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WOOT the Fluted Banister socks are back up. Thanks Joyce Ferguson Snyder for the suggestion, they are now up as a free Ravelry download. Five different size/yarn weight variations.

Caveat knitter: this is from draft versions I managed to dig out of my "old drives" folder on the computer that got passed down to my daughter. If you try them and find errors, do please let me know.
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So I started knitting another sock t'other day, and first I thought eh, I'll just do a blueberry waffle pattern or something, and then as I was working down the cuff I had a different idea. So now I'm trying something different, and if it works out I'm going to write it up as a sock pattern. It's nothing fancy, nothing that some other knitter couldn't come up with just as easily. But I know that although I'm perfectly able to play buffet and just grab a stitch pattern for the leg, pick a heel treatment and a toe type, there are plenty of knitters out there for whom having the entire pattern written out in detail - and especially in several sizes - is super helpful. So I'm thinking I'd write it up and toss it up as a free sock pattern.

The upper arm damage I took from the Levaquin* means my endurance for knitting is way down from what it used to be. So I'd be interested in finding some test knitters rather than trying to do each prototype myself - plus that tests if my instructions make sense. I'm currently making a woman's large/man's size, because well, that's what I wear. I'd be interested in someone who would want to make a woman's medium size or a child's size, in fingering weight yarn. I do my socks knitting in the round on two circulars, but this could work fine on DPNs or magic loop too.

Anybody interested?

*If you are ever prescribed Levaquin, Levofloxacin, Tavanic, or any fluoroquinolone, ask the doctor what your alternatives are. If "you're gonna die" isn't on there, I strongly recommend you do NOT take them. Certainly LOOK UP the side effects and seriously read them before you do. Especially if you have ever in your life been prescribed any steroids.
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Rewatching MCU movies with the family for the run up to Infinity War. I'm also working on a possible new sock knitting design.
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I have free codes for the audiobook for Torchship Captain - anybody interested?
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I am finally getting back to my Heroes of Yarnia MKAL / knitting roleplaying scarf. It had gotten set aside to make pussy hats, and then there was something else, and then well, it's not something I can do on the move, and it's sat in its bag.

Last night I finished the HoY crest in the middle. I'm ready to start the second half of the scarf - but that means first I need to FIND the 3 ring binder that holds my copies. I can get more copies of the charts and such, I have them on the computer, but I need my character sheet...
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So I'm gonna talk about some books I'm reading. I finally got around to reading the downloaded sample I had of Clean Sweep by Ilona Andrews. I can't remember if somebody had recommended it or if I saw a post about it somewhere. I enjoyed it a lot and the second book was better and the third book was even better. OMG Helen and the platter of bacon... They were a lot of fun. Not super heavy reading, but I liked it a lot.

Seriously, I recommend.

So then I finished the three, and was right back to my perpetual problem of "I've finished what I was reading, now what?" Something new? Reread? Well, this author has other books - so I checked out the first of what seems to be her primary series, Magic Bites. (And when I say "she", yes I know it's actually a husband-wife team, but that pronoun goes with that name, so there.)


I'm a little bit less sure about that book. It does come across as earlier in her writing career. And it didn't make me laugh. But it did start to grow on me. I do feel that it is a heckuva parallel to the Toby Daye books. Loner woman in a world dealing with both magic and tech, working odd jobs for the mercs despite having been raised to work with noble types that she ran away from because she has authority issues. There are some mysteries about her bloodline. Smart alecky and prone to getting hurt a lot. Interacts with the attractive but scary head of the local shapeshifters - yeah, I'm pretty sure Curran is the Tybalt of this series. And Derek is a Quentin/Raj analogue. And I'm watching her start to pull a group of proteges and allies around her, while still insisting she's totally a loner type.

So far, I'm still going "well, maybe I like this series", but I have gone ahead and bought the second book and am well into it. I suspect this is going to be the type of thing where somewhere along the way I go from "well, maybe" to having read a dozen of them and various of the side stories and then I'm signing up to preorder the next one.
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In a month we have two family birthdays coming up close together - Maggie's 7th and Alanna's 2nd.

