Feb. 21st, 2008

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I am MAD.

Jamie started being worse this afternoon again, still definitely feverish even with ibuprofen, so as the ER had instructed, we called his regular doctor. They said bring him in now, we'll fit him in. Fortunately [livejournal.com profile] fordprfct could take care of Alanna and watch for Maggie's bus, so I hurried Jamie over there. Turned out he has a double ear infection - presumably on Sunday the redness and swelling weren't advanced enough for them to see. And the current antibiotic isn't doing anything on it. So he sent off a prescription to Walgreens' for a new, tougher antibiotic that he'll be on for 10 days.

He SHOULD be on it starting now, except Walgreens' once again has proved to be a haven of incompetence. I wasn't surprised they didn't have it at 5, when we were heading out to get Maggie to kids' club - too early, they get backed up this time of year, one must be patient, and all that. But tonight on the way home, they still didn't have it, at 11:30, and were claiming it was never sent in. (It always seems to be the nightshift where we have the most problems with these idiots.)

My doctor has the new computerized system where he has a tablet computer in his hands during the appointment, and sends the prescription off directly from there. I KNOW he sent it in.

And we have been going around and around with Walgreens lately. They keep doing this kind of shit. A while back, they were repeatedly insisting that my doctor had not called in the replacement prescription for my eyedrops that were thrown out accidentally - and my doctor's office kept insisting yes they HAD - turned out they HAD, but Walgreens hadn't filled it because my insurance wouldn't cover it because they'd just paid for one. Well, DUH, I'd told them it was for a prescription that had gotten thrown away and I needed a replacement, I was expecting to have to pay cash for it. And they'd never mentioned that. And we went through something similar recently when we'd changed insurances. Honestly, my insurance does NOT determine what prescription I can have, it only determines what it will pay for, and damnit, I have money to pay for the others! FILL IT!

I have NO idea why they don't have it this time, but I'm quite certain that tomorrow I will have to go round and round calling my doctor's office and dealing with this crap. And in the meantime Jamie has a nasty double ear infection that is going untreated.

And on the 28th he has the preop appointment before his surgery - and if this ear infection isn't cleared up by then, he won't be able to have the surgery. A day's delay in getting this antibiotic started could mean his surgery would be postponed for at least a month.

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2008-02-21a 2008-02-21a
Today's random cute pic of Alanna, who looks good in mint green. Camera phone pic, so not the best, but still.


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