Mar. 16th, 2009 01:44 am
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Okay, this isn't going to mean anything to most of my flist, but some of you will know.

I have my black war bear! Eeee! And it was FUN!
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Yesterday was just an all-around good day.

In the afternoon, we got to make [ profile] soldiergrrrl very very happy. We gave her and her family most of our old SCA gear. They're building a Stronghold and could use it. It started out as an offer of the pavilion, and when she got here we just kept offering her more. Best moment, as [ profile] selenite's mom is helping move various stuff from the Pile O'Poles, etc - "what's that?" "Oh, that's one of the pieces - would you like a king-sized camp bed?" Oh, the look on her face. So good to know that all that gear is going to a good home and will be USED again. Yeah, there are a few things I felt sentimental about and were a little hard to part from - but sitting in the garage for five years? They deserve better than that. The really highly personal things we kept, of course.

In WoW, I've been levelling up my priest, because we need more healers for raids. She hit 80 yesterday. And since I have a top-level tailor/enchanter, and Miles has a good jewelcrafter, we kitted her out pretty well.

In the evening, Karl's mom watched the kids and let us go out for a nice romantic dinner. We went to Tokyo Steakhouse and enjoyed it very much. Mmmm. Yummy food, nice atmosphere (despite the boor being Stupid American stereotype across the table), chef's expertise to enjoy.

When we came home, we ran heroic Nexus to start training and gearing up my priest. It went reasonably well.

Overall it was just a good happy day.
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I'm currently posting this from [ profile] selenite's computer, as mine is ... unavailable. [ profile] fordprfct has been doing surgery on Agatha, and is currently seeing if the patient can regain consciousness.

I remember back when he built it for me, looking at components with him in Frye's, and having him tell me pros and cons of various options. "Oh, it's not like I'm going to want a high-end gaming system," I said.

*headdesk* I have eaten those words repeatedly since then. Yeah, nowadays, I most definitely DO want a high-end gaming system. I have a level 80 fairly-well-geared frostfire mage who likes to raid, and I've been intensively working up my priest - she's up to 72 - to become a raid healer, because darn, we need more of those. Freezing up in Dalaran, sometimes crashing on loading into the zone, and intense lag on trying to fly up to Naxx? Unacceptable.

So we went out today and bought more RAM and a new and improved CPU. Hopefully it will help a lot.

Once it works again. The salesman suggested a new higher end CPU than the one [ profile] fordprfct planned on after updating the motherboard's bios. [ profile] fordprfct did confirm that the motherboard could handle that one. Allegedly it can. But it's not coming up yet. We'll see.
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(Okay, my friends who also play World of Warcraft will understand this, for everyone else, Hi! Hope you're having a lovely day! Skip to the next entry, now, it's okay.)

Somewhere along the way we seem to have morphed into serious raiders. Starting out the week on Tuesday - 'cause once you've played enough, of COURSE the week starts on Tuesday - there's the 25 AND 10 man Vault of Archavon, if we have Wintergrasp - got really weird this week due to the patch but we still managed it - and usually the 25 and 10 man Obsidian Sanctum, although I only got into the 25 man this week. Then Wednesdays I have off for kid stuff. Thursday night was Veg's late night 25-man Naxx, then tonight, Sunday, and Monday is Shurten's 10-man Naxx - usually I'm on CNGH's 25-man but that's on hiatus this week so Shurten's doing more days. Veg's might do a 2nd night's run late on Monday, so we'll see if I'm out of Shurten's in time. Um. And this sounds like a sane schedule to me.

Tonight was GREAT. Our 10-man Naxx started an hour late as we hunted for a 2nd healer-spec[1], but we finally got one. We cleared 3 wings in 3 hours: plague, construct, and arachnid - finally got to see Thaddius downed. Man, he seemed downright easy on 10-man. And we got BOTH the "Arachnophobia" and the "Momma Said Knock You Out" achievements. Miles' druid made out like a BANDIT since rogue/deathknight/mage/druid stuff kept dropping, we had no rogue or DK, he was the only druid and I the only mage, and I either had the stuff or had better. Did pick up a spellpower and haste trinket.

And Miles got Logitech G15s for both of us! Yay. I feel all techie.

[1] Yes, I'm spending time on levelling my healer, man we need more of them.


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