I know there are going to be family members asking me what they would want, so I figured okay, I'll put a post up.

Maggie has become a little bookworm. It's amazing. She wants to read in bed every night, and spends a lot of her time with her nose deep in a book. The apple has not fallen far from the tree.

She's been particularly interested lately in the American Girl books. She has the the basic set of the Kirsten books, and she has the first book of the Kit series. She really wants more. I know she wants the rest of the Kit books, she's been asking for those. There are some ancillary Kirsten books she doesn't know about. Looking through the other series, I'd probably also pick Josefina (we gave those to a classmate for her birthday, so it'd be interesting for her too), Addy, and maybe Kaya. Heck, any of the historical characters would be interesting for her. She's just soaking it up*.

Sure, she'd be interested in the dolls, too, but I think the books are a higher priority. And less expensive. It seems the books are best priced on Amazon, but the dolls significantly better on the American Girls website, if anybody really wants to get her a dolls-and-books set - yeah, she'd probably go wild about that. I did put together a wishlist on Amazon for her for some of the books - it's here

Alanna is really enjoying Sesame Street, and particularly likes Big Bird. I'd love to get her more Sesame Street to watch. They have one season recorded on Miles' video box, and the Old School DVDs. I *wish* we could get more of the "old school" stuff - the kids AND the adults like that better than the newer stuff. But other Sesame Street videos could be nice for her. Please not Elmo stuff, that gets on the adults' nerves. She likes the musical stuff, too, likes to start singing with them. I made an Amazon list of some of what looked like she'd most enjoy it: http://www.amazon.com/wishlist/3N6BEY0A3NXJ6

I hope this is helpful for the relatives.

(*She was recently asking me about Fiddler on the Roof, was that a true story? I explained about how it wasn't exactly true, in that the people were made up, but it was about a place and time and people that were a lot like that. Like the Kirsten books. Then she wanted to watch it again, and was shushing Jamie and telling him how this was about history and she was really interested!)
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I had a lovely Mother's Day weekend. On Saturday, after I got up early with the kids, [personal profile] selenite took them over a couple hours later and let me go back to sleep for a bit. Ahhh. The whole family went out for a late lunch for me - figuring Sunday would be way too crowded, and Saturday midafternoon shouldn't be bad. Sadly, Mimi's, where I wanted to go, was VERY crowded. We ended up at Outback which was just opening. Still a nice meal. Afterwards we went over and played Rock Band for a while, which I hadn't done in way too long. Sunday they gave the mothers carnations at church, and we brought in two stuffed animals for Teddybear Sunday, when they collect stuffed animals and then donate them to a program for helping abused children. The big kids gave me cards they made in Sunday school. And later in the day [personal profile] selenite gave me an World of Warcraft in-game pet for Mother's Day - a cute bear cub.
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Okay, now I have a Dreamwidth account.

Any of you on LJ who also have Dreamwidth - please come comment on this over at DW, please, so I can find you.

Also, I'd love more comments from those of you experienced with the DW site. Particularly - is there any way to scoop up all my previous LJ stuff and move it over there?

EDITING crossposted post - apparently it does not automatically link it back to the DW site, does it?

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Okay, now I have a Dreamwidth account.

Any of you on LJ who also have Dreamwidth - please come comment on this over at DW, please, so I can find you.

Also, I'd love more comments from those of you experienced with the DW site. Particularly - is there any way to scoop up all my previous LJ stuff and move it over there?

Paper boy

Apr. 20th, 2009 03:35 pm
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I'm beginning to think that I should just tell anybody who wants to give Jamie birthday presents this year to send him a ream of paper. The constant request "Can I have a piece of paper, please?" That boy just loves to draw and draw and draw.
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Because the grandparents are likely to want to see them - the Easter Egg hunt videos.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJr8aeTrCBg Part 1

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wSeA2r-Rn8 Part 2
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Tonight there's a 90% chance of rain. Tomorrow rain likely, may be heavy in the morning.

The yard is going to be muddy and soggy.

