Jan. 6th, 2008

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Here's a pic of Jamie and Maggie dressed up in their fancy Christmas outfits today )
Update on Alanna. She continues cute and adorable. She got through most of the service today in the nursery, then I got paged out near the end.

I'm beginning to think she may not crawl at all. We'll see. At the moment she's gotten awfully good at rolling around on the floor, and then readjusting to roll in a different direction - she's certainly accomplishing the goal of moving herself around the room. She's not quite ready to get herself into a sitting position, although she's quite stable if you put her there. She's sitting in high chairs some now, and in grocery carts, with the cover her siblings gave her for Christmas. She's great at grabbing stuff, and now gets notably upset if you take things away from her. She also gets upset if I go away, and sometimes if other people she knows go away. But mostly she's still a happy child, and even wakes up smiling.
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So some time back [livejournal.com profile] fordprfct hooked me on Guitar Hero - but I wasn't up to playing much while pregnant, and had mostly gotten away from it - some because he got so much practice and was so good at it I was intimidated. Then he got Rock Band and we all got into playing the game and having a BLAST.

Well, he and I can't progress any further in that game until I can reliably play at the Hard level - so I'm going back to Guitar Hero to practice. To help this, he has sent his old PS2 here for practice with the original GH1 game. I'm having lots of fun.

And Maggie has decided she wants to play, too. She's going through the basic tutorial over and over, trying to get it down. She's enjoying herself - but the trouble is, the basic guitar is too long for her, and she's having a hard time reaching the buttons and getting her fingers lined up.

I found out there is a controller that's made smaller for kids, and is wireless to boot. Cool. My wishlist on Amazon is becoming a lot different than it used to be!

We are having a lot of fun with this. And it's good concentration and dexterity training for Maggie, and hey, nonviolent video games, yay.


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