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Gratuitous Maggie pic, from the batch of MANY pics I've been printing for VBS tomorrow.
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Ha! the photo printing is working!

I am SO so so happy that this project is going to get done here at my computer, with no more running around in the heat dragging the kids along!

Some of this will be on the sample photo paper that came with the new printer, the rest from stuff Janelle sent home with me.

Clearly I am going to end up buying more of the stuff, if it goes this smoothly.
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Today went better than yesterday. Although the very thought that it might NOT have gone better than yesterday is terrifying.

Jamie once again was VERY unhappy to be going into the nursery. They told me afterwards that he was good, though, and when I managed to go by and peek through the one-way glass he looked like he was doing fine. He fell asleep on the way home and is napping. I expect him to wake up very hungry and thirsty in a while.

We did train bead bracelets for the younger kids. I wanted to give them choices in colors, the other women didn't - the youngest kids didn't get any, the middle got to trade around some, the 2-3rd graders got to pick. It went pretty well. One girl in the 2nd-3rd grade group picked all green train beads and all orange pony beads, and put 3 or 4 of the orange between each green - I was thinking that [livejournal.com profile] cadhla would love it. We had one girl who was just determined to get artistic perfection, no matter how long it took - I felt for her, so didn't push as much as I might have.

I also took pics of all the kids for projects for tomorrow. This afternoon I get to see if I can get our *NEW* printer, bought last night, to do the photo paper printing. Wish me luck. I was going to go get prints at the drugstore, but Janelle at church had photo paper, so I will give this a try.

The oldest kids, 5th-6th graders, got a more interesting project - sachets. Fabric from the WELCA closet, lots of it, and ribbon from the crafts closet. For filling, at the suggestion of the lovely lady at the store [1] I used oatmeal for filler, plus it's nice if the sachet is used in the bath, and for herbs I had lavender, peppermint, and lemon balm. Lovely smelling stuff, and I have some left over, so I may make a few for myself. We used fancy paper-edging scissors and my heart embosser and made tags for them. I made a sample one first so they could see what I meant. I met them in the hall and explained things and that they got the more interesting project so I hoped they'd be able to do a good job with it, take turns with who was getting fabric cut or making tags or getting herbs, etc, interspersed with getting their pics taken. They did Janelle and I proud! Several of the kids were quick enough to make two, one was telling me he'd give one to his mother and the other to his grandmother.

We actually got to go to the Closing singalong with the kids. Then Maggie came back with me and Christina and her kids, and we did cleanup, got Jamie, and headed home. I am tired, but I am not going *WIBBLE* today. Whew.

[1] The Sunflower Shoppe, on Camp Bowie in Fort Worth. I'm glad I found them - my, they have LOTS of gluten-free stuff for when we next can get Brendan out here. Nice helpful girl gave me good advice. And my, the staff-to-customer ratio was high.
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This morning, shortly before my first class started, the director of VBS came down to the craft room to tell me what a cute daughter I have. The two youngest age groups were having snacks together. They were apparently having some kind of cupcake? Made in a cone or something? Dunno. But they were offered whipped cream on it - and only Maggie wanted some. So they shook up the can and started putting it on, and Melissia said Maggie was watching intently and fascinated by it and said "WOW!" She also was the only one wanting a cherry, and thought this was COOL!

I have a very intent intense kid, yes. It was nice having someone come gush about her to me!
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Today so far:
  • Get two sleepy kids up, fed breakfast, bathed, dressed, and out of the house earlier than they usually get up.


  • Go through singalong opening ceremonies, noting that MY pre-K kid is putting up no fuss about the nametag and bandanna and is trying to sing along and get the gestures right.


  • Go through crafts, with what was planned as 3 groups of kids having to be shoved into 4 in the time for 3, and not table room enough for most of the classes, and help paint shirts for FORTY-TWO kids...


  • Discuss making it FOUR craft groups tomorrow. Confirm numbers of kids.

  • Go do errands picking up some of the supplies I need for tomorrow, with the kids in the hot van. 104 degrees.


  • Manage fortuitous timing and meet Karl for lunch.


  • Gas up van in 104 degree heat.


Overall - we're going with *WIBBLE*

Kids have been put down for naps. Maggie's all happy and bouncy, little extrovert, but as long as she'll play quietly, whatever. Jamie's cranky and wiped out, I think he's an introvert too.

I'm going to sit here and look at pictures of cute bunnies that [livejournal.com profile] kattelyn sent me. And go wibble. And then I think I'll go lie down for a bit. More errands for supplies, but later. Later.

Can I have some cute gray bunnies? Instead of 42 kids? And can somebody turn down the heat please?
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I did the assistant minister slot yesterday at the 8 am service - it is the one that involves singing a lead part. I believe it's the first time I've ever sung into a mike. I was VERY nervous. I think it went okay. Pastor Phil said afterwards I'd done a very good job, several people afterwards said I did a good job, and one lady said I have a beautiful voice. Our church has a LOT of musical talent, amazing people - our music director is really good. So I was worried about doing well enough.

Today VBS starts, with me leading the crafts section. We're having breakfast and will head out in a bit. I am going to get rather behind on LJ this week.
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I am *tired*.

I just spent a bunch of time going through Michael's with a notebook searching for all the things on my VBS crafts shopping list, and noting down what I found and the prices, so I can write it all up, get it to the person in charge with the costs, find out what else she needs, and then later in the week when we have firmer numbers, go back and do a shopping run.

She wants me to shop there because we have a big discount coupon. I don't much like that one. Hobby Lobby will have more of what I want, I think. Some things I couldn't find at all. (T-shirts I can get cheaper online, even WITH the discount, and I can get my size)

It was frustrating to have to keep looking for the things on the list, not buy anything, and not get distracted by any of the things I'd be interested in or things I'd love to do with Maggie. I was under tight time pressure, and feeling tired.

Now I am going to rest for a bit.


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