So - needs must, we had our Easter Egg hunt this afternoon.

Alanna took part, but didn't really get it yet - no big surprise there. She ran around with her bucket some, and Maggie helped her, and hey, she found the chocolate bunny lollipop, and that was what she wanted. She opened it up and was saying "choc!" She knew what this was about.

Sadly, she dropped it down a water pipe before she'd eaten much of it.

Maggie and Jamie had a great time. [livejournal.com profile] fordprfct took video of it. We'll see if he can get the editing software installed and get it uploaded so we can share it.
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There are a couple of things I want but have not been able to find. So I shall post about it and see what you all amaze me with.

The first is - my new wallet is marvelous, but doesn't have a section for pictures. I want to have my family pictures with me. I'm trying to find something that will let me. The photo frame section in the drugstore had something called "brag books" which are meant to hold lots of pics - but for 4x6 size. I want something the equivalent of a brag book for wallet size. Surely it must exist.

The other thing I want probably doesn't exist - I want shoes with the footbed of a birkenstock and the warm fuzzy cuddlyness around the rest of the foot of an Ugg.


Mar. 16th, 2009 01:44 am
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Okay, this isn't going to mean anything to most of my flist, but some of you will know.

I have my black war bear! Eeee! And it was FUN!
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Alanna is making SO much progress!

She now says the name of everyone in her family. She'll tell you where they are, too - "Over THERE!" and she points.

She's starting to count - "one, two, three, four, five, six, eight, nine, ten!" Well, she has the one-syllable numbers.

She's also starting to know her alphabet. I was sorting laundry in the nursery and she came in, picked up the M magnet on the floor, held it up to me, and said "M!" Then she did it with "O!"

I'm very pleased and proud of her.

Game Day

Mar. 12th, 2009 06:59 am
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The Gallagher-McDaniel household will be hosting a game day, Saturday 3/21/09, starting at 11 am and going until we fall down.

There will be food, of some sort. There will be games. There will be general hilarity and kids and cats running around. (Well, cat. The other will be hiding upstairs, from GASP visitors!) There will undoubtedly be singing at our Birthday Bear at some point, who decided that a houseful of people playing games was what he wanted most.

Board games, card games, we have quite a collection and would like to put it to good use. Have a game you'd like us to try? Okay!

Comment on one of our posts if you're coming, and let us know if you need directions or anything like that.
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I've been wanting to write about how things are going with Alanna.

Firstly, her speech is improving quite a bit. We keep getting new words I wasn't expecting. Miles was playing peek-a-boo with her with a towel after her bath. I came into the room and he wanted to show me - he'd hold it out to her and say "Alanna, what's that?" and she'd say "a towel!". This afternoon I went out to check on her playing in the yard with her brother and sister - she'd fallen and was crying. I picked her up and cuddled her, then she wiggled to be let down, and as I put her down she said "ride the bike!" and headed for the trike the kids have back there. A bit later I went out to speak to Jamie and she walked up holding a dandelion clenched in her fist, and said "flower!" She kept saying it, it was quite clear she knew what it was.

She's still nursing, but is in the process of getting slowly weaned. It's not that I object to nursing a toddler or anything. It's mostly that it's taken its toll on me - she has lots of sharp teeth, but it's more that I suspect it's keeping me in a hormonal state closer to pregnancy and letting various things like the plantar fascitis keep getting worse. So we nurse a couple of times a day - usually a good cuddle-nurse in the mornings - and she's getting a lot of sippy cups of milk. She's adjusting to it very well, actually.

And she continues to be an adorable little sweetheart.
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I got a call from Jamie's school this afternoon that he'd been wiggling on his chair during snack time and then had fallen over backwards into some shelving, and split open the back of his head. The nurse's judgment was it needed stitches, and I should come get him.

