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Update: I got a phone call, Maggie's dance class for tonight has been canceled due to weather. She won't be pleased, I expect. But I'm grateful that I don't have to go out. I shall stay home, take it easy, make myself some of that lovely hot chocolate Karl put in my Christmas stocking.


Mar. 6th, 2008 12:17 pm
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The rain turned to ice on the way home from Jamie's post-op appointment - I'm glad we got home when we did. It was rain, then rain mixed with ice, then ice mixed with snow. Now it's snowing steadily. According to weather underground, we can expect 1 to 5 inches of accumulation tonight.

I'm kinda dreading the thought of driving Maggie to dance tonight, especially with the ice under things. I know how to drive in snow, and I was actually slowing down in the ice earlier, because I could feel the van losing traction at 40 mph, so I was going 35 - but plenty of people were zipping past me at regular speeds.


Mar. 3rd, 2008 09:59 pm
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It's snowing outside this evening.

Not only is it snowing - it's been snowing for HOURS. And here in Euless at least, we have actual accumulation. There's snow on the grass, the houses, the trees. A nice little blanket of snow.

It snowed in November, on Thanksgiving day. And it's snowing now, in early March. In December, January, and February, no, we didn't see any snow. Thanksgiving, March, nothing in between. That's Texas for you.
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On Weather Underground today:
Public Information Statement

Statement as of 3:50 PM CDT on July 3, 2007

... 9 consecutive days of rain at dfw...
dfw recorded rain today... Jul 3. This makes nine days in a row with
measured rainfall---Jun 25-July 3. No rain was recorded Jun
23rd... with only a trace on June 24th.

The dfw record is 10 days... recorded twice
April 10-19 1908 and February 13-22 1932
also Arlington apparently has had to close roads, and
Arlington pd reported a high water Rescue - 3 children in Johnson Creek
That's not Babbling Brook Drive out there any more. That's Babbling Brook. The water has met in the middle.

And no, I'm NOT letting the kids go play in it - not with flash flood warnings and kids getting swept away and such.


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