I'm not able to get much done, because pretty much she wants to be in my arms constantly, and nursing a lot. That's good for her, though, so I'll just get through it.

Got my hair trimmed today. Kinda good for the ego. The stylist was exclaiming about how THICK my hair is, which is amazing, considering I've been in that postpartum hair-shedding phase, where I'm losing handfuls every day, and I've been feeling like it's terribly thinned out. We were discussing keeping long hair with kids, and she commented about it getting harder with age, but oh, she's a lot older than I am - I said really? I'm 38. She was 37, and shocked to hear that I'm 38. So yeah, overall good for the ego.

Also got properly sized for new nursing bras, and got one outfit for Alanna. I ordered a bunch more online. Tricky to find what I want, given the weird combo of her age and size.

[livejournal.com profile] selenite and I were talking about possibly getting me an mp3 player in encouragement of getting me and Alanna out on long walks, now that we're moving into fall weather here. He was offering to get me my Christmas present early. I talked about it some to [livejournal.com profile] fordprfct, as my gadget-go-to-guy. Sounds like I probably want to go with an iPod.

So I'm dithering, do I go for the less expensive iPod shuffle, which is easy to use, yeah, and certainly holds enough for any walk I'd take, and hey, comes in PURPLE? Or do I figure I want this to be more of a total media storage thing, picturing it plugging into a future car audio set up, using it to take TV shows with me (not that I go out that much... but it could change...), and want to be able to take everything, and see if [livejournal.com profile] selenite is willing to spring for an iPod classic? Shuffle would just clip to something... classic means hey, make a cozy (oh no, make me knit).

For that matter, I wonder what the software interface is like? I use iTunes on the computer, but I've never interfaced it with any actual player.

Okay, people - advise me, please? What's your two cents on the matter?


Sep. 26th, 2007 10:58 am
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I want to write up a FenCon report, really I do.

But I'm sick and wiped out. I'm ending up falling back asleep with Alanna through almost all of Jamie's school morning each day, and getting none of the early day productive time at all.

I feel rotten.


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