Oy. Got him at 3, picked up Maggie, took the three kids down to the ER in SW Fort Worth. (I'd called our doctor's office, they said take him to the ER.) He'd mostly stopped bleeding, and as usual with my boys' high pain thresholds, wasn't evincing any pain. Didn't want it touched or looked at though. So looooooong wait, particularly rough on Alanna who was cooped up in the strolled. Poor kiddos. Karl got there after work just after the doctor had checked Jamie out and declared it was about a centimeter long, fairly deep, and he wanted to put in two staples.

Staples, interesting. As Karl said, it used to be staples got you sent TO the ER. He took Alanna off for a change and a walkabout, and they did his staples. He was very good about staying STILL with his face in my hands as they did them. He'll have to go back in a week to 10 days to have them out.

He really really wanted to come home the whole time. On the way home he was singing an impromptu song about coming home. And I am SO glad we're home. Karl took the girls off while we were still waiting to get finished with paperwork, and is stopping to pick up dinner food, amazingly Jamie and I actually beat him home.

I'll be collapsing now.
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Yesterday was just an all-around good day.

In the afternoon, we got to make [livejournal.com profile] soldiergrrrl very very happy. We gave her and her family most of our old SCA gear. They're building a Stronghold and could use it. It started out as an offer of the pavilion, and when she got here we just kept offering her more. Best moment, as [livejournal.com profile] selenite's mom is helping move various stuff from the Pile O'Poles, etc - "what's that?" "Oh, that's one of the pieces - would you like a king-sized camp bed?" Oh, the look on her face. So good to know that all that gear is going to a good home and will be USED again. Yeah, there are a few things I felt sentimental about and were a little hard to part from - but sitting in the garage for five years? They deserve better than that. The really highly personal things we kept, of course.

In WoW, I've been levelling up my priest, because we need more healers for raids. She hit 80 yesterday. And since I have a top-level tailor/enchanter, and Miles has a good jewelcrafter, we kitted her out pretty well.

In the evening, Karl's mom watched the kids and let us go out for a nice romantic dinner. We went to Tokyo Steakhouse and enjoyed it very much. Mmmm. Yummy food, nice atmosphere (despite the boor being Stupid American stereotype across the table), chef's expertise to enjoy.

When we came home, we ran heroic Nexus to start training and gearing up my priest. It went reasonably well.

Overall it was just a good happy day.
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Last Saturday Maggie was invited to a birthday party at the local Pump It Up party place. I took her there. Now, Maggie went to a party there sometime last year, and her daddy [livejournal.com profile] selenite took her to that one. She'd invited him to come play with her, in the big obstacle-course-then-climb-then-slide inflatable. [livejournal.com profile] selenite came to grief in the flexibility areas and hurt a rib, which affected him over the holidays pretty badly.

So I went with her this time, and was really expecting to just sit there and catch up online as [livejournal.com profile] fordprfct loaned me his fancy phone that's almost a mini laptop. But Maggie asked me to come in and play. And hey, I want to be the kind of mom that will occasionally come play with her kids in that sort of thing - and it was tickling memories of climbing all over the rope structure at Sesame Place as a teenager - and well, I know I'm lots more flexible than [livejournal.com profile] selenite, so it'd be fine, right? I peeled my shoes off as required - knowing that walking on the thin carpet over concrete without my shoes was going to add to the plantar fascitis pain but figuring what the heck - and climbed in.

Going through the flexibility parts in the obstacle course, no problem. Sure, I was getting more exercise than usual, that felt good. Climbing over things with Maggie, pulling her over one, laughing with her.

Then we turned the corner, got through some more, and got to the climbing up part before the big slide.

They have it set so that you have to climb straight up a wall. There's little blocks of padded material sticking out for footholds - sized for about the feet of a six year old. And alternating with those, there's strap handholds.

I gave it a valiant try. At first, climbing right up, the footholds are small but mostly no problem. And then I got up to the top part, and the handholds really needed to go up over the curve at the top - and they didn't. Maggie was up there no problem, I'd climbed what I guess was maybe 10 feet? I suck at estimating distances, but I think it had to be between 8 and 12 feet. And at the top I just could not get that last bit up and over. Maggie was trying to pull me up, and I was trying to convince her no, dear, you cannot possibly pull Mama up. Eventually had to fall back down. Tried again and again, even once with another Mom up at the top trying to help me up. I just could not do it, and each time eventually lost my grip and slid back down the wall to the bottom.

