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I'm doing it again.

I need knitting for FenCon. (Yes, I know, I'm going with a baby. Nonetheless. I *may* have time for knitting, and I'll be miserable if I don't bring it.)

Cardigan sweater, too big to lug around. Alanna's Christmas stocking, too complex to cast on at a con. So, I'm going to start another sock. Besides, I have new pretty Harmony sock needles.

Now, I have enough of the brown cotton socka that [livejournal.com profile] bkseiver gave me for another short pair. But... there's this pretty multicolor purple stuff I have, that I used some of for Alanna-socks. It's PRETTY. I want to knit with it.

I was going to use the Thuja sock pattern for the brown. Well, the basic stitch pattern, theirs is a heavier weight yarn. The stitch pattern is row 1: K3 P1, row 2, knit. So a seed stitch rib of sorts.

But, eh, a little dull, and on a K3P1 pattern, although it makes a nice sock, you can't easily balance it over the top of the foot.

The Schurch book has what they call garter rib - row 1: k2 p2, row 2: knit. On a k2p2 base, easy to center over the top of the foot. But I dislike the look of garter.

So I'll combine the stitch patterns. Row 1: k3, p1. Row 2: k2, p1, k1. So it'll be a K2, seed stitch 2 rib.

The only downside is that if I picked an established pattern, I could just find it in ravelry, click "cast on", and it goes into my project list. Otherwise I guess I gotta write it up.

Well, there ought to be more wide foot socks in Ravelry anyway, not everybody rewrites them as easily as I do.
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The corded rib quartercrew socks are done, pics up on Ravelry, and on my feet. Ta da! I haven't tried them on with the new MBT shoes yet, I shall do that later. I do have enough of the yarn for another pair of socks, albeit again fairly short-cuffed ones. I haven't thought of what stitch pattern I want to use yet.

The other socks I'm thinking about are the Lucy socks here:

I have a skein of the Lucy colorway of that yarn, so I do want to do pawprint socks with it. I'll be knitting them top down, and I need a 72-stitch cast on, not 68/64.

So, looking at the chart on that page, she's got the lace charted in a 17-stitch panel. I need an 18 stitch panel, so add one stitch, no problem. But also, I like to have some ribbing in my socks, to keep them snuggly.

So once it's 18-stitch panels, there will be 5 stitches between each pair of pawprints. The stitch immediately on each side of the lace should be a knit stitch, leaving 3.

My wonder is this - do I do better to just make that a p3, or would they fit better if I made it a P1K1P1? Suggestions from other knitters?

Either way, I'm going to end up starting each needle with a purl stitch, which annoys me, but so it goes.
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Oh, this is COOL.

Ravelry has a listing for
patterns > designers > Laura Gallagher

and has the Fluted Banister socks I did for the Six Socks Knitalong there. Nice write up of it!

I really need to see if I can get that hat submitted to Knitty, once I can get a decent photo shoot done of it, and get it up on Ravelry too. Or maybe just take my own poor pics and give up and publish it myself.

Dear Flist - I know there are other fiber nuts out there - who else is on ravelry? I found [livejournal.com profile] castiron, who else can I find and friend?
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Socka cotton color yarn color 6343
needle size 2.5 (3 mm)

Cast on 72. 10 rows K2P2 rib.
Start corded rib pattern (Schurch 1, p. 38). 8 pattern repeats, end with a K2P2 row.
10 rows stockinette (ooh, how lucky for me I have this handy row counter...)
Knit first stitch from needle 1 onto needle 4. Slip first stitch from needle 3 onto end of needle 2.

Short row heel from Schurch 1, p. 75-76. (Forget this "P3TOG in back loop". Gah. Purl normally, wrap next stitch and turn, knit that first stitch TBL, continue down knit row.)

Stockinette foot. Standard toe down to 14 stitches per side, kitchener.

Started first sock 8/31, finished 9/4. Started second sock 9/4.
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I finished the Horcrux socks today, with the Regia cotton-wool blend sock yarn in the stripes of cream and browns. They're okay. This isn't going to be my favorite pattern ever, but it's not bad.

Now I'm back to working on the Tulip sweater for Alanna. I'm going with [livejournal.com profile] bkseiver's advice, and just doing the sleeve stripes as written, despite having added an extra bottom purple stripe in the body. Sleeves on baby sweaters are generally too long anyway.

I'm dithering a lot. Wondering if she'll EVER wear it, as fast as she's growing. It's possible I'll be looking to give it away to another baby this winter, we'll see.

Also, I think the attached i-cord edging around the border is too damn tight, and is distorting the front edge. Bother. I should have done the seed stitch part in the size needles called for, and then gone up to a larger size for the edging. Given that it's just an open front with a tie at the neck, I think it'll be okay. But I'm going to do the bigger needle thing for the wrist openings.

More socks

Nov. 21st, 2006 04:09 pm
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I have now done 40 pairs of socks.

As mentioned in my last Sock Wars post, I was going to be doing socks from scratch for Kraftykat. I am annoyed, because I thought I had pics of them. Apparently her color preferences were pink, or blue. I had both - so I combined them.

7 players down from her, all dead - the last apparently ANOTHER deserter. Grrr. So after various emails, I agreed to start a pair for NyghtinGail. My FOURTH pair from scratch. I was bored - so she gets stripey socks.
picture )
Yes, they're mirror images instead of identical. I mentioned I was bored? I never want to knit this ribbing pattern again!

Took way too long to get them done - but then, I've been sick.

Now if she'll just send me her address, I can get this OVER with.

Socks for me are actually being done! Pretty!
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I have now done 38 pairs of socks.

In Sock Wars, my victim's victim is a deserter - apparently BristolKnitter sent her socks, but even though she answered emails at the start of the game, she's not answering now. Gah. But her victim, Brianne, was answering, and certainly she deserved socks. So after a long wait to make sure I wasn't unfairly cutting the deserter off, I dug out more stash and made socks for her.
Sock picture )
They did have to turn out two-colored. I know YarnMonkey says you can do a pair of these with a single 50 gram ball. I want to know what she’s been smoking. I had a ball and a third, and nope. But hey, War Is Hell, especially for those of us with big feet. I did work hard to make them symmetrically two-colored. The scalloped cuff edging isn’t strictly according to the SoD pattern, but I thought it’d help balance things.

They were mailed off yesterday - and [livejournal.com profile] selenite encouraged me to go ahead and get overnight mail, so she'll be getting them today. Bwahahaha.

She was in the same position - the next "alive" person down from her is a deserter who got socks and now has not been heard from since. Gah. So she was going to make socks for the next one, Kraftykat, from scratch. Well, I found out today she has the yarn *on order* ... um. I sent her an email suggesting that perhaps she should just tell me the next person's color preferences?

Sock FOD

Jul. 31st, 2005 09:02 pm
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Finished Object Dance, yay! sock picture here )
Two more pictures here.


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