Jun. 6th, 2008 08:23 pm
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Alanna got tooth #5 today, upper left 2nd incisor.

This just inspired the following dialogue here:

[ profile] selenite: "You can tuck her up to your ear. She's newtooth enabled!"

[ profile] fordprfct: "The trouble is, the nearest largest thing I have to throw at you is HER, and she doesn't deserve that!"

[ profile] selenite: "Well, neither did you, but who else could I use it on?"
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Maggie had her six-months dental cleaning and checkup today, so I picked her up a bit early from school. I'd told her about it yesterday, and her reaction was "Yay!" Okay, this tells me I've done a good job of making sure she doesn't have the kind of dental experiences I had young!

She again went to the back on her own, with me staying out in the waiting area with Jamie and Alanna. The hygienist came out later to tell me that all was well, except that in the first of her 6-year molars, which is most of the way in, there was a hole - not a cavity, just a hole in how it was formed, but that's the sort of spot where bacteria would collect, so they wanted to check if insurance would cover them doing sealant on it, if I approved. I was all for this idea, and insurance said yes, so it was done. Dr. Ballard told me afterwards Maggie was very good, a joy to work with. So I passed that on to her, and told her I'm very proud of her.

Tooth #3

Apr. 29th, 2008 06:50 pm
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Alanna's upper right incisor broke through today. And clearly the upper left one will be coming after it very soon.

Poor kid - teething is rough!
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I had a marvelous weekend - I got to go to a Texas cave tour for the first time, and enjoyed it thoroughly. I will be posting more details of my weekend later, with pictures from the cave. But first, Alanna updates and pictures.

On Saturday, Alanna cut her first tooth - lower right incisor broke through the skin. She's a month older than Maggie was for her first. This delay is fine with me!

And on Sunday, Alanna got herself up into a sitting position by herself for the first time.

So here are pictures, and a video of her sitting and playing and babbling.
pics! )
And the video:
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Back story - I have a very small jaw, and required a lot of early extractions of baby teeth, and later extractions of my adult premolars, braces, and surgical removal of my wisdom teeth before they could erupt. I've been looking at Maggie's jaw, as she's lost her first two baby teeth and had the first two adult teeth start coming in, and realized oh dear, she has inherited Mama's jaw. So I discussed it with our dentist when she saw him a couple of months ago, and he agreed she ought to see an orthodontist to make plans for the future - and told me some of the wonderful new things they can do that are much better than when I was a child.

We took Maggie to meet the orthodontist today. She was very good about it, cooperated beautifully with the x-rays and the photographs. As usual, she effortlessly charmed them. They thought she was adorable, especially in her pink cowgirl boots.

Yes, she has a small jaw, like Mama's. Commiseration with the lady doing the initial consult that yes, that perfect babyteeth smile actually means there isn't room for adult teeth. Discussion of cool options they have nowadays, that actually encourage the jaw to widen up and grow more bone! She probably won't have to deal with the nasty extractions I did at all.

Meeting the actual orthodontist, more discussion of options. Boils down to she needs her 6 year molars in before they can do anything. But yes, very good that we're looking at things now. Come back in one year.

And here's a cute t-shirt for her, and a folder with a printout of her pictures. Slightly distressing to think that yes, orthodontists can afford to do that, and someday we will be contributing to that proportionately.
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Maggie lost her first baby tooth today.
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Why yes, the Tooth Fairy has visited our household this evening.

Maggie was quite excited to show off her tooth this evening. Karl and I had been out together with Alanna during the afternoon, while Maggie and Jamie got to spend time with their grandma [ profile] maggieallen. I expect she'll be excited to see what the Tooth Fairy brought when she wakes up, and excited to show off the gap to her classmates.
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Maggie has a wiggly loose tooth, lower left front incisor. Her first one. My little girl is growing up.

I've been trying to find when she got her first tooth. EDIT: Found it. First tooth lower left front incisor, 12/25/2002, second tooth 12/27/2002.


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