And annoyingly, I was then STUCK. I couldn't go all the way back the way we'd come, as there'd already been a smaller slide we'd come down that I couldn't get back up. Ended up speaking with one of the teenage staff girls - who just came swarming up the side, I remember being that young - asking if they could unlace the back join section to let me slip out. She said getting stuck was way more common than I might think, and wanted to get the kids off and deflate the thing - oh, it'd just take a few minutes, she said. I totally did not want to stop the kids' play and create a bad incident for their party, so I refused, and managed to go over the side where she'd come up and slide down - coming down on my feet on the carpet over concrete hurt, but I didn't think it was that bad.

So yeah, the parts that took flexibility, no problem. The part that took brute strength hadn't been enough of an issue for [livejournal.com profile] selenite to even mention, but totally beat me.

That night sure, I was exhausted and my feet hurt, but I thought I just had a day of soreness to pay for it. Fast forward a couple of days, to yesterday morning, and I'm having massive stabs of pain in my right ankle, it's intermittently unreliable and man stairs are really really difficult. I was thinking what the heck did I do to my ankle? I think it must have been Saturday at the party, even though it seems odd that it would take until Tuesday to really be a problem. I was discussing it last night with my mother-in-law Maggie, who's visiting with us. She says it happens like that, and thinks that the slides down into the inflated flooring might have disguised how much I hurt it in the falls.

So I took ibuprofen last night, will take some more this morning, am trying to stay off it, and spent some time with it iced last night. Ow.
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Take away my game machine and hey, I'm posting!

He found the problem. One of the RAM sticks was bad. So just the good one is in right now. Still, OMG what an amazing improvement already! Oh, yes yes yes this is worth it.

Now he's working on updating drivers and add-ons and such. Bless him for being Family Sysadmin/Tech Support.
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I'm currently posting this from [livejournal.com profile] selenite's computer, as mine is ... unavailable. [livejournal.com profile] fordprfct has been doing surgery on Agatha, and is currently seeing if the patient can regain consciousness.

I remember back when he built it for me, looking at components with him in Frye's, and having him tell me pros and cons of various options. "Oh, it's not like I'm going to want a high-end gaming system," I said.

*headdesk* I have eaten those words repeatedly since then. Yeah, nowadays, I most definitely DO want a high-end gaming system. I have a level 80 fairly-well-geared frostfire mage who likes to raid, and I've been intensively working up my priest - she's up to 72 - to become a raid healer, because darn, we need more of those. Freezing up in Dalaran, sometimes crashing on loading into the zone, and intense lag on trying to fly up to Naxx? Unacceptable.

So we went out today and bought more RAM and a new and improved CPU. Hopefully it will help a lot.

Once it works again. The salesman suggested a new higher end CPU than the one [livejournal.com profile] fordprfct planned on after updating the motherboard's bios. [livejournal.com profile] fordprfct did confirm that the motherboard could handle that one. Allegedly it can. But it's not coming up yet. We'll see.
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What the heck, I always sit here for a bit while waiting to make sure Maggie made her bus, I'll do a meme.

Respond and rework/answer the questions on your own blog, replace one question that you dislike with a question of your own invention, and add one more question of your own.

From [livejournal.com profile] joyeuse13. As Joy did, I won't tag anyone.
Read more... )


Feb. 9th, 2009 11:31 am
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I thought I'd post about what Alanna's like these days. She's just about to be 20 months old. Her canine teeth are coming through, and giving her some trouble. She's inquisitive and loves to explore. She's learning to talk. The other day she was trying to get a sock off, and in frustration, held up her foot to her Daddy, who was standing next to me at the changing table, and said "help me Daddy!". Another time she stood up under Daddy's computer desk and bonked her head on the underside. As we soothed her, she put her hand on her head and looked at me, and said "I buh my head!"

