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Sep. 4th, 2006 08:29 pm
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If you've been reading my journal, you probably know that [livejournal.com profile] selenite and I have been working on building a bed for Jamie. The original plan was a loft bed.
pictures of the final result )
Today the bed was finally put together. (Much thanks to [livejournal.com profile] fordprfct for his help earlier in the day before he had to leave.) [livejournal.com profile] selenite had it mostly put together, ready to screw down the mattressboard up top.

And I looked at it, and said it was too high. Too high for Jamie, too high to put him in it. High enough that we were going to have to take the ceiling fan blades off. High enough that I didn't know HOW I'd change the sheets. And when we brought Jamie in, he was not able to climb up the end ladders.

In theory, it was a loft bed that you could eventually convert to a bunk bed by adding a lower level bed. I'd mentioned maybe we build a lower level bed in that he could use, and eventually he could use the upper when he was ready? This was going to involve buying more lumber and another mattress. [livejournal.com profile] selenite suggested we just move some of the pieces so that we had a lower bunk but no upper bunk. So we did that, and the two of us working together got it converted pretty quickly. So now it's basically a four-poster bed with ladder ends he can play around with climbing on if he wants, and it can be converted into a bunk bed when he's older. It has a nice under-the-bed area for play or storage.
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We introduced it to Jamie and he was very excited. He has been climbing into bed and climbing out, happily tucking the sheet around himself, ever since. He hasn't discovered going under it yet, but I'm sure he will.

We still need to add the magnetic blackboard we've built - that was going to go on the side of the bed underneath the loft, I think it can perfectly well go next to the mattress. Okay, he'll get chalk dust in his sheets occasionally, no biggie. And later I'm going to decorate it with yellow Wallies stars. But it's functional and ready to be slept on tonight.
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We've been continuing to work on Jamie's bed. It had been really hot, making progress slow and miserable. It RAINED Sunday and Monday, yay yay yay, and it's briefly cooler. So I spent a lot of the last two days out in the garage, painting the board that's going to be the backstop underneath the loft bed, with one side done in magnetic chalkboard paint. That is some weird paint, sludgy stuff. I've been painting and scrubbing my hands enough that the dermatitis is back, darn it. The pharmacy will call my doctor and see if I can get more of that cream that helped.

Last night [livejournal.com profile] selenite and [livejournal.com profile] fordprfct completed putting one of the ends together. Then the drill ran out of power. [livejournal.com profile] selenite will be getting more of it done in the next few days - maybe we can even get it finished and up in his room over the weekend. It would be nice. I'll probably add the stars later.

I also took down the easel from Maggie's room, which has a chalkboard surface on one side. Brendan had scribbled over the green chalkboard with marker years ago, pretty badly. I put two coats of the magnetic chalkboard paint over it, hopefully that will be a big improvement. I've been using it to start teaching Maggie to write letters - she's got A reasonably, and is starting to learn B.
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[livejournal.com profile] selenite and I just went out and painted for a while. Sixteen of the boards of Jamie's future loft bed are now painted blue on one half. (All the primer was completed, the last earlier today by [livejournal.com profile] selenite) There are seven that haven't gotten any blue yet.

It is possible we may want more than one coat of the blue paint. Still, feeling good about the progress. Maybe we'll do more later, but that's all we could comfortably lay out in the garage to work on at once.
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Okay, Jamie's new glasses were finally ready today. So we went up to Southlake to pick them up.

Later during my errands, looking at them, I'm afraid they're too tight - too narrow for his face. It looks like the temples are pressing in on the sides of his head. GAH. And of course by then they were already closed, they close at noon on Saturdays. So I'm expecting early next week I'm going to need to go back to Southlake and have them checked.

I took the kids to pick up catfood next - Maggie loves that, as she gets to see animals. They were doing an adoption day, so she got to see dogs, cats / kittens, birds, a sleeping hamster, and lotsa fish. The Southlake Petsmart actually has a horse section - probably about 1/6th of the store. Whee.

Then we went to Lowes to get the paint for Jamie's loft bed. Every time I go to Lowes I think I'll be okay - and then I end up miserable again. We really pinned it down when we were getting lumber for his bed - being down at the end where they're cutting all the wood made me miserable, my chest was too heavy and I was practically in a panic attack. The sawdust is awful, and I suspect the paints and other chemicals are just as bad. I had remembered the name of my paint color as "vibrant blue" and couldn't FIND it anywhere - and they looked it up and said it didn't exist. After much angst I found a color sample that had been hidden by some in the wrong slot, that had "vivid blue" and I decided it must have been that one, and got the paint and a few extra brushes. Karl's been finishing the last of the primer painting today. I hope we can get it all FINISHED soon.

I've been thinking, now that I have a whole gallon of that color paint - I do NOT want to do any more building projects, but I could probably handle a couple more painting projects. Maybe find someplace that does unfinished furniture - there's some kids' stuff at Michael's, but I'd like to find better - and do maybe a table and pair of chairs in a kid size, or a small bookcase, or dresser, or something like that, paint it in a matching color to the bed, and get more of the star Wallies and do up a little bedroom set for him. We'll see, I'll go google unfinished furniture in the area.

Then we went to the library, and then we went to chickfila for lunch. The one on Hulen was too crowded and noisy - the Lake Worth one was quiet, so that was okay. Now we're home. Whew.
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Maggie now has her own room, with Brendan's old loft bed in it. She is sleeping there part time, and part time in the big nursery bed. The goal now is to get Jamie his own bed and move the big queensize into the guest room.

He loves to climb up into Maggie's loft, so we were thinking a loft bed for him too. Or possibly bunkbeds if that was easier to find, although the 2nd bed seems silly. We went shopping Sunday and did a bunch of hunting online too.

OW. ow ow ow. My goodness how expensive.

So now we're looking at building our own to this set of plans --->

I'm going to get help building it. What I'm wondering about is decorating it. Karl's first reaction was oh, just leave it plain and seal it. And we could do that.

But there's so FEW places I can put ornamentation in his life. There's not much in the way of "little boy decor" I'm going to want around. I can't get him beautiful fancy outfits, sigh. No pretty barrettes or hairbands. I don't want him to think I care more about his sister because she gets all the ornamentation.

So I'm wondering about decorating it. I could get out celtic knotwork designs and the woodburner, and do it up like I did my spinning wheel - probably the slowest option, but it would be nice. I could paint it a solid color, a nice cheery blue maybe. I could paint it more than one color - one for the frame and another for the ladder? Or I could paint it solid and then paint some kind of decorations on it, or decals or they do those wallpaper cutout things, or... what?

I'm hoping to get a run in to Hobby Lobby, without the kids, so I can poke around and look for ideas.

And I would really love suggestions, please.


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