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Alanna is making SO much progress!

She now says the name of everyone in her family. She'll tell you where they are, too - "Over THERE!" and she points.

She's starting to count - "one, two, three, four, five, six, eight, nine, ten!" Well, she has the one-syllable numbers.

She's also starting to know her alphabet. I was sorting laundry in the nursery and she came in, picked up the M magnet on the floor, held it up to me, and said "M!" Then she did it with "O!"

I'm very pleased and proud of her.
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I've been wanting to write about how things are going with Alanna.

Firstly, her speech is improving quite a bit. We keep getting new words I wasn't expecting. Miles was playing peek-a-boo with her with a towel after her bath. I came into the room and he wanted to show me - he'd hold it out to her and say "Alanna, what's that?" and she'd say "a towel!". This afternoon I went out to check on her playing in the yard with her brother and sister - she'd fallen and was crying. I picked her up and cuddled her, then she wiggled to be let down, and as I put her down she said "ride the bike!" and headed for the trike the kids have back there. A bit later I went out to speak to Jamie and she walked up holding a dandelion clenched in her fist, and said "flower!" She kept saying it, it was quite clear she knew what it was.

She's still nursing, but is in the process of getting slowly weaned. It's not that I object to nursing a toddler or anything. It's mostly that it's taken its toll on me - she has lots of sharp teeth, but it's more that I suspect it's keeping me in a hormonal state closer to pregnancy and letting various things like the plantar fascitis keep getting worse. So we nurse a couple of times a day - usually a good cuddle-nurse in the mornings - and she's getting a lot of sippy cups of milk. She's adjusting to it very well, actually.

And she continues to be an adorable little sweetheart.


Aug. 19th, 2008 02:07 pm
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I just want to make a note of this for the future - since LJ sorta serves as the kids' baby books.

At this point I'm sure when Alanna is saying "mama" that she does mean me by it. She's been saying it for a while, but you know, I usually discount a lot on proud parent overestimating. Nah, at 14 months I'm sure she's saying it to mean me and to get my attention specifically.

Also the other day she said something that REALLY sounded like "I love you" - again, I'd been thinking maybe she was saying it, now I'm sure.


May. 16th, 2008 02:24 pm
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Alanna just asked for a diaper change!

I've been saying "diaper" and making the sign for it, when she's on the changing table, and she's been responding with an approximation of the word and the sign - and then she'd started to say/sign it first, always on the changing table. As if she was saying "aha, we're doing this thing called diaper!"

Just now she was in the high chair eating, and fussing some, and said her approximation of diaper and signed it - and yes, she was messy and needed changing. Yay!
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Alanna has learned to say "No". And she has been bringing me the little baby boppy pillow, the miniature one, and holding it up and saying "nuh?" when she wants to nurse.
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Karl's upstairs putting the kids to bed. They're having a game of hide and seek first. Karl is setting it up this time so that Maggie hides while he's with Jamie in the hallway, and then he brings Jamie in and tells him to find Maggie. I'm hearing "Maggie? Where ARE you! THERE you are!" from upstairs. Very encouraging.


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