I know I haven't put up any pictures of her for a while. I tried taking pictures of her yesterday. She was wearing a cute handmedown dress from Maggie, a green dress with red apples on it. She'd be cute and adorable and grinning, and I would go to get the camera, and she thought I was leaving her so she started crying. I came back and finally got her soothed down and smiling again, but then when I pulled out the camera she came running towards it and wanted to grab it and get up really close. When I wouldn't let her take it, she started crying again. Lather, rinse, repeat.

I did get one picture that might be okay of her - but now I can't get my camera to talk to my computer. *headdesk*

She apparently is starting to have night terrors like her older brother occasionally does. She woke me up fussing around 2 am Sunday morning. She wasn't awake, just fussing in her sleep, and I couldn't soothe her for a bit. Nursing helped. But then she woke up and wanted to PLAY! I lost some sleep, but she was so sweet. She'd apparently just figured out OH, you can kiss with your mouth *closed*, and thought this was such fun, and wanted to do it again and AGAIN! Awww.

She's a very affectionate and loving baby. Shy with strangers, though. With the family, she loves to cuddle, play, tickle. She'll get into rolling tickle-cuddles with her siblings. She's emphatic with everything - when she doesn't get things she wants she's likely to dramatically wail and fling her self to the floor, or go bonk her head into the chair back.

This morning she decided she wanted to wear tights with her onesie. She pulled a pair out of the laundry basket and brought them downstairs with her, and when I changed her diaper she held them up and said "help me!" emphatically, and held out her feet for them. Cute.

She's been watching a little Muppet Show this morning. She likes to dance to the theme music at the beginning and the end. She comes over to me, holds out her hands, and says "hands? hands?" and when I hold her hands she dances and bounces up and down.

She *does* want to get into EVERYTHING. Sometimes even in the same room, you turn your back for a moment and she's into things. Leaving the *room*, that's a recipe for disaster. So I'm not getting much done here.

I am trying to use what little time away from her I can get to do Valentines' things done with the older kids. Maggie's doing up a fancy Valentine's box for her school party. I need to get Valentines addressed for both kids in the next couple of days.
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Thanks for those who posted offers for Maggie's Flat Stanley. Grandma Maggie asked to have him, and she'll bring him back when she visits us next month, so that's where he's going.

I have a question - I want to replace the light fixture that's in my foyer. It's annoyingly high and requires renting a special ladder and having a terrifying climb to replace bulbs, so it usually isn't working. I've bought a new fixture I want put up, and I want it put up significantly lower, so that I can reach the lightbulbs from a stepstool. Probably about the height of the one in the living room.

How do I find somebody to hire to do this? What do I go look for?
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Today's kid quote, from Jamie in the car as we took Maggie to piano lessons:

"Mama! It's raining!" me: "Yes, yes it is". Jamie: "Could you turn it off?"

No, sorry dear.
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(Okay, my friends who also play World of Warcraft will understand this, for everyone else, Hi! Hope you're having a lovely day! Skip to the next entry, now, it's okay.)

Somewhere along the way we seem to have morphed into serious raiders. Starting out the week on Tuesday - 'cause once you've played enough, of COURSE the week starts on Tuesday - there's the 25 AND 10 man Vault of Archavon, if we have Wintergrasp - got really weird this week due to the patch but we still managed it - and usually the 25 and 10 man Obsidian Sanctum, although I only got into the 25 man this week. Then Wednesdays I have off for kid stuff. Thursday night was Veg's late night 25-man Naxx, then tonight, Sunday, and Monday is Shurten's 10-man Naxx - usually I'm on CNGH's 25-man but that's on hiatus this week so Shurten's doing more days. Veg's might do a 2nd night's run late on Monday, so we'll see if I'm out of Shurten's in time. Um. And this sounds like a sane schedule to me.

Tonight was GREAT. Our 10-man Naxx started an hour late as we hunted for a 2nd healer-spec[1], but we finally got one. We cleared 3 wings in 3 hours: plague, construct, and arachnid - finally got to see Thaddius downed. Man, he seemed downright easy on 10-man. And we got BOTH the "Arachnophobia" and the "Momma Said Knock You Out" achievements. Miles' druid made out like a BANDIT since rogue/deathknight/mage/druid stuff kept dropping, we had no rogue or DK, he was the only druid and I the only mage, and I either had the stuff or had better. Did pick up a spellpower and haste trinket.

