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Birthdate:Jan 29
Location:Texas, United States of America
I'm a mother and a spouse, a geek and a fan. I'm an audiobook narrator and a fiber artist. I am a serious World of Warcraft addict, and am having a great time with it. I have four kids, two teenagers still iiving at home. I'm married to my darling selenite, and my honeybear fordprfct, as we're polyamorous.

For fellow WoW addicts, we play primarily Alliance and primarily on the Earthen Ring server.

I read constantly, especially science fiction, fantasy, good mysteries, Heyer, oh, and whatever else catches my fancy. I'm a LASFS member, Fan, an inactive SCAdian. I've identified as pagan in the past, and still respect that path and have found a lot of good from it for my life, however at this time I have decided to go back to the church I was raised in to seek spirituality and other people trying to do good with their lives, and am now attending an ELCA Lutheran church.

I like to sing, especially filk, and just sing in general with my kids a lot. I come from a very musical family, in which I was the least musical. I'd like to learn more, I'd like to get voice training someday. I was getting harp lessons, and loving them and doing well, but that ended when my daughter was born, although I hope to get back to it someday.

I don't do politics. I'm centrist, I tend to see both sides, and I don't like arguing, debates, and confrontations. [personal profile] selenite does, under his political blog at [personal profile] libertarianhawk - but that's separate from me.

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ObBujold quotes:

"It's not a job for the squeamish. I don't know why they encourage maidens to be squeamish, there's no place in women's work for someone afraid to get her hands dirty."

"Quite frank and outspoken, that one, when you get her going. The Mother's work does that to some women."

ObB5 quotes:

When others do a foolish thing, you should tell them it is a foolish thing. They can still continue to do it, but at least the truth is where it needs to be.

We are star stuff. We are the universe made manifest trying to figure itself out.

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affection, alternative marriage, attachment parenting, autism, babies, babylon 5, beatles, biology, bisexuality, bobbin lace, books, breastfeeding, buffy the vampire slayer, bujold, celtic, celtic knots, celtic music, chocolate, chosen family, communication, compersion, cons, consensual non-monogamy, contra dancing, country, cuddling, dance, dark chocolate, david weber, dci, dorothy sayers, drum corps, echo's children, expanded family, fairy tales, families, family of choice, fiber arts, filk, filk cons, filk music, fire mage, firefly, flirting, foglio, folk music, gafilk, geeks, georgette heyer, girl genius, hambly, harp music, healy mice, heinlein, history, homebirth, homeschooling, honesty, honor harrington, house m.d., hugging, hugh laurie, humor, i ♥ >1, illuminati university, imagination, irish, jim baen, jms, joss whedon, knitting, korval, lace, legends, liaden, literature, lois bujold, lois mcmaster bujold, lord peter wimsey, love, lutheranism, many loves, marriage, martin's passage, maureen johnson smith, midwives, miles vorkosigan, multi-partner relationships, music, mythology, novels, poetry, poly, polyamory, polyandry, pratchett, private space travel, puns, pysanky, quilting, regency, religion, robert heinlein, rock band, sapiosexuality, sayers, sca, science, science fiction, serenity, sf cons, sf conventions, sharon lee, singing, smart people, smart women, snark, socks, space travel, spice, spider robinson, spinning, steve miller, susan cooper, three weird sisters, tolkien, triads, universalism, used bookstores, vanilla, vees, vorkosigan, wales, weaving, web comics, weirdness, welsh, wit, world of warcraft, xxxenophile,
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