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Nov. 21st, 2006 04:09 pm
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I have now done 40 pairs of socks.

As mentioned in my last Sock Wars post, I was going to be doing socks from scratch for Kraftykat. I am annoyed, because I thought I had pics of them. Apparently her color preferences were pink, or blue. I had both - so I combined them.

7 players down from her, all dead - the last apparently ANOTHER deserter. Grrr. So after various emails, I agreed to start a pair for NyghtinGail. My FOURTH pair from scratch. I was bored - so she gets stripey socks.
picture )
Yes, they're mirror images instead of identical. I mentioned I was bored? I never want to knit this ribbing pattern again!

Took way too long to get them done - but then, I've been sick.

Now if she'll just send me her address, I can get this OVER with.

Socks for me are actually being done! Pretty!
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I had a bit of a scare last night. Karl came home from work, and as usual had checked the mail on the way in. He was carrying a package for me. A soft, squishy, yarn-feeling package.

Oh noooo! Was it my Death socks from Sock Wars? Would I have to send on the socks I'm currently working on?

No. It was some lovely Trekking sock yarn that [ profile] ciorstan sent me. Thank you!!!
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I have now done 38 pairs of socks.

In Sock Wars, my victim's victim is a deserter - apparently BristolKnitter sent her socks, but even though she answered emails at the start of the game, she's not answering now. Gah. But her victim, Brianne, was answering, and certainly she deserved socks. So after a long wait to make sure I wasn't unfairly cutting the deserter off, I dug out more stash and made socks for her.
Sock picture )
They did have to turn out two-colored. I know YarnMonkey says you can do a pair of these with a single 50 gram ball. I want to know what she’s been smoking. I had a ball and a third, and nope. But hey, War Is Hell, especially for those of us with big feet. I did work hard to make them symmetrically two-colored. The scalloped cuff edging isn’t strictly according to the SoD pattern, but I thought it’d help balance things.

They were mailed off yesterday - and [ profile] selenite encouraged me to go ahead and get overnight mail, so she'll be getting them today. Bwahahaha.

She was in the same position - the next "alive" person down from her is a deserter who got socks and now has not been heard from since. Gah. So she was going to make socks for the next one, Kraftykat, from scratch. Well, I found out today she has the yarn *on order* ... um. I sent her an email suggesting that perhaps she should just tell me the next person's color preferences?
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[ profile] fordprfct was looking at my sock knitting and saying it was so much prettier than his. I pointed out that I've been at this a bit longer - I taught him less than a month ago, after all. And I've done lots more socks.

So that got me counting how many socks I've done. Now, some of these have been child and toddler socks. Still - I've done at least 36 pairs of socks in the last 4 1/2 years.

I don't know what's typical for a socknitter, but I think that's pretty good.
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[ profile] selenite is a cruel, cruel man.

He just got home, and walked in through the front door with the mail. He held up a small package, and looked at me with sad eyes, and said "um..."

I said "I'm dead, aren't I?" figuring it was the socks from my assassin in Sock Wars.

He then turned it around, showing off the StudioFoglio shipping label, and grinned.

Not dead yet.


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