And Miles got Logitech G15s for both of us! Yay. I feel all techie.

[1] Yes, I'm spending time on levelling my healer, man we need more of them.
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Maggie finally is back in school, not out sick anymore. And she has a pile of make up work.

One thing that came home is this Flat Stanley project. They read a book about a boy who was flattened by his bulletin board while he was asleep, and his family folded him up and mailed him to visit a friend.

So she has this flat paper doll person she's to send off. The letter with it says
"I chose to mail a flat version of myself to you. Please take "me" on an adventure with you and please write and tell me where I went. If you could please send pictures, postcards, or anything else that would help my friends and I learn more. You may send it back with a scrapbook, diary, maps or any kind of souvenirs. I will then take what you have sent back to my class and share this with my friends."
Hm. Her Nana and Granddad usually travel often, but aren't right now. So I'm not sure who to ask for this. Is there anyone she knows who would like to help her with this? Everything has to be back to school by March 2nd.
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What the heck.

Grab the book nearest you. Right now. Turn to page 56. Find the fifth sentence. Post that sentence along with these instructions in your LiveJournal. Don't dig for your favorite book, the coolest, the most intellectual. Use the CLOSEST.
When Abney brought me here this morning, to consider what was to be done, I instantly perceived that you had been obliged, throughout the meal, to look at this creature; and, naturally, I realized that the spectacle of a ferocious beast, in the act of springing upon its prey, could not be thought conducive to conviviality, and might, indeed, be offensive to a person of sensibility.
From The Quiet Gentleman by Georgette Heyer.
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While I was out doing some groceries, [livejournal.com profile] fordprfct painstakingly took my cellphone apart into its component bits, made sure it was all dried out inside and no corroding would occur, and put it back together. It appears to work just fine. Yay!
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If you're trying to reach me right now on my cellphone - you won't.

Mom called earlier, and I picked up the phone, and fubbed it right out of my hands, and into my big glass of icewater.

It's been dried as best as possible and the battery is now pulled, and we'll see if it lives or not. But not right now.

If you need me, call on the other 2 cells of the household or the land line, or leave me a comment.
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Something is beeping downstairs. About once a minute. We haven't been able to place what it is. I expect to go stark raving mad later today.

There have been more requests for kid pictures. I have at least one on the camera. But... we can't find the cable that connects it to the computer. Alanna's in that stage where she wants to get into EVERYTHING and can reach way too much for our sanity - and she's been getting into stuff up on her parents' desks.

Alanna can occasionally drive me nuts - she is, after all, a toddler in the curious stage. But overall, my goodness she is a DELIGHTFUL child and I adore her.

Maggie continues to be a mix of wonderful and frustrating. Willful creature, and my GOD I wish she'd EAT things I cook. But still a great girl, and she's really developing into a very good reader. She's done enough of the reading to us and having it recorded to earn lunch with her teacher this Friday, and she's awfully excited about that.

Oh that beeping!

Okay, it's late enough that I can stop the Bus Missing Vigil now.
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There's various things I keep meaning to post about but never seem to have time. One is how my tastes in food are changing.

Firstly, salmon. My father's loved it as long as I could remember. It used to be something I'd tolerate a bite or two of now and then. Now - I've discovered I LOVE it. Grilled salmon, done with some nice herb or pepper crusting? Oh. Oh so good. Or with that orange sauce - remoulade? MMMMMM. Every time I have salmon I think about Dad.

The other is that I'm starting to have a lot more Mexican food. Not all of it. I'm really discovering that it's not peppers in general that have stopped me - it's that I acutely dislike the scent/taste of jalapenos. So if I can avoid them, I do okay. And I dunno why, but I have developed quite a taste for guacamole. I'm surprised by this - but enjoying it.
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Yes, I voted in early voting back on Friday. Everyone eligible in my household has already voted.

I really would like to just hide my head under the metaphorical covers tomorrow and avoid all mention of it, and then just have someone come up and tell me bang when it's all over what happened. Which will probably be Wednesday.

This means I must not turn on the radio tomorrow, must not read email or LJ or pretty much any website. So I will not be in touch.

I wish it wasn't a Tuesday - WoW will be down most of the day. Otherwise I'd just dive in game, and turn OFF general channel (I keep Trade turned off anyway) so as not to hear anything, and enjoy it.
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For my local readers - I am trying to clear things out of our place and make more space. I have a wooden drafting table that was given to me years ago, and I re-covered the writing surface. I am not really using it these days, and I need the space. I will be happy to give it away to anyone who wants it - I'd really prefer you be able to come pick it up, though. It is upstairs.
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(I have a billion things to do today and am behind on them all, and yet I *had* to post this before we forgot them.)

I dunno, maybe it's because we heard the news recently that there's going to be Beatles stuff for Rock Band. (YAY!) On the way home today after voting [livejournal.com profile] fordprfct and I were chatting about World of Warcraft, and he assured me he's going to help me get a few more tries at the seasonal halloween boss for one of my characters who hasn't gotten everything she'd want, despite him having all he'd want. He said he was starting to hear it as a Beatles song:

TTTO All My Loving, for seasonal bosses

"All my summons, all my summons, all my summons,
I will save for you!"

From there, we just started RUNNING with it.

We really need to filk Eleanor Rigby to Ol' Emma.


"Eight days a week, I'm raaaaaaiding.
Eight days a week, is not enough to get my lewts!"


The song of the Vile Reef in STV
"I'd like to be
under the sea
in a Saltfin murloc's garden - with you!"


for those who need a new video card
"You say you want some resolution, well, you know,
we all wanna see the world!"


Maxwell is clearly a paladin
"Bang bang Maxwell's holy hammer came down upon his head!"


The LFG channel song:

Help! I need somebody,
Help! not just anybody,
Help! I need some heals,

When I was just a noob, so much younger than today,
I never grouped at all, I soloed all the way.
But now those zones are gone and I'm not so OP.
Now I find I've changed my mind, who wants to group with me?


Patch Day:

I thought my talent build was here to stay,
But now it's gone, I don't know how to play,
Oh how I long for yesterday.

I'm not half the tank I used to be,
There's a retadin that's killing me,
Leather armor's now agility.

Why they patched right now, I don't know,
it seems too soon.
Now my server's hosed, just can't cope
with echoes of doooooom.

They said that dual-specs were on their way -
But now to change I have to pay,
Oh where's my gold from yesterday?

Why Salvation's gone I don't know,
I didn't fade.
Never read patch notes,
now I'm lost and wiped the raid.

WoW was such an easy game to play.
Now every cookie-cutter's gone away,
Oh I will bitch for yesterday!

new phobia

Oct. 23rd, 2008 12:00 am
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The World Event currently going on in World of Warcraft is seriously creeping me out. I think I am discovering a phobia. Zombie infection - gah. Don't wanna play right now.

Pity, because I've been busy and achieving a lot. Ellemir has the ambassador title, and got exalted with Timbermaw so is most of the way to Diplomat. My warlock hit 70 and has been gearing up nicely. Working on my priest, and took up inscription with her. With Ellemir I've been getting to actually RAID - downed Kael tonight, and got partway through Sunwell last weekend.

Right now, though, ugh, no.
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I really need to post more often about what the kids are up to.

Maggie's reading quite well, enjoying school and piano lessons, and getting teeth growing into that gap.

Jamie's making good progress. Also, he can write his name. He started this on his own a couple of weeks ago. He does tend to get the J backwards, but other than that, it's right. I'm impressed.

Alanna says Hi and Bye with waves, spontaneously. She wants to drink from straws and adult cups, not sippy cups. She has the 2nd molar partway through, and the pair on the bottom working on it. She needs a haircut, I think.

And the older two have gotten into tree-climbing.
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